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John the Beloved      June 29, 2006

Beloved John the Beloved
David Christopher Lewis
June 29, 2006 7:29 - 7:44 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Emigrant, Montana

Blessed Hearts of Fire,
            I am pleased with the quality of your hearts. I am pleased with the transcendence of your spirit when you accept who you are as a God-man, a God-woman in manifestation. I am pleased with the progress of those who have entered into the stillness of being and from that point of God-being have allowed the divine lover to work through you.
            I AM John whom you have known as the Beloved. And this day I choose to honor the Lord Jesus who comes with a great fire of the resurrection to once again, for and on behalf of the evolutions of this earth, raise those who call upon the Lord, who use his name, not in vain but sanely, to call forth his presence of love everywhere.
            Jesus is the example of the God-man that each one should strive to emulate in all things. His presence of holiness, of love, the quality of his heart, the exalted mind that through him saw all, knew all, became all, is what you each may also be when, having fully entered into that state of awareness of living in the presence of love, you exalt your own God Presence, your own God-reality where you are. For you see, Jesus' desire has always been to exalt the Christ within you. And it is his great joy, as it is mine and every ascended master, to see how each one, each beloved one, can truly become beloved by following the path of oneness with God.
            Therefore, I suggest that within your greater community of light, you consider addressing one another as "beloved" just as you address me as the Beloved. For you see, dear hearts, when you can forget all of the encumbrances that have manifested around you or another and see that one truly as a beloved one of God, then all karma dissolves, all strain and stress, all duress with which at times you have allowed to come betwixt yourselves in your relationships, in your communication, in your work and service will simply melt because of the high ideal that you behold within each one.
            Jesus asked me to care for his mother, as you know. And during those days and months and even years when we communed almost as mother and son, she conveyed to me the holiness of her Presence, teaching me how to hold that immaculate concept of each child of God just as she did for Jesus. And so, as I carried forth in my mission, the healing light and the revelations that I was privy to receive, were because I entered into the spirit of oneness through seeing all life as beloved.
            When the ambiance of the radiation of holy love glows around you and you see through those rose-colored glasses, as it were, all life, then truly all is beloved; all life takes on that radiance, that oneness, and all that you observe in the purview of your vision of oneness is then ensconced with a fire that you bring to bear through your work and service to life.
            Many more are needed upon earth who have fully embraced the spirit of oneness, the flame of the Holy Spirit, as co-workers and co-creators with the Beloved One-God. For you see, blessed hearts, it has always been God's intention that every created being, in the stream of the cosmic flow of his conscious awareness as the cosmos in that still state of oneness, would emanate a portion of himself not as a separate identity but as a part of the whole of all. It is as if the great Lord of the universe contains within His arms the entire warp and woof of the cosmic egg. And each one of you, entering into that Holy Spirit of the presence of love may, as a partner with God, emanate truly His love in a different way, in a new way, in a fun way.
            Each dictation that you receive, each message from heaven, is meant to bring you back to that point of God-reality wherein you may come to grips with who you are as a created being, one with the divine, and have this relationship always, ever, dearest hearts.            So, I invite you, as my own beloved ones, to honor each other, to bow in respect or to salute with the right hand as you have learned, or in some manner each day when you receive or are received by others, to enter into this spirit of holiness, of love. Together we move as a cosmic stream, a heartstream for God. Let this stream be pure through pure thoughts, pure motive, God-intention, but most importantly pure love.
            I thank you for your presence, for I see your presence always glowing around you, manifesting through you. See this for each other and soon the earth will truly be heaven, come again.
            O Holy City, descend upon earth this day through these hearts of fire! O Jesus, come. Bless them, and as the Good Shepherd, call them home, call them home, O Lord, once more. I seal you in the sign of the Prince of Peace who has come this day once again to grace his own with his love.            

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