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Durga      July 07, 2006

Beloved Durga
David C. Lewis
July 7, 2006  8:15–8:39 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Accepting the Spirit of God as Cosmic Flow within You
The Key to Your Divine Reality Is Release and Acceptance

            I am Durga, and I come this day to proclaim within you the rising light of the Mother.
           During your devotions this morning, I have been here scrubbing and cleaning you. As you raise the Mother Light within, blessed hearts, there is the natural process of the purification of all the channels of self—your chakras, your spiritual organs and tissues. For did you know that not only your physical body has the various systems that your scientists have described and termed as the circulatory system, the digestive system, the lymphatic system and others? But truly, blessed ones, if you could see fully your spiritual bodies as we see them, there is a moving stream of energy with focal points for the release of light and spiritual fire through your chakras and spiritual meridians through which the light of God does both descend and ascend through your being—pulsing, radiating—both energizing you and the atmosphere around your being.
            When you meditate upon the spiritual centers, such as the threefold flame within the secret chamber of your heart, and see the Sun Presence of your spiritual being emanating fire, truly there is the activation within you not only of the secret rays but of all your nerve centers. And as your physical body is cleansed, your emotional and mental bodies come into alignment with the blueprint of your reality. Then there is the natural expression through all of your being and bodies of this spiritual energy that you call prana, which is a manifestation of the very breath of God.
            Spiritual healing always takes into account that man is an electronic being, blessed ones. For if you were simply a lump of clay, then it would be easy to see how one could purify that clay to make all one again. But since you are [a] complex, interrelated field of energy wherein blockages do occur at what we would term karmic points within you, where you have allowed your consciousness, being and world not to manifest the perfection envisioned by the Divine One through your being, you must ascertain and discover how the spiritual flow of fire can be restored throughout your being through various practices, meditations, but most of all through seeing yourself through this new spirit and consciousness whereby you know that you are truly a divine creature and not human.
            You see, when you understand the essence of light, the quality of light, and especially of the Mother Light that nourishes and cleanses all, then the healing may be more complete, more total, more real unto you, blessed hearts. But if you are constantly engaged in thinking of yourself as bone and sinew and blood and nerves, tendons, organs and all such things of the flesh fleshy without adding the impetus of that spiritual energy, as you have begun to discern through movement, through grace, through flow, then of course all cannot fully be employed within as you wish.
            Therefore look upon little children and infants and see how there is through the delicacy of their consciousness the natural manifestation of their light essence throughout their being by simply accepting God through the inbreath and then exhaling the Spirit through the outbreath. Little children have that vitality that many seek once again by looking for all manner of outer substances to make them young and vital again.
            But what is this essence that flows within the child, [which] is gradually diminished and lost within adults? Truly that vitality is the freshness of the Spirit of the one God, simplicity in all of its beauty. Some have termed it élan, radiance, the grace of the Mother flow. Spontaneity, whereby you are able and capable of moving with the stream of God's consciousness through you, brings about that newness of the acceptance of what is and the letting go of patterns of imperfection accumulated over many lifetimes.
           But when you bottle up your emotions [and when you have] a sense of guilt or of not accepting who you are, then you constrict the flow, your weight increases, there is more of a pull down to the Earth through what you have called gravity, which is simply, in its core essence, the nonacceptance of God and the Spirit of God as cosmic flow within you. For if, beloved ones, you would truly reach your arms to the sky and accept fully the light descending from your Presence, then there would naturally be the evolution of your consciousness upward always.
            But when you look upon yourself as less than or not equal to your divine Spirit, then the weight of your acceptance does drag you back to Earth. Therefore if you would ascend, let go. Let go, blessed ones, of all sense of self that you have woven around that ego point of unreality, [which] long ago you said you must have [in order] to experience freedom in the realms of the created universe.
             Freedom to be God where you are is not limiting in any way, though some think that surrender means the giving up of something. It is true that you must give up what is unrealnot what is real. In this letting go and breathing out, which I ask you to do now, is there not a new radiance that naturally, simply enters your spirit and heart after the outbreath is completed? [Durga breathes to demonstrate her point.] This is the essence of God that we would see you become. For at the very point of the completion of the outbreath, there is that pause wherein the Holy Spirit does enter the stream of your being; and naturally you simply inhale, and this in and of itself is acceptance. So you see, the key to your divine Reality is release and acceptance, release and acceptance. It is a very simple process but one which you take for granted.
            Have you ever felt a certain fear that comes upon you when something looms before you, dark, treacherous? You are caught off guard and you say “Uhh!”, but then your breath stops and there is not a normal flow. Through this fear consciousness, there is a stopping of the flow, the naturalness of the spiritual essence that you would partake of. And then all manner of problems may ensue because you are once again tight, constricted. You may clench your fists or ball yourself up in some way that is not natural as children are natural.
            Little babies when they are asleep are in the gaze of God in the heaven world. Study children at this stage of their life to see how the flow is so clear, so perfect that even in your natural understanding you desire to prepare and create for them an environment of quietude whereby they will not be interrupted in the cosmic dream that they experience. Well, blessed ones, you should also prepare your environment for yourself in this manner, whereby through stillness there can be the gentle awakening at the appropriate time—your eyes open and you see the world afresh, thanking God for new opportunity to be who you are and remembering always your divine estate.
            The spiritual path is not so complex when you allow your thinking mind to no longer take hold of your life itself; but retaining the memory of the divine essence of who you are and, as some would say, going with the flow, when you move and act there will be the graciousness, the honor, the integrity and all the qualities of God naturally flowing within you as a gentle wave. This is what I desire for each of you and will assist you with, blessed ones, if you call to the Divine Mother, whose essence I am, to be where you are.
            Normally, many have thought of me as a fiery defender of the Mother Light. And, yes, I can be this. But in my core as Mother, once the battle is accomplished and the darkness is cleared, I relax into this mode of the natural estate of motherhood for your soul to experience. Therefore I have shown you a new side of Durga this day, blessed hearts. And I pray that the grace that you may experience through a newfound understanding of cosmic acceptance of the Mother Light within you at all times will truly win for you, in leaps and bounds, new awareness of the principles of your own immaculate design, [which] even now the Mothers of heaven hold for each soul upon Earth.
            So we thank you for your calls, your prayers to the divine Mother, Mary. For you see, when you pray this sacred prayer, she enlists the aid of many Mothers of heaven. And one day I may answer; and another, the Goddess of Light or the Queen of Light; another, the Archeia Hope or Faith or Portia. For in heaven we are one, and when the radiance of the Ma-ray through your prayers is manifest upon your lips, then any and all may come to earth to raise the children of God. We have borne you, and, yes, we would raise you as our own always—caressing your souls, giving you hope and encouragement, always teaching and nurturing your spirit.
            I thank you, blessed ones. And Mary thanks you for the statue of her, as a placeholder toward the day when the full manifestation of her glory may manifest atop the hill prepared. When this day comes, be ready for those who also will need your nurturing as the hands and feet of the Mother. When you welcome them to this retreat, they will know our love through heart and head and hand, for we will overshadow and speak through you, heal through you, love through you in all ways. Isn't this what you desire to be, blessed ones—the handmaidens of the Mothers of heaven? It may be so as you work together to fulfill each request of the Mother. For you see, her requests have been truly the requests of all of us, who will grace this place with the full manifestation of the Mother Light in all of its aspects and rays.
           Thank you for your willingness to be here day by day, serving to set life free. I am Durga. And when you come upon knotty issues, don't forget me. For I will not only go to bat for you, but I will pitch and I will catch and I will field all that is necessary for you to come home once more to the heart of God.

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