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Serapis Bey      August 27, 2006

Beloved Serapis Bey
David Christopher Lewis
August 27, 2006 10:45 - 11:04 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana


To ascend or not to ascend

, that is my question for each one whom I have called personally, not only to my home in Egypt physically but to my home in the heaven world where nightly classes will ensue for the next six weeks. Blessed ones, the time has come for you to decide whether or not you will be on that boat crossing the netherworld unto the shores of eternal life. It is a simple decision whether or not you will secure your visa, your passport and your proper papers, is it not? Therefore, once you decide to secure them, then it is simply a matter of being on time for the departure.
            You see, for each of you there is a time and a season for the final fulfillment of your ascent to the heart of God. And many of you, having chosen this as your final embodiment, must come to grips with the facts of your life, your karma, your mission. Therefore, it is a simple matter, blessed ones, in the white-ray fire of the ascension fire, whether or not you will step on that dais at the appropriate time at the close of this embodiment or whether, through your acceptance of something less, you will not and require another round upon earth before that cosmic fateful day.
            Therefore, as your lord of the fourth ray, I deliver unto you the mandate that each of you must transform your life in a greater measure of intensity and determination if you will ascend with honors. For as you know, in my classroom I require not only the steely mind that will allow each to pass with A's, but that through your example many more will come forward because you have laid a foundation, have written your papers well, have fulfilled all of the requirements to ascend.
            Blessed hearts, when you make the decision to ascend, then all of heaven comes to your aid. But also there comes from within the bowels of the earth that slimy, stinky energy that would oppose your ascent, seeking to drag you down through the slithering, slimy, unconscious vapors of hell.
            Therefore, do not take lightly your decision, but realize that there will come unto you those who will assail your decision, tempting you to leave off of the intensity of your trek upward and through sympathy, which is the perversion of the six o'clock line of the mother light of the ascension fire, in very subtle ways try to gain access to the light within your being, magnetizing as the polar opposite of the magnet of the heart and of the I AM THAT I AM above you, those black filings of non-resolution that you have through unconsciousness allowed to remain in your aura. You see, blessed ones, much has been said about the regaining of your soul parts concurrently with the magnetization of these particles of self back unto you. You must shed these iron filings of unreality.
            And so, the magnet that you create through the love fires of your heart must be so great that nothing of darkness can remain within and around you or offset the vibrancy of your spirit, the joy of your mien and the determination that you will have your victory. I will give to each one who comes to Luxor, and those who have sponsored others to attend this sacred adventure with Morya and me, such an impetus of fire, that from the point of your arrival to the point of your departure, there will be builded within your aura a pyramid of sacred fire such that nothing can dispel you or take you from that one-pointed acceptance of your victory in this life, blessed ones. Nothing can stand in the way of the conveyance of the capstone upon the pyramid of all of your lifetimes when you have accepted the eternal currents delivered by my angels and many ascended beings.
            Therefore, I give you now at the soul level a glimpse of what will occur during this trip. And those of you who have not yet made your plans or have put them on the back burner, I say [that today] I place you in the frying pan on the front burner! And it is time that you lay down those elements of self that have for far too long kept you from seeing the light of your God Presence and of the fulfillment of your mission. If you would have greater vision, then clear the cobwebs of selfishness away from your eyes wherein you have, through a sense of lack of that cosmic abundance that is rightfully yours, simply not laid claim to [it] fully, [and] allowed your energies to be lowered into your lower chakras [and so that you are] not spinning with the cosmic vibrancy in your upper chakras that gives you the quick step and the fiery determination to fulfill all.
            To be or not to be divine: that is my question. Yes, you can accept in your mind that you are divine. But my question is: "How and where and when and why are you doing something now to make it so in your life?" You see, it is one thing to talk and to ramble on about the path of oneness. Yet it is another to be that one consciously, fully realized in the here and now as a son or a daughter of the One.
            Therefore, blessed ones, call forth the magnet of my heart to be where you are when you come to the point of the Y in each decision daily-whether you will manifest pure unadulterated Christhood, Buddhahood, or whether you will allow the tainting of that white-fire energy by an acceptance of something less than perfection. You have a choice at every hour of the day where you will place your energies, where you will place your attention-yes, that key word that you have spoken of this day. And if your attention is upon the white fire of your Presence, then all will be available unto you and there will not be a shadow round about your personhood, for the blazing light of the Sun Presence of God will be where you are, my friends.
            Therefore, I set my seal upon this sacred mission to my home of light. I guard the messengers, the support staff and each of you who have sacrificed something to make this trek. I seal you in an ovoid of white fire. And as you come these six weeks to study, we will convey what is conveyed to those who are initiates and candidates for the ascension at the close of this life. Yes, each of you who come to Luxor is a candidate for the ascension. And if you so choose to take these classes, to receive the instruction humbly, to fulfill your assignments, then when you come physically you will have the greater understanding both on the inner and on the outer of why it is so important for you to make this trek at this time in your life.
            May I suggest that you review the teachings already conveyed through the messengers of the previous activities; but also that you, as you have done with El Morya, commune with me daily for five minutes. For during that time in silence, I will work with your soul as the feminine potential of your divinity. This work will be very personal for each of you. It may allow some of you to see into the depths of your being things that you have not allowed, through suppression, to be fully understood 'til now. Therefore, in care I will guard your entire consciousness, your four lower bodies, so that as these matters are brought to the surface they will not cause too much discomfiture to your outer awareness or set you back, blessed ones. This is my gift unto those who have determined to go all the way home.
            And may I suggest that many more of you join the "One Hundred Percent Club."� For you see, blessed ones, if we could have many more who are gaining of the eighty to ninety percentiles in the balancing of their karma to the point where they can be true electrodes of the ascension currents, then we can wipe clean this earth of the scum of darkness and the ancient records that have for far too long been a scourge upon Mother Earth. It is time for the earth to shine! It is time for it to shine because you are also the shining ones! Therefore blessed ones, make it so! Make it real! Make it fiery and true! And then one day, like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego,� when you are called upon to undergo the trial by fire, it will simply be a matter of walking through the fire because you are fire.

�Those who have determined to balance 100% of their karma in this life.

�Daniel 3: 19-26

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