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Jar-El-Um      July 11, 2006

Beloved Jar-El-Um
David Christopher Lewis
July 11, 2006 (22 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

            May the Spirit of the Lord be upon this place and each soul who abides in the Presence of God. I am Jar-El-Um. And you have perceived my presence in your midst this day, for I have come to honor the family and to protect the Holy Family within the earth.
            Blessed ones, I was there when the child Jesus was born in the manger. I was there when the Holy Family took flight to Egypt. I was there when their land was safe again and the long return journey ensued. I was there as an abiding presence in the home of Joseph, Mary and Jesus, guarding their hearts, their auras, their work. My mission and assignment from the Lord God was to sustain an aura of protection, guidance and blessing around the Holy Family so that each one could fulfill their mission and vows for the raising of earth into a new light.
            I may also be where you are, where your families abide. And, therefore, when called upon, I will indeed spread my wings around and over your homes, your sanctuaries, the bedrooms of your children and even send those within my band of angels to protect your children as they go to and from school, their extracurricular activities and especially during the summer months when, as you know, some have a tendency to get into that human mischief that does for some of you cause much grief.
            You may have a focus of my presence with a picture that you have seen of a guardian angel protecting the child as it crosses the bridge, for this truly is the out- picturing of the work of not only myself but many guardian angels who are assigned to each child of God upon earth to sustain a remembrance for them of the heaven world from an early age.
            And though many leave off of their memories of higher spheres through their gradual involvement in the affairs of the world and the darkness that comes as they perceive not with the eyes of children but through the lens of human momentums passed on from generation to generation through mankind's misapplication of the light from the Presence of God within and above them, seek ways and means, blessed ones, for children to retain the memory of their first love of abiding within the womb of the Divine Mother and of returning to earth for the holy purposes that they were sent forth to fulfill in time and space to aid and raise and save sentient beings.
            If you have within the bedrooms of your children on their walls pictures of angels, then they will have the natural inclination to pray and to seek our aid and assistance whenever they need help. But if you allow before their eyes to be those jagged images of violence and decadence through movies, television, video games, then they will not seek our presence and intercession but will move on toward the earth earthy with tendencies toward the abasement of the light within their chakras as they move on into their teen age years and beyond.
            Blessed ones, as parents, the greatest gift that you can give unto your children, besides providing for them the opportunity for life, a safe home and environment and education, is the spiritual groundwork and foundation through an understanding of the presence of the heavenworld all around available to them always. For when they know that there is Hope, that there is Faith and Charity and many legions of angels to whom they can call at any hour of the day or night to meet their needs, to answer their questions, then truly you shall see a new world. For if we can begin to save the youth through this and future generations, then truly the golden-age consciousness that you seek may still have an opportunity to bloom within the earth.            
            Therefore I did appear to the Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet a number of years ago, and it was somewhat startling to her to see me in the guise of my work in a very natural way. And yet I say that when you, attuned as a holy family to the purposes of the Brotherhood in White, do pray together in a circle of love in the morning or in the evening or around your dinner table, then naturally we come. For we love the time spent by families in communion both at the table and in your living rooms and family rooms and dens where you enjoy the presence of each other in simple and yet profound times of sharing, understanding, reading.
            Is this not what is missing in the culture of America today whereby there has then come the schism and division of families whereby one goes here and another goes there, and there is not the harmony, the oneness that you seek?
            Therefore, blessed ones, we know something of maintaining the harmony and balance within families. For we, having worked with the Holy Family that you know, can also give to you understandings of what we have learned by witnessing these holy ones, the words that they spoke to each other, the love that was shared heart to heart. And when you embrace our presence, then we may inspire each of you, enfolding you in a consciousness of loving wisdom to assuage all hurts, to bring forgiveness and mercy at all levels and to truly assist you, whether in a karmic relationship or one of greater dharma together, and moving forward your plans, your work, your time with each other.
            The model of a new age family has been set before you. And yet much still needs to be said regarding what it will take in this day and time to sustain the divine blueprint for holy families. For in the culture in which you live, with all of the distractions and opportunities for a greater division amongst the family, newer ways and means of molding a greater awareness through loving communication-even through projects of service together-must come forth in very practical ways through those that we have chosen to educate your families and communities for the victory of this civilization to manifest.
            Therefore I have come, and I bring with me a legion of angels for each family represented within this Hearts Center activity. A legion, blessed ones, is many. For we have seen the need to gird up the layers and tiers of protection around your homes. For if you could see what assails each child within your home, their divine plans, their education and even their communication with you, you would see how great is the darkness that must be consumed by an equal and greater action of the light that we may bear unto you.
            There is an all-out war against the family, as you have seen. It is time, blessed ones, for you to call to the angelic hosts and the warrior angels of heaven for and on behalf of the family not only in America but throughout the world. Therefore this day I proclaim that the tide may be turned back to the light if those among mankind will determine to stand, face and conquer the enemy of the holy family in the earth.
            It is up to you to use the resources and the means for defending the children within your families as your responsibility in this life, blessed ones. And even if your children are past the age of eighteen, as you have heard, it is your spiritual dharma to call forth their protection and the fulfillment of their divine plan even unto the age of thirty-three and beyond. Therefore rise with me now, blessed hearts, as I proclaim with you the victory at hand.

Jar-El-Um's Prayer

            I, Jar-El-Um, call forth now 144,000 legions of angels from out the Great Silence who come to the aid of Terra in this hour for the holy families upon earth at the behest of this Messenger and of the Messengers ascended and unascended, Lanello and Mother, forming a triangle of light here in this hour. And through their assent and through the call given now in this hour I, Jar-El-Um, call forth these legions of light for the turning back of the darkness upon earth and the attack upon the holy family in this hour!
            Burn through now by the power of the Great Central Sun all darkness pitted against the families of America and the world! Burn through now and bind now the fallen angels who have attacked the holy family at all levels of society! Burn through now all darkness in the abortion clinics and [manifesting through] those modern Herods who have come to destroy the holy innocents in the womb!
            Burn through now and bind all darkness in the school systems whereby prayer has been removed and the implantation of a dark teaching has come forth of humanism and all of its manifestations and the rewriting of history and those text books that are needed whereby the truth may be known!
            Burn through now those manipulators in the educational systems at the highest levels, even within the NEA and the governments, who have brought their wares of darkness, even into the families themselves and into the school systems at the very foundational levels.
            Burn through now! I, Jar-El-Um, call forth a resurrection now of true education within America and the world! Burn through now!            I [give this] call in answer to Beloved Hercules in his labor1 for the saving of the youth through Meru Learning Centers and all that must come forth in this hour.
            Blessed ones, through your assent, through the raising of your hands, see now streaming angels coming forth-north, south, east and west-all across America and the world. I, Jar-El-Um, send them forth at your command in this hour.
            Go to, legions of light! Go to, legions of light! Go to, legions of light into every hearth and home, into every school, even in the summer schools in this hour, and resurrect the flame of freedom! Resurrect the true light and ennoblement of the family and of this people and the original matrix for the Holy Family!
            Burn through now all darkness! It is consumed in this hour through the power of the light of God that never fails! This I ask according to the will of God through these hearts, manifesting in this hour as their love for each other.

            Blessed ones, I thank you for your witness, for your presence here.
            Let the light of God prevail upon earth so that Aquarius may dawn within every heart. I seal you in the love of Jesus, Mary and Saint Germain. Amen.

1In his dictation of July 4, 2006 at the Grand Targhee Resort near the Grant Teton Mountains, Hercules gave four labors to us. The first labor was for us to pray for the children and youth and for us to accelerate the foundational work of the Meru Learning Centers.

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