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Angel of Peace      August 23, 2006

Beloved Angel of Peace
David Christopher Lewis
August 23, 2006 7:32 - 7:48 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            I am the Angel of Peace and I come this day with a flaming sword and I thrust this sword into the Middle East. For it is time, blessed ones, that the flame of peace be known throughout the earth. The Lord Jesus also stands now, both here and in the Middle East, proclaiming that as the Prince of Peace he also demands on behalf of the children and the sons and daughters of God that those who have brought forth their warring and their destruction must bow to the very will of God in this hour.
            O blessed ones, the hand of the Lord has descended and the judgment is upon those who have continued to wreak havoc upon not only whom you have called the lightbearers but upon the innocents and those who simply desire a life in peace.
            Therefore, part of the purpose of the mission of those of you who have set your seal upon your desire to go to the Middle East to Egypt is so that the arcing of the light from your hearts, one with Serapis, may also be anchored within that region, and that the ascension coil that will be delivered unto each of you in a magnificent flame of fire may also circumscribe the entire region; and that through the impetus of this radiance the forces of death and hell who have had their say will go down.
            You see, blessed ones, where there is a focus of the ascension fire, then the exact polarity and opposite as death does attempt to swallow up that light. And this is why you see in this region the very denizens of hell coming up out of the pit to war against the children of God, bringing their wares of destruction, their novelties of death, kidnapping the innocent, terrorizing families. And this is not the way that should be upon earth.
            So therefore we of the ascended hosts, the angels and the archangels, stand forth now to say unto mankind: Enough is enough! Put aside your warring! Put aside your death consciousness and abortion and the aborting within you of the very flame of God that burns within your heart! Rise O mankind unto an understanding of the joy of life, life, life! For without peace there is no life and without life there is no peace.
            Therefore, blessed ones, stand now and raise your hands with me as I deliver the fire into the very teeth of death and destruction. See the coil of life flowing from your Presence through your heart and out through your chakras to declare to the world: It is time O mankind to live as God! It is time O mankind to live a life of freedom and dignity. It is time, as the mother flame rises, for all women in all religious movements to have the freedom to move and to be and to think as free creatures, not downtrodden by a system that denudes that mother light within the feminine, of that very being-ness that is the creative fire that brings forth life upon earth.
            Therefore there must be a change in the very systems of this earth wherein the mother light is revered. And the Son of God, Jesus, did bring forth that teaching and yet it has been lost, abandoned and suppressed. And that is why you see, even as the Kali Mother has come, the raising of the light of the mother and the exposure of the treachery of those in positions of power who have sought to stifle the light of the ascension light of the mother flame and the true teachings of Jesus the Christ on the mother.
            Therefore we applaud the release of those publications and media that bring forth the truth of this teaching. And therefore as the mother light does rise upon this earth in this age of Aquarius and as that mother light does rise within you, O mankind, there is the shuffling off of that darkness and the ancient records of the murder of the Mother on Lemuria and of the slaying of the temple virgins both there and on Atlantis.
            Therefore this day I, the Angel of Peace, call forth the judgment with Uriel upon the fallen priests of Atlantis re-embodied in the Middle East-those who have put themselves in positions of power in Iran and in other nations who would seek to wipe off certain segments of the population of this earth from the earth. This is not the way of the sons and daughters and of the true leaders of mankind. This is not the way that the children of God would go! Therefore, you are judged in this hour! Your time is done!
            [Thank you, please be seated beloved ones.]
            O mankind, the flame of peace is the flame of love ensconced with the golden fires magnified of the heart preparing the chalice for the residing within you of that perfect stillness of oneness. Therefore, although I come to defend the flame of the son of God within each one, I also bring the cosmic light of Peace and Aloha, of the spirit of unity and oneness. Therefore when Peace shall reign upon earth, first having delivered the judgment, then you will see that millennia [of peace] wherein all shall be well, all shall dwell within the Holy City of the oneness of hearts.
            Therefore do not give up, blessed ones, but continue in your spiritual work daily. For the forces of darkness would see you divided, would see this community split apart. And there has entered into the very minds of some doubt and fear regarding this messenger and the message of truth that he humbly desires to bring forth for and on behalf of the Blessed Mother and her children.
            I say that Jesus chose this one righteously. And those who would deny the very fire that you now feel burning within your breast as the dispensation of light of this movement would do well to surrender on the altar their own sense and lack of self worth that is the cause and core of their rebellion against the light. Therefore, honor God in each one. Look not to another for your own self-sufficiency in the flame. But understand that at times it requires one or another upon earth to be the vessel for the release of the sacred fire and the word of wisdom unto a people and a world.
            Therefore, blessed ones, the Virgin Mary now appears in the heavens, clothed with the sun, in response to your rosary this day. She does radiate forth her fire of holy healing unto a planet and a people. Her smile is upon each one of you who have given selflessly, day after day, of your time at the altar, both here and in your homes and Hearts Centers. The grace of the Virgin Mother consciousness is now effused to each one of her children. And the comfort flame of the Maha Chohan does wrap a garment of light around you now.
            The burdens that you have felt are known. Simply surrender day by day more and more those onion-skin layers, those slight little films of darkness that have been woven around the very center of your being of light. And as you let them go then the Mother will give you a new radiance of fire daily, blessed hearts. This is her gift. And if you could see at inner levels the joy that the angels engage in, as with each Hail Mary and each prayer the light that you deliver through your heart and chakras is received by the angels, you would see the instantaneous presence of glory that we wrap you in for the sustaining of your souls, for the delivery of your beings unto God.
            Holiness is written now across the brow of each son and daughter of God who prays humbly from the heart. Holiness is the byword of those who strive to be with the saints in heaven testators, witnesses of the Lord's work upon earth. Holiness unto the Lord. Holiness unto the Lord. Holiness unto the Lord is the call and the need of the hour.
            I am the Angel of Peace. I have come with my sword and I cut you free from all that is anti-peace this day, if you would have it, blessed ones. So go and be peace here and there and everywhere upon earth. And soon the Prince of Peace (and his fire) will have his second coming within you, each one.
            O most holy ones, most holy ones of God. I thank you.

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