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Purity      June 03, 2006

Beloved Elohim Purity and Astrea
David C. Lewis
June 3, 2006
Yosemite National Park, California

Purity Must Be the Very Foundational Energy
Which Flows through All of Your Thoughts and Feelings

            I radiate the earth with cosmic purity. You have called us forth and we answer whereby the circle and sword has enveloped the entire earth and all are raised in sacred fire. If you could see our work, blessed ones, when you make the call to us and the freeing of souls and the burdens upon them as you visualize this cosmic fire of the circle of blue and white flame, surrounded by concentric rings and a buzzsaw action of light, then you would give the call daily, for we are able to free many more among mankind from their own substances of neglect and a lack of God-self-awareness through this action that we deliver at your behest during the calls.
            And do you not know that when you make the call on behalf of others, the instantaneous action is also delivered unto you for your own freedom from forces of darkness. Therefore, we recommend that you do not forget us daily, even singing our call in your vehicles or as you prepare your meals or prepare your bath or shave. For you see, we shave off of you certain substances each time that cosmic circle and sword does radiate around your spinal column, your auric sheath to strip from you those elements less than your God-identity.
            Some fear the sword, and yet some welcome the action that comes [through its use.] For through each stripping of your lesser self of the onion skin of a past momentum, there is a newfound energy released unto you whereby you are raised to a slightly new level of understanding and awareness.
             Therefore, each time you enter into the sacred communion with us, there is greater opportunity given unto you to rise. But if you relegate the call to a future day, then we simply wait for that action of the light, bowing to your free will whereby only when you are ready for this new fire, may you receive it, blessed ones.
            All may not be comfortable in the purging white fire of purity. And yet for those who would truly become adepts, we say that this is one of the fastest roads to God self-awareness that you can take whereby through your daily surrender of the elements of your not-self, you may enter into cosmic harmonies untold, cosmic awareness that may unfold before your very eyes through visions of truth, through new awareness of grace, even the hearing of the voices of angels and of masters and the glimpsing beyond the veil of spiritual light energy-radiance from our octaves.
            There are some who see or claim to see fully, but I caution all to call to the circle and sword and the action of Astrea to strip them of certain impurities within that at a certain strata and level of the high astral plane have for them created inroads through their great desire to serve that has allowed an energy strata not fully pure to enter into their clear seeing of the higher octaves. Therefore, if you have not utilized the action of the flame of purity for a number of months and even years, then we say it is better for you to leave off of the temptation to express fully what your perceptions are until that day when your vision is truly purified through the rarified fires of the Elohim of the Fourth Ray.
            Blessed ones, this is the teaching of the Mother in this hour as a caution to some of you even in this audience, for your perceptions are not always the perceptions of the Elohim at the highest levels. And this is also the teaching of Serapis Bey, warning those initiates who come to Luxor to put aside for a time and a season those certain graces and siddhis that they have been blessed with in this life to enter into the very first principles of the path of God-harmony in the first through the fourth rays of understanding whereby only through the full balance of the four lower bodies and the first four rays within the totality of self first, may they then move onward to the fifth ray and cycle whereby total God-vision may manifest in their worlds.
            Therefore you see now why it is imperative for the fire of purity of the Mother to rise from the base to the heart, the throat though the action of the release of fire through that throat chakra before the cosmic perception through the ninety-six petals of the third eye are fully manifest in the power of the twelve times eight in the mastery of the eightfold path around the clock of cosmic gnosis.
            This is my teaching to you in this hour-that purity must be the very foundational energy which flows through all of your thoughts and feelings and is the motivating power that will drive you and move you forward on the path. All must seek purity within the very molecule of self within each of your organs, your cells and your spiritual centers. For purity is at the heart and the nexus of each center.
             So, we have come. So, we have delivered our fire and our teaching this night. And on behalf of all of the Elohim-the three before me and the three ahead of me in the seven rays-I, through the nexus of the fourth ray of the seven, say unto each of you, spin now around this nexus of purity. Know the cosmic fires of holiness through the acceptance of our grace at all levels within you, blessed ones.
            A new undergarment of purity I give to you, each one; for you have earned it through your humility, through your acceptance of our offering through this new dispensation. For it truly took for each of you the laying aside of a previous understanding in order to embrace the new energy that we bring. And for this, the Elohim congratulate each one of you. [The Elohim applaud us with five claps.]
            Therefore, spin in the violet flame on your way back home to your tents this night, dancing on the pathway. And on the morrow we shall see what our friends, the Elohim of the fifth, sixth and seventh rays, will have to say to you. For we, even we, are waiting with bated cosmic breath to hear what the Lord God will deliver through these our brothers and sisters. We thank you for your attention, for your attendance and for the attenuating fire that we again deliver to each one of you here! We thank you.

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