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Goddess of Beauty      May 24, 2006

Beloved Goddess of Beauty
David C. Lewis
May 24, 2006  7:31–7:49 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Building the Cathedral of the Spirit through Hearts Working in Unison
“Do Something Each Day to Lay the Foundation”

I am the Goddess of Beauty, and I come with my twin flame, blessed Paul, to anchor my presence here and also in France.
           Those of you who have seen the great cathedrals of Europe may understand how the architecture of the Spirit, fashioned and gilded by many hands over decades and even centuries, does allow the very ensconcing of the flame within the embroidered designs, allowing
[you], when in the presence of such great splendor, [to] meditate upon the God Presence to understand the greatness of God's love.
The Blessed Virgin Mary has been building a cathedral within your hearts and within and around the greater sanctuary of space when you come together in your centers to pray. If you could see the great designs that she has woven—working with the Builders of Form and the angelic hosts to encapsulate where you are the great energies of the Spirit that congeal when together you are dedicated in this holy purpose of prayer—you would truly be amazed, blessed hearts.
           Did you know that my beloved Paul, in addition to being the great artisan of the Spirit conveying upon canvas and even the very ethers themselves divine designs, has also been an architect of the Spirit in numerous lives, having personally attended to the building of many a cathedral? Well, now we are about, together, the building of The Hearts Center activity, and we are drawing souls together from many areas of the globe at inner levels to work in consonance, in harmony for the ends that the Lord God desires to accomplish in the Earth. This requires many with the various talents and gifts and understandings complementing each other's work, discerning how best to apply those graces—won over many embodiments—to the work at hand.
           Sometimes one or a few among you feel that only you are qualified to convey a certain understanding based on the principles that you have gleaned. And yet a cathedral cannot be built by one or two but is only manifested through the love and the light of many hearts working in unison, blessed ones.
           I speak on behalf of the Blessed Virgin this day, on her day, for she has asked of you here certain things which have not yet been manifested. Each of you must discern what it is that is keeping you back from fulfilling her calling to you personally, what it is, not only here at the Wellspring Retreat but in each of your centers, that would in any way be a stumbling block for you to blend your voices as one for the work that must be accomplished.
           Perception of the goal is one that you should surrender unto the great master builders of heaven, who have the greater vision and bestow it upon you as you fulfill your assignments. When these are not forthcoming through a lack of givingness or surrender of your own desires or mind-sets, then the entire plan may be compromised and the work not be fulfilled. Therefore if you desire not to work together as she has asked, then she has told blessed Paul and me that she will move to other climes to fulfill her desires. God is no respecter of the personality. And as you have heard the teaching of the blessed Omraam in these recent days, when that personality is not fully surrendered unto the God-identity of the Real Self, then you may, unfortunately, become that which you do not seek at the soul level, [and] due to a lack of the grace that flows through listening and surrendering, the light is inverted and you leave off of your calling.
           Each of you has been called for a purpose, and sometimes the knotty issues of your past karmas with each other do require that you come into close proximity to work these issues out. Therefore look not afar but close at hand to discern those of your brothers and sisters with whom you must work closely—loving, honoring, giving to fulfill all. And to those who have been given much, the more is required in greater surrender. Therefore when you have the talents and the wherewithal of certain casual body momentums and a certain fire burning within your breast, then it must be manifest in holy works and in the delivery to and upon the altar of the Lord that work of your hands and your heart and your head, in balance, for the greater good of all.
           I am continuing to paint the imagery and the portraiture of those souls whom the Lord Sanat Kumara has called as a part of this great mission to save sentient beings—those who at inner levels have vowed to blend their energies with the chohans and the Buddhas for and on behalf of the evolutions of Earth. Your calls daily for the saving of sentient beings has quickened many at inner levels. And even in recent days, those who are coming into a greater understanding of the hidden teachings, which are now being revealed, are being selected by the angels, one by one, to come to the various centers of light throughout the world, not only in this activity but in many, where they may begin anew the work to which they have dedicated themselves long ago.
          Pray for each other and [prey] not upon each other. Love one another. Communicate from the heart, through the heart, of the heart. Resonate through the rose within you blessings and graces day by day, hour by hour. Be practical, doing something each day to lay the foundation, to place a new stone with the mortar of the Spirit upon the edifice that together we build. If you leave not off the work at hand, then one day the full cathedral will truly be completed. And then together we shall worship, we shall abide in the harmony of our oneness—all as artisans of the Spirit, all as members of this great guild of the Great White Brotherhood upon the Earth.
           I radiate now the fire of my love and the love of the archeiai, so tangible in these days, to each one. You are all children of God's heart. Now take up the greater portion of your part, your role, fulfilling each assignment, and let us move forward as one, beloved.  I thank you.

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