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Amaryllia      November 17, 2006

Beloved Amaryllia
David Christopher Lewis
November 17, 2006 7:55-8:15 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            The transcendence of perfect peace be upon ye all, O children of the sun. The radiance of eternal grace be yours, O sons and daughters of God. I am Amaryllia, deva to worlds aborning. Those of the devic evolution, who hold for the natural kingdom the balance of perfection within the matrix of God's eternal joy, work with both the elemental kingdoms and the souls of more highly-evolved evolutions among men for the sustaining of the platform for the evolution of all life.
            Regent devas are those who perform for the Lord God a sacred service of maintaining the love fires within the very physical atoms of the created universe and in the four quadrants of being such that there is the flow of life uninterrupted through all levels of being, blessed hearts. When you understand the flow of light through your being, then you may attune to the work of the devas. And when you are attuned to our hearts as the Lord Jesus was, then all power within heaven and earth within the natural kingdom allows you to be a witness of God's grace not only upon your own home star but as that pulsating light energy manifesting God's essence to many lifewaves upon other systems of worlds. The prerequisite for sustaining the action of light for one's world is the harmonization of not only the four winds through your being but of the mastery of the five elements through the four quadrants of personality in your world.
            Life is a delicate balance, blessed hearts, and mankind has lost sight of what is necessary for that balance to be sustained such that the elementals and higher spiritual beings may work toward the evolution of the planets and systems as God has ordained. When the interference with natural cycles occurs through mankind's proclivity toward the ego state of unconscious levels of the not-self, then you see pollution, burdens upon the very souls of mankind because the elementals that sustain the platform for life are mimics and outpicture what they see in the very emotional bodies of those whom they look up to-yes, men and women evolving in the human kingdom.
            The resurrection flame that you seek, ascending through your consciousness as you evolve to greater heights of awareness, blessed hearts, must be known even within the evolutions of the elementals. And the Lord Jesus has given you the dispensation through the release of light through his causal body that many elementals may receive that threefold flame to earn their immortality.
            Some of you have forgotten this great opportunity for you to call for the protection and for the advancement of elemental life, and so I come this day to remind you of the import of this blessed grace from the heart of Jesus where you have seen even in recent days the burdens upon elementals outpictured through storm and tornado, through rain and flood and wind unleashed because mankind lead a helter-skelter life and do not know truly the God within all.
            This day I lend my momentum of fire to those of you who desire not only the flow of abundance in your lives but who, through an attunement with nature, can work closely with the elementals and nature spirits to bring forth greater balance and harmony upon earth. Even a simple walk in nature daily whereby you honor the blessed beings who work so assiduously for you, blessed hearts, is important for them to feel your hearts, your appreciation, your love. And when you honor their presence through having an abundance of plant life in your homes, having gardens, flowers and beautiful imagery even of nature upon your walls, you do justice to that which God has provided as the great schoolroom that is the planet on which you evolve.
            Mankind has become disenfranchised with himself because he has forgotten his source. And the source of life within the sun and within the nature kingdom is key to bringing back the soul into that perfect alignment. Those among you who have studied nutrition and the natural sciences know how important the processes of nature are to balance. Ingesting natural foods rather than those far removed from what God originally provided to you is important, blessed hearts. For when there is the distancing of yourself from that which grows within the soil wherein most of what you partake of is refined to the level where there is little light essence left, [it] burdens your own body elemental who so lovingly works for you to provide long life, joy in living within the physical reality that you experience on earth. Caring for yourself translates itself as caring for all life. And caring for the natural world allows you to have a greater sensitivity and awareness of how God's abundance does manifest itself even unto the least of the brethren whom Jesus referred to as the blessed elementals, you see.
            Yes, these nature spirits revel in their work and service to mankind. They joy in providing the variegated, colorful manifestations of nature that you see. And even during their winter sleep and rest they are developing new, essential plans for the flourishing of that floral abundance come springtime such that your hearts, attuned to the grace of nature's glory, can once again become enlivened with that resurrection fire that glows each springtide commemorating the victory of the Son of God, Jesus, and, hopefully, presaging your own glorious ascent back to the heart of God.
            O mankind, if you would simply walk again in nature as the natives of this land did walk, you would understand more of the deeper mysteries of life if you would call to the Great Spirit. And that Spirit would speak within your heart all that you need to fulfill your divine calling in life.
            I am Amaryllia. And I have brought for each of you this day a glorious, spiritual iris flower within a vase of crystal light. This you may place upon or near your altar as a remembrance of the blessed elemental kingdom and of the devas who love you so and work on your behalf, O mankind.
            Through this floral gift I leave a portion of my essence with each one of you and especially with my beloved. I seal his heart in radiant fire for the fulfillment of his mission to save many souls from the angst and the anger toward their own self-awareness of God.
            Let the Mother flow! Go forth through hearts of fire attuned to Mother Earth and to the Mother Devas who stand guard and watch with the Silent Watchers on behalf of the earth and its evolutions and other planetary homes and star systems so near and dear to Alpha and Omega. I seal you in the essence and aroma of my heart this day, my beloved friends.

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