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Voice of Stillness      November 03, 2006

The Voice of Stillness
David Christopher Lewis
November 3, 2006            8:16-8:25 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I AM the Voice of Stillness and I come to quiet the mind, the heart, the soul. From within the flame of peace within you, I emerge as the point of reality. And through a confluence of sacred fire, I radiate through your being unto a planet and her people.             

The key to enlightenment is stillness

, for when that which is not God within you no longer vibrates, then God appears fully. It is a simple equation, blessed hearts. Stilling the mind and not allowing the ego to reside any longer where you are, allows God to vibrate and [to] be where you are.
            Thus, the mystics have always understood the true equation of balance, equipoise within the very center of being. For from this point of reality, all power, wisdom and love is available to the one who has discerned the God flame within. In stillness, I speak. And I will continue to speak within you as you quiet your own voices to hear me.
            Can you maintain a receptive heart, such that the voice of God may be heard by you always? If you are always cogitating and allowing the thinking mind, which is not the true mind, to vibrate, then how can you hear the strains and the lilting voice of the Beloved within you?
            God, through his fire, is always speaking to you, blessed ones, and yet you hear not the voice. His voice is within the fire that burns within your breast. Listen with intention. Be still, and know the I AM within and perfect peace may reign within you. And when it does fully, then peace may reign upon Earth.
            I seal the space of perfect peace and stillness within you. Reside within my space of peace. For the Voice of Stillness will continue, will continue to emanate until you become that voice of stillness.

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