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Heros      November 27, 2006

Beloved Heros and Amora
David Christopher Lewis
November 27, 2006            8:01-8:24 pm MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            We intensify the love fires within the earth body and within the hearts of our students. We are the Elohim of Love. And since you have called us, we come.
            The acceleration of love for some may be almost dangerous, for it can bring out of the individual the deepest levels of core anger, anti-love, blessed ones. If you would accelerate love within you, then you must understand the nature of love. And this nature may only be known through the higher Self which is constantly streaming unto you and through you pure love-essence at all times.
            This day we do not radiate more fire than your physical bodies can accept or sustain. Therefore we have toned down the emanation from our hearts, and this at times you must also learn to do so as not to cause disturbance in the auras and lives of your loved ones who may not always resonate at the level where you abide. This does not mean that you lower your point of reference of who you are in God or your conscious Self-awareness, your Presence, but simply that the intensity of the radiance that you project may be projected more within yourself, infusing your own being while allowing your aura to be permeated more with the fires of the gentle aspects of love, such as mercy and compassion, kindness and understanding.
            Sometimes heartfriends, becoming so intense within their feeling world, desire to attempt to change others to make them see as they see or feel as they have felt in our presence. And at times in your communiqu�s or your actions there can be rough edges in what you think, say and do to others. This is not our way, blessed ones. Therefore attempt not to create change within another, but change the vibrations of self such that you are comfortable within yourself, first and foremost. For when you are, there will be no need to attempt to change others, you see. For this, in and of itself, is most often an example of, and a manifestation of, ego.
            Through sharing, graceful [and] tender caring, when others ask you may share the gentler aspects of your path, not the deepest mysteries that could cause for that one a shock and then allowing their ego, in reaction, to overtake them and place themselves at odds with you in your discussion or communion.
            This teaching is important for all heartfriends to understand, blessed ones, because when you have that edge and tinge of anger coming up from within you as a result of the great light that you carry-when you have unresolved patterns of love stemming from a deep core of non-acceptance of yourself-then others, reacting to you, will reject the teaching or the sharing that you desire to bring.
            It were better for you to enter fully into the practice of cosmic, compassionate emanation, being still, speaking less, but when prompted to speak by your higher Self, being fully conscious of the holy words that we would speak through you almost in a personal dictation. And through your presence of love we will convey specifically what is needed in little, bit-like portions unto other heartfriends to whom you desire to share our words of wisdom. Many a soul has been prevented from accepting even the first step on the path because of the intensity of the well-meaning but not quite discerning disciple who would change another before the full change is manifest within oneself, leading toward adeptship, cosmic Presence, divine gnosis.
            Take to heart the gentle way of Kuthumi. Read his words again and know that many brothers and sisters will come unto the fount of this holy wisdom because you act from a point of self-mastery in love and not from the point of the ego which is always attempting to assert itself through one-upmanship, through a desire to be fed from attention from others, blessed ones.
            This textbook that you are reading from and studying should be your Bible, even for the remainder of this incarnation.1 And when you find yourself at times lapsing into past patterns of behavior or thinking or doing, reread the words of the master in embodiment, Eckhart Tolle, for from Presence, many masters did inspire these words upon him for the illumination of mankind not only in the western world but throughout the entire planetary body.
            As this text is translated, shared and even taught in psychology classes, sociology classes, institutions of higher learning and even brought forth through private enterprises that engender better communication among husband and wife, family members, organizations and in the school systems, you will see a gradual softening of core anger within the hearts of mankind-the edge that many have when they speak, and even in their thought and feeling worlds, through those manifestations of their consciousness unspoken.
            This teaching is a prerequisite for enlightenment for all servitors of fire, whether having attended our Meru University class or not. And [it] should be, along with Mother Mary's text on nonviolent communication, the very first texts that are shared in small study groups, in outreach that you do in your cities and that you bring friends to in your centers.2 For when the soul does contact the inner Presence through our words, then they will have the key to perfect love in all of their work and service, pure beingness in all their doings.
            I thank you, blessed ones, for receiving us this day. We bless our daughter in South Korea. We bless our children, the newborn ones who have come to Earth to lend their momentum of Buddhic fire for the salvation of a planet and a people. Listen to the hearts of the infants in your midst. Look into their eyes and see our fire, our love for you.
            We are with you when you are with God, in love.

1Eckhart Tolle's book A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose
2Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg.

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