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Rex      October 30, 2006

Beloved Rex
David Christopher Lewis
October 30, 2006            8:15-8:31 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            The kingdom of God is within you. The consciousness of God has always abided within you, and I praise God this day that more of that Spirit is now emanating from these servitors of fire whom I see within this movement of light.
            I am Rex. And I come in the mode of my kingly estate as a servant of the youth of America and the world. With my beloved we have continued our mission from the heaven world to deliver a light unto generations of children born and unborn for the salvation of souls and the elevation of consciousness to new levels of Godhood.
            The challenge we see upon this earth is that, having lost the sacredness of life in many ways, mankind has relegated the holy and innocent children to be second and even third-class citizens when in truth, blessed hearts, long ago mankind should have discerned how important it is for the incoming souls to be cherished, honored, succored, loved.
            The greatest challenge to the Great White Brotherhood is that generations of children are going by the wayside because of a culture of death, despair and destruction. When the media of a nation determines that profit through the profligate pronouncements, movies, advertisements and all manner of entertainment is more important than the original purpose for the media which is education and the sharing of knowledge and understanding between peoples and nations, then you see great calamity outpictured even in nature whereby the balance is no longer held because the imagery of death, of violence and of all manner of perversion paraded before the eyes of the innocents has caused a scarring of their vision, their purpose in life; and they no longer have or see meaning in striving toward the ultimate goal of Godly love.
            Yesterday, beloved hearts, a divine angel, who had come and been born within a community of light that you know, was honored. And yet many cried in anguish at the loss of this precious lifestream so loved by the angels. And I must say that many sponsoring masters also shed tears to know how so beautiful a one, through a lack of the honoring of that soul by a number of individuals as well as the societal pressures of living upon earth-both peer pressure and a desire to be loved within the soul-causing this dear heart to not fully understand the path, could seek out on her own a way out which led to her untimely and premature demise.
            Heaven pauses in this hour. And prayers are breathed by many ascended masters such that mankind may learn the lesson of negligence toward the youth, the children and the unborn. Therefore, blessed hearts, seek ways and means to regularly communicate with your children, especially as they begin to enter the teenage years. Seek to understand them first, honoring the gifts that they came into this incarnation to provide and share with humanity. Be with them. Dine with them. Spend precious time to get to fully know their needs, their desires, their concerns. By doing this, you put into practice the teachings that you have heard for many years, not relegating this [segment] of society to the back burner but realizing how important it is to provide the resources, the energy, the understanding unto these, your children within your community, so that you also may move forward both as parents, teachers-examples of the holy path that you walk.
            Through a dispensation of grace called forth by a number of servitors of light, we bring our angels unto this dear child who had temporarily been lost in the gray mists of the astral plane. We take her by the hand and bring her to Elysian Fields, showing her the true way out of her dilemma. Pray for this one to rise, for this is not the highest estate that we would see her be in, in this hour. And when the time is ready for her to again return to life upon this plane, through your prayers and support she may receive the grace of added protection so that her mission, truly one as an angel in your midst, may be fulfilled.
            Pause some time each day, blessed hearts, to whisper a prayer for the youth. Call to Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl, the sponsors of youth-Lanello, Saint Therese and others whom you know to be with the children. For when we can get through to them and they can perceive from a higher level of awareness the opportunities for self-transcendence, then these, having come to earth, often misunderstood, may finally receive surcease from their inner struggles, clasping onto our hands of hope such that they may truly make their lives meaningful as worthy sons and daughters of God.
            This is our dispensation in this hour. Let the word go forth to the nations that unless the holy children are honored, supported and nurtured, that the hand of the Lord Jesus will descend again for the judgment upon those nations and peoples and systems that abuse the light of the child. For the hand of the Lord may no longer be stayed except through the conversion of hearts, beloved ones.
            I thank you for your ongoing service here, in your Hearts Centers, your homes. Know this day how precious each of you is to God and continue on in your vigilant services. For the soul that you save, day by day, may be your own. I seal you in holy love and in the sacred bond of our union in God's heart this day.

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