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Lanello      September 09, 2006

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
September 9, 2006 8:05-8:28 am CDT
Chicago Hearts Center
Stelle, Illinois

            O the heartland of America! O the hearts who gather here in love! O the transcendence that comes when, through that unity of the spirit, some among mankind determine to be the ones to fulfill the prayer of the Lord that "thy kingdom come upon earth as it is in heaven."1
            I AM Lanello and I gather with my Heartfriends here near the heart chakra of America. And I consecrate this soil of this community this morning, made holy by the holy ones who have determined to be, in the spirit of the Great White Brotherhood, those who would form the sacred heart of America.            Where hearts are one with God, we come. Where hearts form the greater heart of community, we fill that sacred circle with our love.
            So, blessed ones, the Darjeeling Council determined long ago that there should be a new focus of light in the heartland of America. And some of you have been handpicked by us to form the very atoms of this new heart, a magnanimous heart, if you would.
            So, in the flame of magnanimity I come to instill greater love within all communities, within all Hearts Centers, Heartfriend Groups that are forming everywhere. When there is harmony, then the heart may pulsate in unison with the great heart of God. When there is a certain division, where hearts do not fully honor each other, then there is the disassociation and the crumbling of those centers.
            Blessed ones, there must be an appreciation of each component of each Hearts Center for it to survive. Therefore, do not, as Morya has warned, judge one another. But gather in the spirit that I sought to gather the tribes as Hiawatha, laying upon the altar the elements of self that have been a bane to the ongoingness of community. And form in and through the appreciation of each one who comes, that grace, that elevation of consciousness that rises above the human condition to see as we see the plan.
            It has been our desire to gather more unto your communities. And yet, unless and until the foundation is established through harmonious communication and love, we simply will not bring more to you, blessed ones. Therefore, meditate on the humility of acceptance of each one as the Christ, the Buddha, not in becoming but as fully manifest.             And receive that one that comes to your door as if you would receive the greatest master, the greatest visitor that you would welcome with a home cleaned, with a heart open. And then we will send those unto you to receive of our fount of new teaching and an understanding of cosmic principles that we would convey, not only through our messengers but through each one of you as enlightened beings.
            During the rosary given here in Chicago, the messenger did receive my intimation to have each one concentrate on the wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas. Blessed ones, when you fully embrace these wisdoms-the all-pervading wisdom of Vairochana, the mirror-like wisdom of Akshobhya, the wisdom of equality of Ratnasambhava, the discriminating wisdom of Amitabha and the all-accomplishing wisdom of Amoghasiddhi, amplified by the cosmic diamond wisdom of Vajrasattva-then streams of Buddhic enlightenment will issue from your crown, illumining and magnetizing all unto your Heart Centers for the fulfillment of every aspect of the lotus light that each one is meant to bear.            
            The new way of Lanto2 is one in which we will be delivering more discourses, rather than what you have classified as dictations, such that those who come will not be startled so much by the way that you have known in the past. Yet, we will be there through our messengers to convey, heart to heart, the same wisdom teaching, the same conveyance of love as in our dictations, which will still occur, but in a more guarded matrix.
            Therefore, beloved ones, this is a shift ratified by the Darjeeling Council. For if this movement is to grow, there must be a new way, a new level of teaching. And each of you is called higher to be a teacher in your own right, to take the word that has already been released and to make it palatable to those whom we are sending.
            Therefore, I would read to you now my luminaries of this morning. Take them as the remainder of my dictation for they truly are my words, my conveyance of this new wisdom teaching.
            Why, beloved ones, each of you may, in your Hearts Centers, form study groups to study these luminaries, as well as Morya's quips.3 For you will find the same seed jewel of the diamond word from our hearts that you will in the more powerful releases of our dictations. And these seeds, as crystal seeds, will truly grow and continue to flower within you day by day as you meditate upon their essence.

Lanello reads his Luminaries

  • Begin each day by kissing the sun of your own presence.

  • Loving yourself creates a fallow field in which the seeds of loving others may grow.

  • Introspection should include the discerning of the flames.

  • If we reveal too much too soon, you would not come out well-done.

  • The dilemma of all God seers is what, when and where to reveal their visions.

  • The coding of our messages to confound and bar the mass consciousness has always been our way.

  • Camelot may still be held within your beings as a worthy goal.

  • Controlling others' thoughts only brings about the accelerated return of your own mental karma.

  • Illumine a world through joy.

  • Vibrancy necessitates a light heart.

  • The foundations of true mysticism reside within each petal of each chakra.

  • Anabolic steroids steer mankind toward becoming androids.            [No one laughs at my jokes?]

  • Roto-root out your own foibles to allow purity's light to shine through.

  • God does not equivocate with herself.

  • Attuning your heart and mind to God is child's play, so play with children more often.

  • I enfold you with a reflection of your own radiance. Now see and believe.

  • Daily striving lengthens your stride to the goal.

  • Those who think they know it all have never met God.

  • Pride only creates prudes.

  • When you're too intense, you're dense to others' heartstreams.

  • Play with spiritual fire only in heaven's laboratory.

  • Regarding and fanning the God-flame in others allows its radiance to grow within you.

  • Anyone may personify evil when they allow ill motive to abide inside.

  • Glory in others' victories rather than your own and divine friendship will always be yours.

  • The path is as simple as balancing love, wisdom and power.

  • Cosmic understanding comes to those who meditate on cosmic love.

  • Divest yourself of every outworn garment of your lesser self.

  • We are always pulling for you, but you must take the rope.

  • Divine resources are unlimited, so long as you don't sully those now entrusted to you.

  • We reveal that which you are capable of ingesting without spiritual nausea.

  • A spiritually mature lifestream does not go unheeded by our bands.

  • Co-measurement with your Source is the source of your true power.

  • Those who deny God cannot fully receive his grace and blessings.
  • For Damiaan: Alchemy is not hocus pocus, but locus focus.

  • The value of a spiritual light is unfathomable to you now.

  • God is no respecter of persons, but a true lover of all.

  • And this is why he placed a spirit and spark within each one.
  • Comfort should always assuage the id, not the ego. [And the id is your God-identity.]

  • When you're pliant, not defiant, I add giant doses of love-wisdom to your aura.

  • Study luminescence and buoyancy to discern true love.

  • A salesman is only great when he meets a real need with honesty and caring.

  • The creator provided you with an internal compass called conscience.

  • The value of truly loving is that your own glow and flow always increases.

  • The results we seek in you are not temporal but immutable cosmic love-wisdom.

  • God's number has always been in your data base, but few select it.

  • Untoward thoughts carry you far from the Lord's mind.

  • Yogananda, my friend, proved that meditation on divine love is possible East and West.

  • One day science will measure the radiance of the heart and thus know how much love each person truly manifests.

  • A star is twin flames in perpetual cosmic resonance and union, known as fusion.

  • Let your cosmic flow field abound.

            Blessed ones, did you enjoy these, my hearts intimations this day? [Yes! Audience applauds.]
            I now bless this community here, each one abiding in the aura of my heart. And I bless each of you listening. Let the victory of this movement manifest through these dedicated ones, O Lord, whom I re-consecrate to your most magnanimous heart, O God, this day. I thank you.

1Matthew: 6:10
2See Lanto's dictation of September 3, 2006.
3Morya's quips are viewable on The Hearts Center website at Morya's Quips

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