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Suryaji      May 12, 2006

Beloved Suryaji
David C. Lewis
May 12, 2006   7:32-7:49 am  MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

I Am Come to Distribute the Light of the Mother upon the Earth
Sing Your Prayers—a Newfound Devotion to the Ma Ray

           I am come to distribute the light of the Mother upon the Earth, and my twin ray is here with me, seated in a lotus beside me. I am the one you have known as Ramakrishna, though I give you my ascended name this day as Suryaji. For I have entered the Sun of being and worshiped the Mother light, truly within that Sun Presence of all.
            In the melodic recitation of these bhajans,¹ the full panoply of ascended saints, devas and deities have entered the atmosphere of the Earth in preparation for the coming of the Lord Gautama. All is being prepared; the platform for his appearance is set. And all life is stilled, as his coming during this Wesak evening will be a magnificent cosmic display of not only the fireworks of his causal body but truly of the magnificence of the Presence of one who ensouls the Earth with the presence of holy love-wisdom on behalf of all sentient beings.
           Sarada Devi and I will grace you with our presence during your meditation weekend event and work closely with your Buddha nature to assist each of you in entering into the stillness of the Buddhic light within, coaching you, as it were, helping you to leave off from your consciousness all mind matter, all mindless chatter, all unmindful concepts of yourself, of others and of all life.
           When you enter into the bliss of the Mother light rising from the base to the crown, this is only the beginning of the enlightenment that you need, blessed hearts. For what will you do with that Sun-Presence billowing from your crown? This is for the holy purpose of blessing life, sustaining life, as Gautama does hour by hour, moment by moment through the purity of his radiance, the magnanimity of his love, the greatness of his conception of each soul in perfection.
           The blessed Virgin Mary has suggested that you sing your prayers. Have you noticed a new lightness and joy during the giving of these mantras and song, raising you in sacred fire to the heights of God-Consciousness within you? Therefore I suggest that you consider a shorter version of your Golden Buddha Rosary, to be sung in its entirety, as a newfound devotion to the Ma-Ray that you worship in all life and that you practice together, singing your prayers.
            For you see, in the resonance the words are accentuated through your heart chakra and through the full volume of your voice resonating through your upper chakras, your lungs, your vocal cords, even your head—for those of you who have been trained in singing—whereby the sound does evolve as it does revolve through you. [It] dissolves all pain and suffering in the world as through the air it wafts, bringing joy and hope and blessing to all life and as devas and fairies and nature spirits and angels carry the message of your heart's love to all life.
           Therefore secure the tablas, the harmonium. Practice in joy, and in resonance create new pathways for the Buddhas and the bodhisattvas to stream forth to the Earth, to the song of the soul that you breathe, that you give, blessed hearts.
           Why, did you know that even the birds in their praises and in their song do send forth even to the far-flung reaches of the cosmos those little love songs from their hearts? And I say that if even they can effect so grand a measure of bringing forth this divine word, then what more can ye, as sons and daughters of the Beloved, do to create a new world of sunlit glory for all.
           Take time to meditate upon the pure stream of light that flows from your Presence always. And in that hour when you have become that Presence fully—a radiating center, an oasis of harmony—then Sarada Devi and I will be seated at your side, and we three will spin a new tale, a new yarn for the Mother to take and create garments of fiery love for her children throughout the Cosmic Egg. Yes, we love her so. Have you heard her voice singing even as you did sing this day?
           O, the love of the Mother for all. She comes this Mother's day, and Gautama does prepare the way first. So you see that even his meditation is upon the glorious light of the Mother of all, even that light within you, blessed hearts.  
           Purusha. [whispered] Be filled with the Holy Spirit of the Mother. Purusha. [whispered] Be filled with the Mother light of the Spirit. [Suryaji releases the holy breath three times.]

1.  Before this HeartStream devotees recited devotional bhajans.

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