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Hercules      November 18, 2006

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
November 18, 2006            8:00-8:26 pm MDT
Emigrant, Montana broadcast through Stelle, Illinois

            Servitors of the light who would fulfill the mandates of the Lord and work in his
vineyard, I am Hercules. And I come to give the earth a spin with the Great Divine Director and to give you a status report on that which I assigned on the Fourth of July at the Tetons.
             Blessed ones, I am grateful for your calls daily and for the call that you have begun to give after your preambles. For even during these few short days since this has been initiated, my legions have taken hold of certain levels of consciousness of the people of the earth. And you have seen a shakeup in the government of this nation. And though much is yet to be accomplished, yet there is hope still that the sons and daughters of God will come into that alignment with the will of God that is essential for the plans of the Great White Brotherhood to move forward.
            When hearts of fire are committed and are unified in not only speaking the Word but in becoming fully that Word in the flesh, then you see changes upon earth. And the lightning of the mind of God does descend, the ramparts are shaken and change may be the order of the day-not change for change's sake but change for the light, blessed ones.
            As you may recall, I assigned those within this activity of light to consider taking up four labors. And I come to tell you that unfortunately very little progress has been made in these labors to date. In this cycle of Scorpio, there has been a certain malaise over the people and even over some within this movement of light whereby they have lost the vision. And even since my coming on the Fourth of July, a number of devotees of this movement have left, for they could not withstand the fire nor the word of our direction as given through these messengers. And although the handwriting was on the wall of their souls, yet we gave opportunity.
            And so we give a new opportunity to you this evening to consider our words and our directives, to make them real in your life, to put God's holy will first and foremost before you, to consider what it is that you personally may do for God, what you may lay upon the altar, what you can contribute toward the greater cause of freedom upon earth.
            When any one of you considers that someone else will fulfill the calling of the Lord, then there is a breakdown, blessed ones, of the antahkarana of fire through which we would accomplish all that must come forth. And therefore, timetables receive setbacks and, as we have already conveyed, we may not move forward to receive further dispensations. Reconsider what I have said. Bring your life, your schedule, your work into order. Allow the messenger to be the messenger. Put aside your petty discussions not only with others but with your own mind that do not contribute toward that which is of the highest purpose, blessed ones.
            Even this day, one of our best servants had the door slammed in his face when he went to serve faithfully at his station. Is this that which you would consider the way of the Brothers in White, that so sacred a calling could not be fulfilled because one, who through ego, thought that that service could be accomplished by the self rather than through the community spirit of holy oneness, blessed ones?
            And yet, we graciously thank each and every one of you who has faithfully given [of] your time in your service through the calls that have gone forth during not only this weekend but many previous weekends and vigils, blessed ones. This has truly carved inroads [into the emotional body of the planet] and allowed us to work at certain levels of consciousness with the leaders of the nations, the states, the local communities. And yet, greater light must manifest. Greater opportunity for change at the deepest levels of society must come forth. And the greatest way that this can be accomplished is through each one becoming fully aligned with the sacred Word within.
            The teachings that you have been receiving at Meru University have been for many of you key, carving out within you new pathways of conscious Self-awareness as God-beings. This is preparatory for your ascension, blessed ones. For when you come to the point where you will receive the intensification of the fiery energies of the ascension [currents] within your being, you must be ready. Your physical vehicle must be strong and able to withstand these essential fires of heaven.
            Those who would not desire to come up higher should go. But those who desire their ascension have always known that the path would not be easy, the climb would be arduous. And therefore, [for] those who are the intrepid ones, the ascended masters have left for you footholds, handholds upon the mountain fastnesses. And if you will simply learn to listen and to obey, then you will make great strides and progress. But if you forget the Word, if you dally in the valleys of unconscious unknowing, then we say it were better for you to simply decide in this hour that this path is too much. And yet, even this decision for some of you could be dangerous, blessed ones.
            My desire is not to instill fear but to take you to new and higher levels [of spirituality.] For has not Ray-O-Light1 come to strip you of that fear, blessed ones? And those of you who want the totality of the path must understand that it takes a certain verve, a certain action of the light brought forth into physicality, else it were better that you slink off into a cave somewhere and meditate. But this is not our way in this hour.
            Therefore, step forward, those of you who have something to give. And as has already been said recently, if you do not receive a reply from those on the council or those in other positions who are responsible for the volunteers and the work that must come forth, then reapply. Call or email until you have the answer of how best you may contribute toward this movement of light.
            It is one thing to listen in the receptive or the passive mode in the mornings. But it is another to lend the fire of your hearts toward the physical work that must be done. And for those of you who have stepped forward and given of your time selflessly, I, Hercules, will multiply that which you have given in sacrificial time and energy by the momentum of my causal body and my fire. And for those of you who have given, I say bravo! For have you not already, through your selfless giving, received a greater increment of fire from which you may draw to give again and again and climb the summit peaks, blessed ones?
            We have a plan. And at the Darjeeling Council, many masters have set forth this plan, point by point, with certain markers along the timeline that we have established for the victory not only of this movement of light but of a certain thousands of souls who will ascend because your message is clear, [because] your message will be delivered with sincerity and with Mercurian speed. And these certain thousands of souls must be contacted in many ways-not only through your internet website, not only through word of mouth, not only through the books and publications that will come forth but most especially through the warming of their hearts by those of you who have caught fire for God to such an extent that you put first things first in your life, that you relegate those things which no longer are meaningful to you to the back burner such that some day, once you retire in your seventies or eighties, if there is time, you may fulfill them.
            But for now, you have a higher calling and purpose. And that is to do the bidding of El Morya and Lanello, the Great Divine Director, Saint Germain and Portia, Mother Mary, Kuthumi and the sponsoring masters who have given of themselves to the uttermost so that many of you could, once and for all, come to that point of your own ascension in this life.
            If you could see the sacrifice of your own Mother of the Flame, not only of her body, her mind, but of her very life essence, would you not desire to give also to the nth degree, blessed ones, of your hearts? If you could see that which Lanello personally has laid upon the altar time and time again, calling for more time for earth, calling for the forestalling of certain earth changes so many more could be contacted, imploring God that greater light would come to bear through those with whom he is communicating at inner levels such that nations would not be defiled or go to war-if you could see this, blessed ones, and know the intensity of the heart, the magnanimous heart of this one, you would understand what [it] is necessary for earth to receive in the way of salvation through sacrifice of your hearts.
            I am a fiery master, and my only desire is that you become free. Take my hand.            Fulfill your own reason for being. Stand firmly to declare your own messengership as a son or a daughter of God. And for those of you who missed my dictation given early on in this movement, I suggest that you hear it. Or that those of you who have forgotten your own calling, hear it again and remind yourself of what you said you would do [for] God in that hour.
            Some of our servants in other movements have not understood the essential nature of what we are about through this dispensation. And therefore, they have decried this or the other Messenger for what they think is a certain egoic manifestation. Well, I say, blessed ones, that if they truly knew what these have given and what has already been forestalled upon earth because of the growing intensity of the heart fires of love that have poured day after day through the dictations released and through the accelerated fires that are coming through many of you who have caught fire, then they would not be so easy to criticize or condemn these, our holy Messengers.
            Those of you who understand this path must defend them. And I suggest that you consider this night writing a personal testimony of what this Hearts Center has meant for you in terms of the acceleration of your soul, your pathway, blessed ones. And send it so that we may compile a compelling record for those who continue to doubt and who continue to criticize and condemn these, our servants-yourselves being among them [who are criticized and condemned].
            It is time to move higher. Cycles must be met. The winds of the Holy Spirit are blowing. The Maha Chohan is compelling the Chohans to move upward in their own initiations. And therefore, those of you who have hung on the coattails of El Morya or Lanto, of Nada, Hilarion, of Saint Germain and Paul the Venetian and Serapis must understand that as these do go higher, you are also compelled to move upward in your initiations. This is what the trip to Luxor and Egypt2 was all about. And there has been a certain acceleration in the beings and worlds of many of you such that if you can maintain that point [or rate] of acceleration, you will truly move upward with the Chohans, blessed ones. And earth may also move higher in spiritual initiation and fire.
            This is my message for this evening. I ask you to take it seriously but not too seriously. I ask you to joy in the glory of God within your own hearts and to take that time each day to smile, to laugh. For as God said long ago through the prophets, "The Lord has held them in derision. The Lord has held them in derision3, those who would not do the will of God." And so we laugh and sing and glory in the glory of God within our servitors of fire whom we see spread across the nations.
            Yes, we see the fire of your hearts. We notice when you are vibrating at a higher frequency. We take note of each sacrifice, of each point of giving and of self-mastery. And we often, from our retreats and from our vantage point, applaud you, blessed ones, when we see not only your furrowed brow of striving but also the great intent of your hearts to return to the heart of the one God.
            For this, I, Hercules, thank you and bid you good evening.

1Ray-O-Light dictated on November 12, 2006.
2From October 7-17, 2006 ninety-nine pilgrims traveled to Egypt to visit sacred sites in Luxor and in Cairo, including the Great Pyramid at Gizah in which they had a private time for meditation and mantras in both the King's and Queen's chambers for nearly two hours. Over two dozen dictations by the ascended masters were released as well as a special blessing and initiation for all those present who chose to receive it.
3Psalms 2:4. "He who sits in the heavens shall laugh; The LORD shall hold them in derision."

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