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Seven Archeiai      May 20, 2006

The Beloved Seven Archeiai
David C. Lewis
May 2, 2006   7:18–7:30 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

The Grace of the Mother Light
Our Assignment for Every Hearts Center and Every Soul
Who Would Know Our Love

Blessed Angels who Abide within the Earth Body,
            We the ladies of heaven have arrived once more upon Earth in the presence of the great Kali Mother, whose light does still grace the very atmosphere and presence of Terra. We are the archeiai who have alighted around your sanctuary and in your homes where you have gathered giving the Hail Mary. For when these words are expressed from your heart, all life receives the rays of hope and faith, of charity, of healing and ministration, of mercy and of illumination's fire.
           Blessed ones, it is time that many more among mankind understand the grace of the Mother light. And so we come this day to intensify the radiance of the fire of the Mother rising within each son and daughter of God who would accept the presence of God as Mother, as the chalice of being—truly as the receptacle for the light of Alpha, the seed of the Divine One planted within the Earth for the nourishment of all.
           So in the winds of the Holy Spirit, our presence is known at the soul level by mankind. And even in this hour in the release of fiction, based on fact, of the suppression of that Mother fire, we radiate our light to contact the soul for its raising, for its perfection, for its illumination, not only this day but for a fortnight, blessed hearts.¹
           So when Mother is honored, when her principles are accepted, then grace may be bestowed. But where that light is suppressed, then you have disease, death and decay in civilizations. This has always been so, for the true cultures that have existed upon Earth are those wherein the Mother light was honored and raised. And those cultures where the suppression has occurred have been darkened by the corona of fire being snuffed out by those who would deny the light of the Mother.
           We come in full force, in full regalia to distribute, through our chakras and through the grace that each one of us bestows, to sons and daughter of God serving on the seven rays that rainbow light commingled with the Mother light. And when mankind can understand the use and the perfectionment of these seven rainbow rays, then they may move on as you have into the alchemy of understanding the five secret rays and their use in the world of form.
           Blessed ones, we come for a holy purpose and that is to transfer a greater glory from our causal bodies to each one of you. What can you do this day to express this light of the Mother within the Earth body itself? What can you do to raise the consciousness of mankind? This each one of you must discern, for as souls you must master the light of the soul, which is the feminine potential of God, as you know. Therefore come with us this day. Walk with us hand in hand in nature. Speak to us of what is on your minds, your hearts, your souls. And, blessed ones, we will convey to you most personally the gifts from our causal bodies as you are able to receive them and to take the intimations that we give, using them only for good, only for your brothers and sisters of light.
           Study what has been released in recent years on the soul and on the Mother light. Become experts for us in the history, the research, the understanding of the principles that the great masters of wisdom, East and West, have brought to Earth on this energy. Come together as heartfriends in your circles, speaking and sharing on the truths that you have witnessed and how your life has been graced by the Mother. This is our desire, for as you enter into this sacred alchemy, the entire Earth and her evolutions will be raised by the action that you together perform.
           This is our assignment for every Hearts Center; this is our assignment to every soul who would know our love, a most personal love. And in that personal personality of the rising Mother light within, you will find new secrets, new understandings of the wisdom teachings that have ever abided even within your own soul, blessed ones.
           So we come now to anoint your chakras, beginning with the heart, then the solar plexus, the throat, the seat of the soul, the third eye, the base and lastly the crown. Feel our radiance now flowing through each chakra—aligned, spinning, glowing. This day you are each new creatures in Christ and Buddha as you allow it so and as, through our oneness, you accept the Mother glow within.
           We thank you, blessed hearts, and return you to your sacred service of rekindling that fire again within. Bless you.

1.  The archeiai are referring to the imminent release of the movie based on Dan Brown's book, The DaVinci Code.

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