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Buddha of the Emerald Ray      August 30, 2006

Beloved Buddha of the Emerald Crystal Ray
David Christopher Lewis
August 30, 2006 7:34 - 7:55 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I enfold the earth in emerald crystal light. I am the Buddha of the Emerald Ray. And I come this day to empower those whose mission of healing has begun at etheric levels of being and yet must become in the physical more evident through the release of that divine substance that I ensoul for worlds.
            Meditate upon the emerald crystal now within your third eye, blessed ones, that I focalize through the acceleration of the energies of the All-Seeing Eye of God. Through your crystal vision all may be clear. Through crystal healing many will be raised.
            There has been a resurgence in the understanding of the crystal matrix of the emerald light upon this earth. And so you see many who use crystals in their healing practices. And even your science is coming to an understanding of the properties within the very lattice of the cosmic design placed by the Creator in this sacred substance that allows for the permeation into specific points of darkness of the great light that may be focalized through each facet of that crystal, beloved ones.
            When you know the Geometry of Divinity within then you may use crystals for healing for a higher purpose. But if you would simply desire to have the pain the rightfully yours to experience due to an out of alignment state to be absolved through the manipulation of physical substance then true healing will not be yours. Therefore there must be the humility of alignment with holy purpose before every act of the laying on of hands or of the delivery of sacred fire through your hands from one to another occurs. There must be the garnering of the divine essence of God's fire through the crystal of Self before you attempt to be an instrument for the delivery of true healing unto another.
            Therefore, all practitioners of the healing arts must begin to understand the divine science of crystallography, whereby even their own bodies, being composed of water, which is, in and of itself, a manifestation of the liquid crystal of God's awareness of himself, may use their own beings as a crystal focal point for the delivery of light, light, light unto souls in need of wholeness.
            When you can hold within yourself the crystal matrix of perfection such that the refraction of the light of your Source may manifest without interference from your own consciousness, then true healing may come forth, blessed ones. Those who would simply move energies within the auras of those who come to them for healing are not our true representatives. And therefore I caution many of you who have engaged in practices whereby you had not first mastered your own energies and placed your desires upon the altar of the Almighty to go back to first principles of surrendering the lesser self unto the Divine One before you engage in those physical matrices whereby the substance of your own lesser self may be transferred to those who come to you rather than the divine essence that we would see blazed forth through the crystal of your Christ awareness.
            Blessed ones, many there are upon this earth who have an incomplete understanding of healing. And those in the medical professions who profess to know all, or enough to be your healers, themselves must understand the higher science that we of the ascended masters teach in our retreats. And therefore there must come to this planet the higher understanding in your universities and medical schools. And you must call forth this teaching, this science before the evolutions of this world are inundated completely by the miasma of the darkness of anti-healing that is now perpetrated across the globe.
            It were better for many who rely upon an incomplete science that they give up their current practice when the many who come to them for healing in many cases walk out the door in a worse condition both physically and spiritually because the root of their desire to be physicians is simply greed, blessed ones. Therefore, unless and until, the desire to be a physician issues from a completeness, a wholeness from within, then that one is simply a manipulator of substance and not a true physician.
            These words, not so subtly given by me this day, may be attacked by some who seek to control the very bodies and minds and souls of the peoples of this earth. But I say, let it go forth into the ethers, into all of the evolutions of this planet; for it is time that the dial be turned and that a new way manifest upon earth.
            I am the Buddha of the Emerald Ray and I shine the light of my being upon those whose only desire is money, blessed ones. For you see, even here there is the antithesis of the light of the emerald ray. For those who would be true healers naturally receive grace and abundance as the reward [for] their service [from] those [whom] they serve and should not be so concerned about having summer homes or so much physical capital in their [bank] accounts. Therefore let those who practice evil in the name of healing, especially in the abortion clinics, [receive] the descent physically of your karma in this hour.
            Be electrodes of healing, blessed ones, by aligning your vision with the vision of the Almighty One. See the souls entrusted to you as perfected, as whole, as one. This is the first step in true healing. And then through your attention upon the perfected matrix of the one before you, allow, through the resonance of your being, the crystal of the light of God's eye to flow through every avenue, every channel such that that one may be raised in sacred fire.
            I am a cosmic arbiter of healing for a planet and many systems of worlds. I bring all into the alignment of emerald perfection through the eye of the Beloved. Let it be so for each servitor, partner and Heartfriend who has given of their abundance, their life's energies. And I take now the cumulative substance of all that you have given in time and energy. I ratify it and offer it to the Almighty One this day. And now there is the return current manifest for each one of you of the holy grace of your good karma for the expansion of this movement of healing, for the abundance needed in each center, in each home, in each life. Call it forth and ask for the reinforcement of the dispensation given by the Buddha of the Emerald Crystal Ray and then you shall see miracles, blessed ones, in your life and in the lives of those who will be coming soon.
            I am with you when you call me forth. And if you desire to prepare a green tincture that you place within your water, you can be reminded of that emerald substance as you drink me while I am drinking thee, blessed hearts.
            So let healing come forth! So let abundance flow! So let God-vision grow within this community of hearts as we, the victorious ones, claim this earth in the perfected matrix held in the eye of its Creator from its inception! Let it be so through these holy ones, O God, whom I now anoint in their third eye with the holy oil of emerald healing love.

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