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Hercules      December 05, 2006

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
December 5, 2006  7:49–8:12 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Each of You Can Be an Instrument for the Saving of the Youth

Souls tethered to your God Reality through your love of his will, I am Hercules. And I alight in this place, as well as in the sanctuaries of each of you who through intent does enter into the sanctuary of that fiery will, which burns more brightly this day; for you have anchored the action of the blue ray within the planetary body, setting a new framework for our legions to march forth and to accomplish that which the Lord God has sanctioned in this hour.
            Blessed ones, the saving of the youth is paramount. And though you have made strides through your prayers, invocations and services, there is yet much to be done. For we see the growing darkness, as a weight upon the Earth body itself, that also encumbers the souls of the children and youth.
            And in this hour, I bring the grace of God to lighten the burden upon these holy ones. This action is a certain manifestation of judgment upon those who have continued to debase the light of the holy ones through all of their miscreations, attempting to set forth patterns to which the youth attach themselves through their attention, the giving of their light-energies in all manner of distractions of which we have spoken a number of times.
            There are certain movements within the Earth to begin to honor and to protect the light of the child, and these must come to the forefront within the consciousness of all evolutions upon Earth. And even in the funding through your governments of various programs, there must manifest a greater responsibility upon society to care for, to educate and to protect the youth at all levels.
            You have heard the term "Let no child [be] left behind.” Well, I say that the programs and the funding of these programs have not always manifested the vision of the Divine Mother, of what is needed so that this adage may truly be a reality upon Earth. But each of you may make it so within your own sphere of influence. And for those of you who are expanding Buddhic awareness, this sphere has grown in recent months and years because of your ability to hold greater light through your visualizations, through the expansion of your heart chakras. And thus when both through the media and through your own personal contact with children and youth, you become aware of needs, it is now required of you as a lightbearer to see what you personally can do to assuage those needs and meet not only the wants and desires but the very physical realities of what children and youth require for the sustaining of their life, their spirit and their opportunity to become full-fledged sons and daughters of God in their own right.
            Parents in this age relegate much to the school systems. And if each of you parents could attend the public schools for even a day and see what your children go through, what they experience in terms of the energies of the societies in this hour, you would have greater co-measurement and compassion for these souls entrusted to your care.
            I even suggest that in addition to the normal parent-teacher conferences—just as you have days whereby your children can come with you in your vocation to experience what you do—that you parents take a day off from work to attend with your children their schools. Some of you will be shocked at what you see. And even though the students and the children may act differently in your presence, you will see enough to understand how the pressures upon them—the music, the system of education itself—is such that the burden increasing upon them can create a level of stress that does at times cause even the best and the brightest of these young ones to either crack, become depressed or to enter into states of self-doubt of their purpose in life, the direction of where they should go.
            And so through compassion you may gain a greater understanding of their needs and then be able to work with them more personally for the healing of their souls and spirits at all levels and for the bringing to bear within society, heart by heart, family by family, what is needed for the resurrection of the children and for the fulfillment of their divine plans and mission in life.
            Children are not playthings for adults. They are fully developed souls who reembody through you, beloved ones. And it is not only your mission as a parent to provide the physical resources for their safety, their nurturing and growth, but the spiritual underpinnings of truth whereby they will receive from their own Higher Self those cosmic truths and inner understandings that will allow them to move forward on their path.
            When you relegate to pastors, even youth pastors, churches or others, some aspect of your own responsibility for their upbringing, for their spiritual direction in life, then do not criticize the fact that they turn away from the way that you would have had them go in life, blessed ones. For you have not engaged them in discussions, in training or taken the necessary time to communicate heart to heart at the deepest levels what both their souls and your soul needs to come to a common ground of understanding such that all issues which each of your souls came into embodiment to experience within the framework of your family, being resolved, may allow each of you to transcend former states of consciousness, go beyond the bounds of past limitations and move the Earth forward into a golden age.
            You see, blessed ones, a golden age does come forth family by family, heart by heart. Did you think that somehow a certain magical formula or equation would be lowered from the Godhead that would simply allow the light of Aquarius to manifest upon Earth? I say no. It requires work. It requires striving and the bringing to bear of the flame of God-power into the realms of creation in your sphere tangibly—life by life, heart by heart.
            Those of you who do the work day by day through counseling, through meeting souls, speaking with them, understanding them and then attempting at some level to assist them in overcoming not only the greater vices but the more subtler shades of the manifestation of the not-self that they have accepted as their own reality know whereof  I speak.
Each of you, in some way, can be an instrument for the saving of the youth. And if you take my message given on July 4th seriously, whereby you know that you are the one through whom the dispensation of light does manifest, then you will carve out some time each day to not only pray for the youth but to make an effort to interact with, speak with and assist them in some measure, blessed ones.
            I come not with the full fire of Elohimic power in this hour to transform a planet, as is my norm, but I anchor the light deep within your souls for greater understanding of the need of the evolutions of Earth at the foundations of society, of civilization as you know it in the here and now where you live.
            Speaking with children, seeing life through their eyes, you will come into a realization of what is truly important within your own life. For though you work at a job each day or you go about your business in communicating with other adults, if through fresh eyes and the spirit of joy the children emanate you lose touch with that which is the flame of life of the newborn and of each succeeding generation who comes to Earth to provide new light, new energy, then, blessed ones, some aspect of your life will have been lived in vain. Let the children come upon your laps. Listen, discern, pray, and know their hearts anew this day.
           I am Hercules. My efforts will continue to be provided for those who work the labors of the Lord in humility, in honor, in integrity. Call to me for anything that you need in the here and now, and if at all possible, I will move mountains to provide you what you need every hour of the day to serve God through his servant sons and daughters upon Earth, most notably the children.
            I seal you in the radiance of my blue-fire light. See it even in the sky this day, a new true-blue energy that you may tap into, that you may become, that you may know within you always. I thank you.

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