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Lord Ling      October 20, 2006

Beloved Lord Ling
David C. Lewis
October 20, 2006   8:15-8:24 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana


Placing a Capstone on Your Trip to the Middle East

            I come on the wings of your prayers, singing the song of Ling. Ah-ha! And I am grateful that 99 have safely returned to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave from that land of bondage in which I lived as Moses and from which I led the children of Israel forth [to the land flowing with milk and honey—the Promised Land.]¹ This day I would lead you from the bondage of your lesser self. And I pray that you will no longer dwell within the wilderness consciousness of doubting your own reality. But now, full abiding within and under your own God Self, you no longer need the idols within you that have caused the worshiping of aspects of that lower nature, day by day for eons.
            So you see the 40 years—as symbolic of the wandering of the children of Israel [and] the souls thereof—was really a short time in comparison with the wandering of your soul within the unreality of yourself through many life times, blessed hearts. It is time for you to wander for longer. It is time for you to move into the promised land of the domain of light in the heaven world where you will clearly see the plan, where you may commune with those of us who have preceded you, and where the law written within your inward parts has fully manifested itself such that you, as a God being made in God's image and likeness as an I AM creature of the Divine One, will forever move in the stream of God's eternal love that is the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.
            So with Victory and the Lord Gautama I also come to place a capstone upon the mission of not only the 99 but each of you who participated so valiantly here in the West, while we were overshadowing and using those who were able to attend to our needs in the Middle East, anchoring light and being for us the witness of what can be when some have determined to be the called-out ones, answering that call, moving swiftly here and there and determining that nothing shall stop the victory march unto the eternal fires that warm the soul that has returned unto it's Source.
            Have a pleasant day, blessed hearts, in my presence of joy, buoyancy of spirit, lightness of heart, radiant of face wherein all that you see and know may receive the impartation of  holy love even while the joy-spirit of one attuned to the heart of God does smile and sing and laugh the great rolling laugh within the Earth.
            I am Ling. May you sing my song of the free. May you know me, not only as the deliverer, but as a friend to whom you may call at any hour when you need an Exodus from situations, places or the spirits of darkness that come to steal away your joy.
            I thank you, blessed heart, and bid you good day.

1. Lord Ling was embodied as Moses, who led the Israelites out of Egypt through the Red Sea to the Promised Land. See the Book of Exodus.

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