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Cosmos      July 04, 2006

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
July 4, 2006 2:58- 3:07 pm MDT
Grand Targhee Resort
Alta, Wyoming

            I, Cosmos, set my seal in this point in time and space and from this focal point here radiate the secret rays to all of life upon this earth. Raise your hands, beloved ones, and with me send forth the energies of these rays in a 360-degree action to bless all life.
            You know that you are powerful spiritual beings living in bodies of form. Blessed ones, do you know that many who dwell in the heaven world would give much to again be in mortal form to perform the sacred service to life that you can perform? Therefore, utilize your time. Utilize all your talents and gifts and graces. Use your chakras. For these in and of themselves are God's gift to you, do you see? (Yes.) Not only the seven that you know intimately, or we hope so, but the five that are somewhat mysterious, which in my presence may no longer be so! For do you not feel the radiance that I am pouring through your hands and feet and heart in this hour? (Yes!)
            Therefore, through your belief, you can be a focal point for the release of the secret rays to this planet. And whether you are supine, standing, sitting, it does not matter. For from your chakras may flow in all directions these energies, which, changing moment by moment, cannot be caught but must be released to be understood, to be used, blessed ones.
            Many of you in your spiritual work have felt the activation of these chakras more during this movement of light than ever before in your life, I must say. Therefore, I suggest that there be at your Easter conference in 2007 an entire day dedicated to the secret rays, whereby I will come and other masters will come to deliver new teaching to you. And between now and then you must, through the practical application of all that you have learned about the secret rays, attune to my heart.
            And some of you will even receive this direction directly from me without the need of this or the other messenger to convey it to you. For you see, many of you are rising to that God-state where you may directly receive from ascended masters instruction which you then must share with other Heartfriends within the context of the totality of the teaching that is being released. Therefore, when you receive this direction, email the Hearts Center; ask for the messengers to review it. They will either ratify what you have received as being true and valid or will in some cases augment it through a slight correction of the wording or the instruction.
            This may be new territory for some of you, blessed hearts. But you see, it is even within the purview of this dispensation that Heartfriends and servitors of light coming unto their own Godhood may receive direct inspiration from God and then, through the proper witness and channel, have it made available to all. Is not this a new day, blessed hearts? (Yes!)
            Therefore, be up and doing. Be up and moving. Change what you do slightly day by day and do not get into the same rut of giving the same prayers in the same way at the same time in the same place. For in and of itself, through your mastery of the secret rays, when you are moving or as some of you have shared, while you are praying your rosary, bicycling in your homes or doing your Qi Gong or whatever, by the very movement of your bodies you are incorporating the action of the secret rays into your being.
            Therefore, learn from children. For they cannot stand to be stable and still for long, as you already see this day! And develop those opportunities not only for them but for yourselves to get off your rear ends in your sanctuaries, to move, to jump, to dance, to fly if you can and to enjoy the fullness of the release of God's fire through your being through this movement.
            Blessed hearts, this is the joy of this newfound path-that nothing will be the same tomorrow as it is today! (Cheering.) Behold, I make all things new through you and you and you. This can be your mantra, too.
            So I have come. And we perceive that if I and we would not wear out our welcome, we would allow you to now rise and depart from this park back to the fields below, which will truly be changed because you are changed. You will never be the same, I say. Make it so, blessed hearts. I thank you. (Applause.)

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