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Kuthumi      November 25, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
November 25, 2006            8:14-8:37 am MST                                                
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Blessed Heartfriends Who Would Understand the Deeper Mysteries,
            I come this day to speak of the mind. The mind of man is meant to be a receptacle for the ideations of God, your God Presence. Unfortunately for most of mankind the mind has become a receptacle for the ideations of the ego, the not-self. How can your receptacle be changed from one of being a resonator of illusion to one of being fired in the kilns of heaven, sturdy enough to withstand the higher intimations of reality which vibrate at a frequency above mortal thought and feeling? This is the great question for mankind that I present this day.
            First of all, there must be the stilling of the mind. And through meditation many of you have experienced first the stillness of your body which then allows the frequency that vibrates through your brain, which you identify with mind, to be highlighted. And you can perceive those fleeting thoughts that enter your mind, often from outside the true receptacle of your real mind. Whether these are projections or simply the evidence of your past remembrances or your own inability to attune to the higher frequencies of the rarified mental plane where the thoughts of God may, and I say may, be perceived is a question for you to solve.
            The masters of wisdom have attuned to the thoughts of God through stillness. There is no one technique for you to perform that will get you to that point of cosmic gnosis, blessed ones. But the pathway that we offer as World Teachers, Jesus and I, is one where [you may gain mastery] through quieting the emotions and the mental aberrations that constantly are fed through your consciousness by the egoic manifestation that you have allowed to displace the real you in time and space. [This] is key for the blessed ones [to experience] who desire freedom, illumination, enlightenment to inhabit them at all times.
            Think of what it may look like within you to be free of the monkey mind that thinks as most humans do cogitate. Think of what your mind can be when, as a receptacle for creativity, blessed images of perfection may be radiated out to all of life upon earth, [and] you become a rarified God-being in manifestation by your mind being in conformity with and attuned to that crystal mind of God.
            What this will mean for many of you is discipline in leaving off of certain daily practices where you engage the ego mind constantly-whether through untoward gossip or conversation; reading of materials, even newspapers or novelettes which do not lend themselves toward the higher frequencies that you desire to be within you; listening to the radio; watching television or movies constantly to feed that egoic manifestation; or an endless number of diversions which humanity has allowed to express themselves through their lives, displacing the opportunity for communion with your God-source. Even in Western civilization, blessed ones, you have opportunity to be silent, to at times unplug the phone, turn off the apparatus within your homes that, in and of itself, puts out a vibration causing you to be out of state with that elated and divine frequency that you would attune with.
            If you can think of what life was like without all of the modern amenities, where man in nature did witness the rising and setting sun, did attune to the frequencies of the Spirit as it permeated their beings while living with and of the land and Mother Earth, you can see how the very physical bodies of ancient civilizations allowed the mind of God to resonate more completely and fully within the human monad. Many of you feel a refreshment of your spirit when in nature, working in your gardens, hiking in the mountains, playing in the parks, enjoying all that nature has provided as the very evidence of God's cosmic ideations of life in your realm.
            The Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe are those who understand both the matrix of the mind of the Beloved and that which can be personified within the heart-mind connection that is the key through that golden wisdom as service, as ministration, brotherhood and peace. So I come to re-mind you as Morya has said, to give you not only a reminder of what can be for you a greater opportunity for self transcendence but through the flame of illumination that I bear on behalf of all students of the light and all movements of truth to bring you into that perfect space of peace within the receptacle that God has provided you as your mind, such that his thoughts, his creative fires may once again glow within you fully, O blessed ones.
            Meru University is your opportunity to constantly receive the re-infusion of the minds of the Buddhas. For we are constantly heartstreaming our love-wisdom fires through our messengers and even directly unto your own minds for those of you who are capable of being not only cosmic receptors of our spiritual fire but also transmitters yourself. The spiritual practice whereby you communicate to sentient life through your daily vigils is important. For you set up a cosmic radio sending station wherever you place your being. And that is why we often move our messengers here and there to beam across the earth our frequencies, our ideations, which are God's, blessed ones.
            Be not fooled by that which would displace the perfected matrix of God's loving intimations within you through identifying so much with your path and what has been your past course that you cannot accept new thought, new frequencies that the Lord Gautama, Maitreya, Jesus, Padma Sambhava and I have to give to you. And for those who have misunderstood this dispensation I say, try me, listen to the inner stillness behind the words that we speak. For within them you will truly know the frequency of love, the light of wisdom and the power to change you if through acceptance and belief and faith you discern our light and you allow it to be and resonate within you.
            Many among our best servants of the past still emanate fear of change. And their communiqu�s would attempt to prevent the brethren from even allowing our words to be heard. For this I say, and yes I say this word, shame on you who know better in your hearts, who would attempt to maintain your stance or your station in life or what you think is your attainment or your position or rank by attempting to annul that which we do and say through our servants of fire.
            Let the testimonies of the holy ones who have no fear be told. And let the light blaze forth through these minds, once more vibrating in harmony with the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas with whom they commune through holiness, through meditation upon the One, the All-in-All within.
            I am Kuthumi. This is my message for my students. Hear me and grow, grow, grow in that lovely radiant mind of the solar light of thine own Self this day. I thank you.

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