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Maitreya      July 06, 2006

Beloved Lord Maitreya
David C. Lewis
July 6, 2006   7:39-7:51 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Roll Back the Darkness!
Hold Laughing Sessions Immediately After Your Conferences!

              I am the the voice of Victory this day, blessed hearts.  And I come to give you a spin for I have seen how even  within twenty four hours after the victory of your conference there has been a pall set upon the lightbearers. And thus I come to roll back the darkness that has caved in upon you and smitten you and made you again into human beings.
            Therefore, beloved ones, I stand in the center of this circle and I ask you to turn and face outward and hold up your hands. I am Maitreya. Did you think I was Victory? Well, I am Maitreya because I stand on the eleven o'clock line and I can be a cosmic, pulsating firebrand when I desire to, not always sitting in meditation but being an intrepid one with Serapis. Therefore, this day I place the messengers in the center of this circle of fire. For they have come directly under attack in recent hours and all lightbearers worth their salt need to stand now in a circumference of fire around the point of the release of the sacred fire through the Word and say with me together:

I am the fire of God!
And this day I roll back the darkness!
And it exists no more within me!
Nor within the entire planetary body!
For I am Maitreya in action this day!
And I am the voice of victory!

Roll them back!  (4x)
Bind them now!  (4x)
Release the light!  (4x)
I am the fire!  (4x)

[The audience repeats the words of the Master after he speaks them.]

            Blessed one, some of you have prayed for a new prayer to roll back the darkness and therefore you can stand and be the conquering heroes. And though some of you are used to the spiritual practice of simply sitting in quietitude, in harmony with the divine One, there are times I say when the density and the pall of the entire planetary momentum of anti-victory does descend around you. And you need more fire, blessed ones, and therefore heart-to-heart you must stand in defense of all that is godly within you, within this movement of light, within every Hearts Center, within every heartfriend and servitor. This is not an action of duality but truly of oneness where, in one ring of fire you are connected, you simply say again:

Roll them back!  (4x)
Bind the anti-light energies!  (4x)
They are no more!  (3x)
For I AM God!  (3x)
Where I am!  (3x)

[Again the audience repeats the words after the Master.]

Thank you.  Please be seated.

            Beloved ones, whenever you feel any darkness whatsoever besetting your soul you may visualize this ring of fire around you of angels, masterful beings, cosmic beings and duplicates of Victory and me. For can we not multiply ourselves an hundredfold, a millionfold? So you may see replicas of Victory and me in two rings around you—Mighty Victory on the outside; me on the inside. I am holding my rod of power. Victory is extending his hands as you have. And cosmic waves are emitted through your secret-ray chakras to reverse the tide of darkness—consuming it—and then it returns unto you as cosmic energy for your use to glorify God in all. I now take the seat in the lotus position to continue my discourse this day.
            You may never have seen me in this guise before, blessed ones, but I truly say that it is real and I am here with you. For the love that you have begun to emanate must be defended. For when love-wisdom truly comes into this world, the world cannot receive it from the human level. Many of you are rising to a new levels of God self-awareness and therefore, the inhumanity that has beset this planet will rise to stand in opposition to the great light that has arisen within you. This is cosmic law. For you must be the counter-balance to quench the darkness. And if you would bring about a golden age and my return physically to this earth, then many more must become suns of fire, consuming within all the darkness that has beset this planet.
            Look around you, blessed ones.  If there were no evil in existence then would you not already have a golden age occurring and this planet be a star?  Therefore something is awry. And it takes those who have been witness to the great light that is dawning to be the first fruits, to be those whose hearts have become so sunny that all darkness may be vanquished within their fiery sun-centers. You can understand these principles even through science. For when you become a spirititual vortex then you know that, as a magnet of sacred fire, more and more is drawn unto you for the purging and the consuming.
            Therefore, do not take even one day lightly in terms of the quotient of fire that must be borne by you within your heart. For if we are to continue to increase this fire then there must be, on a daily basis, the maintenance of the intensity that you bear. This should be fun. And that is why I appear as a laughing one often. And Lanello was somewhat surprised that there was not more giggling and laughing during the reading of his luminaries. But this is what can occur when the return current of the darkness from all the light that had been invoked during your event now begins to beset you.
            Therefore, immediately after your conferences I suggest that you have laughing sessions [audience laughs], for this, in and of itself, will truly keep you light-spirited.  And you will not bemoan any interactions with others during the event in which you were temporarily out of kilter or balance or harmony emotionally.  And so when you experience the intensity of all that you have held the balance for during these events, simply let it go, take a breath, release that breath, release all. [The Master takes a deep breath and exhales.] And say Praise God it is over! And it is begun, again. [Audience repeats the words of the Master.]
            Thank you, blessed ones.  I came in answer to the heart prayer of one of you this morning who sought some way to rekindle again your hearts to remember all the joy that you have experienced and that you should always enter into through your oneness, through your holy communion together.  Remember we are one.  Thank you.

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