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Old Man of the Hills      July 03, 2006

Beloved Old Man of the Hills
David C. Lewis
July 3, 2006  (18 Minutes)
Freedom Conference 2006
Grand Targhee Resort, Wyoming

In the Presence of Mother Earth, All Shall Know Her Cosmic Wisdom
Come Often to Mountain Fastnesses to Attune Your Mind to the Mind of God

Blessed Ones,
            I am so grateful that you have climbed this mountain to be in the upper reaches of the Tetons! For I am the Old Man of the Hills, and I know every nook and cranny and crag of this place that you so enjoy.
            If you really knew how old I was, then you could count the stars in the heavens. For I am almost as old as the Ancient of Days, but not quite. And my beard does trail on the ground at times as, staff in hand, I walk the mountain fastnesses, calling here and there to the souls of mankind to come up higher.
           Have you felt at this higher elevation, beloved ones, a newfound vibrancy and spirit of hope? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] Have you felt the intensity of the Solar Presence? [Audience responds: “Yes.”] And I see that even on the forehead of this messenger, who forgot to put on his balm, the sun did set quite a seal of red.
           So, blessed hearts, it is only at times when you climb the mountain that you may hear truly the voice of God with a greater intensity, a greater level of attunement. For did not the Lord God call Moses up Horeb's height to deliver his testament to the people of Israel? And have not other prophets also ascended from the wilderness below to the mountain heights above to attune to that inner voice of God that speaks when all else is left below except the beating heart that pines for the word of the Beloved? Therefore come often, as you are able, to mountain fastnesses in the west and the east or wherever you find them to attune not only your ear but your mind to the mind of God, [which] may speak directly to you, blessed ones.
            There is a reason why the retreats of the Brotherhood are often encased within the mountains or hover, even interpenetrating, within the mountain fastnesses and above them. For only at this higher elevation, above the mass consciousness and human effluvia, may our work proceed unerringly to inspire upon the hearts of mankind all that must come forth for the victory of light upon Earth.
            Therefore when you reside or retire at night in these higher climes, you may more easily attune to all that transpires within the secret alcoves of these retreats, and with the assistance of the blessed Leto bring back to your outer waking consciousness new understandings, new meaning to your life, inspiration for the day or the week and those inner attunements that can weave for you for many days to come a newfound spirit, an energy to carry you through your tests and initiations on the pathway of light.
           This is why the hikers and the climbers and the intrepid ones come. For even they who know not of the outer teachings of the Brotherhood do receive at inner levels currents of cosmic understanding toward that future day when through the surrender of the lesser self they will come to understand fully what they have received from the Brotherhood in White.
           The rarified air of the mountain heights does create new patterns through your breathing into your physical body and lungs, whereby there can be the cleansing of certain toxic substances lodged there through your living within your box homes and offices. Through the ingestion of a greater concentration of prana at this level, more of the quintessence of the Holy Spirit can nourish all of your chakras and give unto you greater spiritual fire for your work and service to life.
           Therefore breathe deeply while you are here at this elevation. Take in more of the pneuma of the Holy Spirit. Understand how the gifts of the Holy Spirit may be yours when you receive that Spirit throughout your entire consciousness, being and world, blessed ones. Those who work in nature, those who work outside often have a greater attunement with the natural cycles and seasons of life and are more easily able to attune to the very cycles of the Mother as she weaves her garment of spiritual light throughout the earth body itself.
           Therefore I suggest that each weekend, if not daily, you consider spending at least a few hours of your time outside in nature to partake of all of the gifts and the graces that the Creator has embellished within the natural world. For even while you observe the patterns within the flora and the fauna of life, there can be impressed upon your consciousness cosmic designs, at the inspiration of the angelic kingdom and world, for you to receive for your greater attunement with the heaven world.
           We have observed how even [through] the teachings that you have read or heard from the heart of Omraam—who is so attuned to the natural order—many of you have come into a greater understanding of nature, of the elemental kingdom and of the importance of knowing [not only] the cycles of your own body temple but how you interact with the earth itself, the cycles of the seasons, the solar and lunar cycles and all that has been provided for you by the great God and Goddess of nature's kingdom.
           The back-to-the-land movement is important. And many resonate with the teachings of the native peoples of this land, who had a greater understanding of these cycles and seasons, of the purposes of every plant, of how the elementals not only provide for mankind avenues for the sustenance of their life but also how each form of life, as an expression of the Divine, has meaning, has symbology, has awareness, consciousness, presence and can even speak to the hearts of men to teach them the secrets of nature, if they would listen.
           Some of you, either here or listening, are able to communicate directly with animals, the elementals encased within the animal form. And as a Saint Francis, you may also provide for the elemental kingdom a protective action of light through your prayers, through your understanding of the natural order. [You may] assist [those nature spirits] who are so burdened by the thoughts and impressions of mankind and by their lack of understanding of the balance of nature. Mankind must not forgo reverence for life, even while he masters all in the physical plane in his evolutionary cycle upon earth.
           Therefore we suggest that when you come back to this place, whether next year or the following, for your summer conference that you have greater time to walk these hills, have those with you who can give you understanding of wildflowers and of the native flora and fauna here. For in your walks in nature, I will walk with you, tutoring your hearts, giving you certain impressions that will be for you and your children and your children's children keys for your spiritual progress on your path homeward.
           This is the joy of discovery that I would bring to you, each one, this day—that in the simple life lived to glorify God, humanity may once again enter the Edenic consciousness of oneness with God's heart. For you see, part of the very problem itself of having left Eden in the beginning was that mankind divested himself of the need to enter into the very joy and bounty of the harvest provided by the Lord God in a very simple and devotional way.
           So, return to nature. Return to your first love. For in the presence of Mother Earth, all shall know her cosmic wisdom, all shall know and feel the fire within, [which] shall truly merge with that light from above so that one day on your last trek upward, you will simply dissolve into the nothingness of the allness of your Divine Presence.
           I thank you, blessed hearts, for your presence here, which has made me so happy, given me new hope and inspiration also to work the work that the Lord God has assigned unto me—to carve new pathways up the mountain so that all may one day reach the summit of being to proclaim that God is real and that, by God's grace, they too are real in God. I thank you.

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