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Paul the Venetian      July 03, 2006

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2006   (16 minutes)
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming

                                                            A Portrait of Your Real Self
                            Accept This Gift from Our Hearts as a Token of Our Love for You

Blessed Hearts,
            I bring you new artwork this day. As you have heard me speak of before, my beloved Ruth, whom you have called the Goddess of Beauty,¹ has been painting the portraits of every heartfriend. And so she has accomplished her work and stands with me now to present to each one of you the portrait of your Real Self as the ascended masters see you.
           Therefore my angels present to each one a framed picture of what you not only will look like as an ascended being but what you may look like even now in the Now of your ascended consciousness here. So close your eyes and see the image before you. Blessed ones, this is an exercise that will allow each of you to attune to the spiritual dimension of your Real Self such that you may strive to outpicture what God sees through the eyes of this blessed artist. For in some cases, a number of you have not always held the immaculate concept for yourself. So Ruth comes to share with you the beauty of your being and countenance.
           See the contours of your face, the sparkle in your eye, the gentle smile, even as a Mona Lisa or a Saint Germain presence. See the glow in your aura surrounding your form, denoting the color bands of the mastery of what you have attained to in all of your lifetimes. See the falling of the hair upon your shoulders, whether wavy or not, the delicacy of your ears and nose, the pastel color of your skin and how she has truly captured the essence of your being as a true artisan of the Spirit.
           Beloved ones, this is truly a work of love, [which] has been worked on for quite some time in your Earth cycles. For my beloved, having meditated upon your souls, your hearts, did come to me one day with the desire to accomplish this great work as a testimony to the hearts who resonate with the inner culture of beauty and all that will be builded within this activity of light of The Hearts Center.
           You see, blessed ones, it was I, with Ruth, who inspired upon the Lord Morya El and Lanello the name of this activity. For, of course, being and serving on the third ray, we did see the necessity for the action of the flame of love and compassion to be magnified so that the full mission of the Two Witnesses could manifest upon Earth. And as you know, even in the previous activity begun by Morya through Mark Prophet, [the term Heart Center was used, signifying] the  central point of the delivery of the Word and what some [later] termed the headquarters. So we keyed into the very central point of the mission of this movement of light through this name, which also symbolizes the very core of your own being, from which may flow the rivers of life, the bounty of heaven through each heart one with God.
           Now see also in this portrait the expression of your heart, which she has also portrayed in a very personal way. See the coloration of the petals of the blossom of your heart as a particular rose that you have become through all of your loving upon Earth. For some of you, there are myriad colors of all the seven rays and even the five secret rays expressed in this outpicturing. For many of you have traversed all the cycles of time and space and mastered, truly, the sciences, the arts at all levels, and so your individual flower is truly magnificent, blessed ones.
           The reason why I accepted blessed Ruth's offer was because I also saw the necessity for each of you to have this representation of the glory of your soul, your being so that in times of trial and testing and the darkness that may—and I say may—come upon the Earth, you could always remember your true nature as a divine son or daughter of God, seeing the inner light, the inner beauty, which of course your own Presence always beholds within you.
           Therefore, as I have also stated before, a replica of this image will remain at our retreat, but my angels now give unto you your own original, framed in a gilded, golden frame created by me also, personally for you.
           The gifts of heaven are truly wondrous, blessed ones. And though some of you may not always have the outer abundance and supply that you feel that you need to fulfill all, yet truly the inner gifts and graces of the Spirit are what carry you through, keeping you tethered to the holy purpose of your life, your mission and your service to humanity.
           So accept now this gift from our hearts this day as a token of our very personal love for each of you. And my angels now may also wrap your gift in a cosmic filigree bubble wrap for your personal angel to take home to you. Meditate with me as you unwrap this gift in your homes, even if only for a few minutes, and symbolically place this gift upon your altar or in a sacred spot in your home where you may have the memory, always so tangible, of heaven's love for you.
           Now blessed Ruth also presents to you, each one, a special rose which is a replica of the rose that she has painted of your heart. This you may also keep on your altar in a special vase. It is an immortelle that will never fade but glow twenty-four hours a day with the radiance of your heart. And many will smell this aroma and come to your homes of light, your Hearts Centers, magnetized by the fire and intensity of your love for God.
           Blessed ones, is heaven not supremely grateful to each son and daughter of God who gives daily the call? I say yes. You are these whom heaven loves. You are these special ones whose roses now also grace my altar at the Château de Liberté for me to witness to each evening as I send you my love.

1. In her final incarnation, the artist Ruth Hawkins portrayed several of the ascended masters in her artwork. She is the twin flame of beloved Paul the Venetian, now known as the Goddess of Beauty.


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