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Saint Therese      November 06, 2006

Beloved Saint Therese of Lisieux
David Christopher Lewis
November 06, 2006            7:43-7:59 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

We Are Saint Therese's Little Flowers upon Earth

            O Cherubim from the very throne of the Almighty, come now and pierce the hearts of these your servants. Expand love. Expand love. Expand love. I am the little flower, and I come this day at the call of one who through holy prayer has magnetized not only my heart but the heart of thousands of angels of love to the earth.
            Blessed ones,

the path of sweet surrender

is the path of highest love of God. When you enter the heart of the most gracious One, either through the heart of Jesus or another beloved one of heaven, you receive a greater access to those cosmic currents of love-wisdom that will not only lead to your enlightenment but to the merging truly of your heart and being with the heart of God.
            The path of the ruby ray, which many of you have walked not only within this life but in past lifetimes of service to mankind, is one which all bodhisattvas understand and which the saints have entered into fully. For having had their hearts pierced, allowing the rushing forth of love, they know with a deep knowingness this holy oneness of which I speak. When love is accelerated to such an extent that your heart is verily consumed, then the heart of God may beat where yours once was. This is the love of every ascended being and angel. And if they have a desire, it is this-to simply be love, pure, unadulterated love to all life.
            Even as you seek, blessed ones, to dwell in your Presence for your enlightenment, I must say that, concurrently, as you expand love within your heart, then the greater influx of that love-wisdom is available to you. Therefore, seek to be love unto all. For then, from your hearts, all truth, all healing, all understanding, all alchemy, all purity, all peace and all faith may truly manifest. Love is the seat for the flowering of all virtues, for all springs from that point of eternality from God's heart. Love is the voice within all virtues, for if there be no love, even if there be faith, courage or hope, then, the manifestation of these other virtues may not be truly fulfilled in the allness of the presence.
            Truly blessed ones, as your hearts are warmed each morn through your devotions, there is not only the burning up of elements of non-God Selfhood but there is the building of a precious flower to which I add my oil, my devotion this day. Many ascended beings desire to live within your heart, do you know? It is not so difficult to imagine, is it, blessed hearts, that within your magnanimous heart growing each day, Morya, Lanello and Mother, Mother Mary, Saint Germain and many others may actually live within you?
            This is the joy of our Oneness. And the saints who sought only to know Jesus or God understood the equation that through their attention upon the sacred heart, the flaming fire within the heart of Jesus, they, too, receive not only the impartation but the very vibration and resonance of Jesus' heart within them. Thus, O holy ones, when at times the burdens of living upon an unenlightened planet beset you, realize that you have access through your heart to all of heaven. And as the portal of your heart is opened-just as a flower opens each morn when the sunlight does stream forth to contact the petals surrounding that flower center-you, too, may receive the quickening and the greater opening of your heart, each petal fully emblazing with the name of God, the love of God.
            This Hearts Center activity of light is one through which many ascended masters can reach and contact souls because hearts opened, aware and conscious of light do allow us to come to grace not only the aura of the messenger to allow us to speak but through your audience, through your hearing, you see, and your surrender to perfect love, each of you becomes that perfect floral essence through which we may emanate and love life upon earth anew each day.
            You see, blessed ones, from the ascended state, we may send forth our love, but when we have witnesses and active participants upon earth who not only feel our presence but understand how the merging of heaven within earth can manifest greater light where you are, then earth may be raised in sacred fire in holy love, day by day.
            This is our great joy. And this day, I, Saint Therese, thank you for being my little flowers upon earth. O the bouquet of holy love whose essence, strewn across this planet, does make way for all the love Buddhas, all the love bodhisattvas. Raise them up, O God. And through Victory's voice, let each one walk anew with thee.
            I seal you in the fragrance of my heart, available always to my holy ones, to my holy and beautiful flowers. I thank you.

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