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Sita      November 14, 2006

Beloved Sita
David C. Lewis
November 14, 2006 7:27-7:41 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Accept Your Krishna Nature and Be Love!

            O the Lord of Life, O the Guru most holy. Abiding in his presence we know perfected heart-fire within, abiding in his radiance we feel the cosmic star-fire aura of his love. I am Sita. And my eye is always upon my Lord. For within my eye I see only God within my beloved. And from my heart I feel only love for the beloved in all. You, too, blessed ones, may know all that your Lord may distill for the resonance within you of that which is the complementary action of your soul in the Alpha-Omega spiral that weaves within your own cosmic egg where you are, a forcefield such that you may know only the presence always.
            This very simple teaching that you have heard this morning of feeling your body, is essential for each of you to fully grasp, beloved ones. For when you know the I AM Light within every particle of your being, then, you see, you become the I AM. Is this not the simplicity of a spiritual path of oneness that you have sought for millennia? When you accept your divine nature-which some would call the Buddha nature and I would call the Krishna nature and others would call the Christ consciousness-as fully within you, then the mayic mists dissolve, and you may see clearly as the Beloved sees-your beloved I AM, your beloved Sun-source, your beloved Real Self.
            And when there is the merging of pure vision whereby the alignment of your perfected view toward all does match that which is real within, then there is the flowering of your own enlightenment, blessed ones. For clear vision allows the light to flow into all, through all. And when your eyes and your mind are graced with this cosmic light-essence, then that flow of the flower may always be yours. Those who are devoted in their spiritual practice, following the path of bhakti yoga do enter into the highest state of perfect bliss in love. This may be yours if you choose, blessed ones.
            I call you 'beloved' because I call you to "be love." And when you say to another, as my Lord has asked-"beloved friend", you are also the reminder not only to that one but to all life to be love and to be loved. Therefore, to be love and to be loved is also the Alpha and Omega of divine knowingness as love, you see. For you must receive even as you give, and you must give even as you receive that holy love.
            The Buddhas reside here within your hearts and minds. And as you study these words of Eckhart Tolle1, the greatest opportunity that you have had in this embodiment to understand truly how you may enter into the stream of perfect joy, of enlightened wakefulness, then you may know what Krishna knows, what Issa2 knows, what many have known-that within you God resides. And as the divine ego of God's awareness displaces what you have allowed to represent that Presence in your limited awareness, then, as there is the dissolving of what is not real, there is the great absolving, the absolution, the washing toward the new day of his appearing within you fully.
            I AM in Krishna and Krishna is in me. You may say this also as you desire to be Krishna and Sita. Hear now the melody that he plays on his flute, wafting across the earth, calling souls home unto their own hearts. O souls, listen to the sound. Go within and know Krishna this day. A kiss of mirth to the earth I breathe. [Outbreath]

1A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose by Eckhart Tolle. ISBN 0-452-28758-8 Before the dictation, during the Golden Buddha Rosary excerpts from this book were read between the prayers given.
2Issa is the name given to Jesus by those in the Far East.

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