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Peace      December 07, 2006

Beloved Elohim Peace
David Christopher Lewis
December 7, 2006 8:00-8:20 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I AM Peace, and I come with a flaming sword which I now thrust into the very earth itself for and on behalf of those who would be with me the flame of Peace. Would you be the flame of Peace this day, blessed hearts? (Audience responds "Yes!") Then with Jesus you also may stand in this hour as the prince or princess of that cosmic vortex of fire which, at the eye of the hurricane, does manifest that cosmic equipoise of light that no matter what may come your way you will be the one through whom the flame does burn and the light does emanate. Thank you, blessed ones. Be seated.
            Why does Peace come with a sword when you think that the sword symbolizes war, which is antithetical to the flame of peace? It is because there can be no true peace within you and within the planet unless the lower nature is slain through the acceptance of the Higher Self. This process as you have received through the recent teachings of Eckhart Tolle and the Buddhic path that many of you have studied recently, is truly one of the laying down, through cosmic peace, of that lower nature.
            And whether you would desire to frame this work as being one of the acceptance of peace or the slaying of the lower self, it matters not so much, blessed ones, for both are required. And at times when you are assailed with forces that would snuff out the light within you, you must stand to defend the turf upon which you stand. And yet even in that hour of raising your shield and raising your sword there is also within your heart that cosmic pause of perfect peace wherein, centered in reality, nothing can take you from your pathway.
            When the Lord Jesus knelt in prayer in Gethsemane, angel ministrants came to assuage his soul to buffet him up for the trial, the testing, the long road to Golgotha and ultimately the crucifixion. Peace was his name. Peace was his flame. And even in the midst of the most gruesome and horrendous torture the Lord maintained that flame of perfect peace within his heart-even on the cross-forgiving the malefactors and those who hammered the nails into his hands and feet and thrust the spear into his side.
            Is there any greater manifestation of the flame of peace, blessed ones, than this, that one so beset by the darkness of the fallen ones could even in that hour forgive? And through that forgiveness and the wine of the spirit that emanated through the shedding of his blood there was the washing away of the karmic weight of sin upon earth, as you have seen.
            The flame of peace is one, in truth, whereby all war and suffering may come to an end because through your Higher Self you have access not only to ascended master radiation and love (which is the antidote to war), but through the radiation of the flame of Cosmic Christ peace there is lowered into the earth body itself the manifestation of a new way beyond mortal ken, beyond mortal reasoning, which has always been due to the rise of the ego and its reign upon this earth. [This is] that which has stultified the manifestation of the will of God in all of its variegated manifestations upon earth.
            Each of the flames has at its core the light of cosmic harmony of the white ray. Even in this term harmony you will see how peace is manifested, blessed ones. For where there is not the harmonization of light within, as that point from which the circumference of fire may manifest in an aura of blessedness which you call peace, then the full manifestation of each of the rays may not fully come. Therefore peace is at the very center of the flame. And through the sixth ray action each of the flames does minister and radiate forth through your auras, through your chakras, such that the sun within your solar plexus, the central point of Being-ness within you, does emanate that light which balances and transforms and transmutes all.
            The masters of East and West who understand cosmic balance know how important the flame of peace is within them. Therefore you see in those so-called martial arts, with the flow of light through the aura and the chakras and the movement through the extension of your arms and legs, the flowing of cosmic peace, blessed ones.
            As more among mankind come into an awareness of the light that emanates and flows through their beings, greater peace and stability will come to the earth. Therefore seek ways each day where you can experience a greater sense of peace within you. For many of you this will require time in meditation, shutting out the noise of the world and, as Jesus said, entering into your closet, shutting the door and praying solo unto the Father.
            When you enter this state of perfect peace then the Lord may speak within your heart, revealing unto you all that is necessary day by day for your pathway, blessed ones. How do you think the Lord Jesus discerned what would be coming unto him in the final trials whereby he did know as he knelt in Gethsemane exactly what would occur? It was because, in the long days of his meditation in the wilderness whereby he was tempted of the devil, he saw the plan for his life and the full panorama of the scenes and sights and of all those who would enter into his mission. And those who would attempt to snuff out his light were shown unto him by the angels of peace and the angels of record.
            When you take time to enter into the deep silence of stillness then our angels may also give unto you keys for your life and mission, each one. But if you are always engaged in outer doing, constantly moving here and there without fully manifesting the flame of internal peace then how can we stop the moving of your mind and emotions to speak unto you through the breath of holiness our cosmic thoughts, our words of wisdom to enlighten and motivate you, blessed ones?
            For many long years you have been engaged in the battle. And yet even the best of the warriors of the spirit know that balance is necessary and that after each skirmish is over you must retreat to your tents, sharpen the sword, shine your shield and prepare for a new day-not of battling against [outer] forces so much as being there for God to use the sword of the spirit through your sacred Word; to carry forward the armies of heaven by giving them permission to act upon earth through that fire that issues forth through your throat chakra and all of your chakras, blessed ones.
            There is a way which seemeth right to mankind which leads to perdition and death.1 But the way of the Lord is true. Walk ye in it, blessed ones. Walk ye in light and hand in hand with the Lord Jesus and others who serve as the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe-Jesus, Kuthumi, Nada and others. You may come into that deep gnosis of the inner brotherhood of the spirit whereby each ascended being and brother and sister of light with whom you share this pathway may be a support for you in your trials, in your day of darkness, [your] dark night of the spirit and the soul or your personal Gethsemane.
            This is why community and Hearts Centers are so vital, blessed ones. For in coming into the union of your fellowship, your sharing and your common work for the light you embrace the true brotherhood of the spirit. And many more ascended masters, angels and cosmic ministrants may afford you the benefit of their attainment, their light, their understanding.
            Come ye unto me all ye who are burdened and laden with the darkness of earth, and I will relieve your suffering, your sense of separation from the One.2 For I am Peace. And again I raise my sword in defense of every child of God's heart, every son and daughter in whom there burns a flame, the eternal spirit of the one God. This day you are free of all that is anti-peace, and earth is also free to be Freedom's Star. Even if for a day here and there, yet we will manifest the victory of light!
            Peace be still3, and know the flaming fire of God within you this day, every day, until that eternal day, which will dawn, of your victory in peace.

1Proverbs 14:12
2Matthew 11:28
3Mark 4:39

Messenger's comments after the dictation: For those of you listening on the broadcast, Peace had me get up and go to the altar and get the large two-edged sword. And at the end of the dictation he wielded that sword to clear all of us of this anti-peace energy. So let us celebrate Holy Communion now as we meditate more on the flame of cosmic peace. Thank you, beloved Peace and Aloha, for being here with us and for giving us more keys to our understanding of this pathway.

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