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Maha Chohan      October 29, 2006

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
October 29, 2006 10:42-10:56 am MST
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I am the Holy Spirit. And I grace this body with my presence in this hour in preparation for the greater coming on All Saints' Day of thousands and more of masters to the earth. Yes, beloved ones, it is a time of great communion when through both your understanding of and your attunement with the hearts of many ascended beings, you may draw to the earth greater light, greater abundance of spiritual graces through the causal bodies of these of our Brotherhood.
            I raise each of you now in consciousness to see the earth as we see it-brimming with fire, a home of light upon which millions and even billions of souls are evolving. The opportunity that you have in this life is great. And having come to this point on your path, though your responsibility is greater because of your knowledge of truth, yet you also have the greater impetus of fire because of your dedication, your sacrifice and service to life, proven in many cases not only for decades in this life but for many lifetimes.
            We are honored to be in your company as your elder brothers and sisters. It is true that there will continue to be a shift in coming days, months and years whereby some of the chohans who have served most valiantly with me on behalf of this planet and its people will be moving on to higher service as cosmic beings. And therefore, some, even among this body of those in The Hearts Center, may be called upon, or have already been called upon at inner levels, to step up in their service, even to take a position in the ascended state as a chohan. This may be a surprise to some of you; and yet, due to the seasons and the cycles of evolution, much is transpiring at inner planes.
            The recent trip that you have taken to the Middle East has been victorious. And the Kali Mother, having placed her presence within the atmosphere of the earth, has spoken and continues the action of the stripping away from levels of consciousness of the people of this earth of deep pockets of darkness. And that is why, blessed ones, you have had the teaching from Saint Germain that you must love the darkness within you.
            Greater teaching will be coming forth in subsequent classes of Meru University that will highlight this new understanding that for some of you is not fully within your grasp at this time. And yet for those of you who have seen into the very depths of your own being those pockets of darkness, have meditated upon what it will take for you to reach beyond the stars, as it were, unto the highest levels of your personal balancing of karma, you understand the need for the completion of all cycles and for the light to be fully present where you are.
            This I can also assist you with. For as a fiery master, it is my great joy to breathe into you the living essence of the fire of the Spirit that is the purging action that you seek. And with Zarathustra and others who have accelerated the use of the fire of God to such an extent that we live as immortal beings of fire that you also seek to be, we may assist you in becoming more comfortable in the higher vibrations of dimensions of being that heretofore you could not live in upon this earth.
            Yet as the earth is raised in sacred fire, many more will become comfortable in living in higher dimensions of being, blessed ones. And this you must be the forerunners for. And therefore, get used to the rarified elements of your own being, even the love fires of your causal body which are not simply two-dimensional rings but fully inter-dimensional star-fire, spherical manifestations. And as you meditate and live in your Presence, realize the import of drawing forth the manifestations and essences of your causal body into this realm with greater intent, focus and fire.
            This you can do. And if you could see the attainment that many of you have had in past lifetimes on Lemuria, and for some of you even before you came to this planet, you can see how, as you manifest these multi-dimensional levels of attainment that you have had, even in this world of form where you still abide, you will afford the earth the greater opportunity to receive these particles of cosmic substance that will raise the earth.
            As scientists of the Spirit you always have opportunity to experiment, blessed ones, with light. Therefore, do not consider that these discussions are psychic. For that word has become a pejorative term in recent decades. But realize the full faculties of your God-attainment drawn into your soul as the psyche or the feminine potential of the attainment of your God Presence here on earth. It is one that each of you should seek to understand and manifest as that final recapitulation of all that has passed through your heart and chakras in all lifetimes as the totality of your Godhood.
            We take what we see manifesting through your consciousness to heart. And through our dictations, and even during our ongoing discussions at the Darjeeling Council, at the Grand Teton Retreat and in other focuses of light in the heaven world, we are constantly refining what we see as the necessary elements that must be brought forth to earth through our students, refining, refining, refining as the fiery arbiters of God's eternal fires that which you experience within your aura, your being and world.
            Therefore, you may call to the fiery ones of heaven to be where you are as you seek higher levels of initiation, understanding and attainment. And it is our great joy to bring these to you when you are fully engaged, you are fully present and you are ready for them.
            Knock and it shall be opened unto you. Seek and ye shall find.1            Open the door to a greater reality that even now abides where you are if you will accept it within you.
            I am the Maha Chohan. I am present where you are when you breathe my essence through prana. And as you do, I experience anew God's eternal presence through you, you see. This is my joy to be where you are when you know who you are as a God-being. Purusha! Purusha! Purusha!
1Matthew 7:7

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