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Suryaji      May 12, 2006

David C. Lewis Discourse (Inspired by Beloved Suryaji)
May 12, 2006  7:48-8:07 am MDT
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Self-Identification with the Light of the Guru
Dwelling On and Becoming the Buddha

           Suryaji would like to answer a question now of a devotee concerning the fact that in the “I AM” movement, Godfre released information that Surya and Maitreya are one and the same being.
Beloved ones, Lord Maitreya has so identified himself with the light of Surya that he merged his consciousness to such an extent that he did in effect become not only his guru Gautama in vibration but even transcended to become the light of Surya. So he bears the light of Surya, though he is a separate identity—Surya, issuing from the God Star; Maitreya also coming from that star but as a separate issue from the very Godhead.
           Blessed Godfre saw with his inner sight that Maitreya had in effect merged with the light of Surya. And therefore, in the hour when he gave the instruction in the early twentieth century on this subject, in the hour when he released that information, Maitreya was vibrating at the level of Surya, and therefore he saw them as one identity.
           The teaching here is that you can resonate with your guru to the extent that you become your guru in embodiment, in consciousness for cycles, and you have access to the causal body of your guru in your spiritual work. This does not mean that you permanently are your guru, but through the access to the causal body and the divine being of your guru, you can in effect be an electrode, even, as it were, an electronic presence of your guru to all life. Therefore, the chela's love of the guru allows the light of the guru to flow through the chela, when through self-identification with the light of the guru you then become for those who resonate at a lower level that very being of your guru. So Godfre was not in error, though not quite correct or [had not] interpreted correctly, as you now have the understanding in this hour.
            You can identify with many masters and for a season and a cycle become that master. Why, this very messenger, each time he receives a dictation in effect becomes the master, and we speak through his vocal cords, his mind and heart, having melded with us through this process of surrender and acceptance of the Presence of the master within his form and body. This each of you can do to a greater or lesser extent as you are able to carry the intensification and the weight of that light in this world of form. Therefore you must be able to bear in your body that energy. Otherwise it will burn you up if you cannot attune to the vibration and the level of the master.
           Therefore, to be able to be in the physical the light of an ascended master or your guru, you must be able to carry in your cells, in your body, in your chakras the intensity of that light. This you may do through meditation, through self-identification with God, your own God Presence. And it is only when you can be safe in this mode that the master will actually inhabit you in this way. Otherwise it can split you asunder; you can actually become almost schizophrenic or divided. Therefore you must have harmony. You must have balance in your four lower bodies and a purity of heart that allows you to bear this energy.
           This is not, as some have said, the process whereby you are what they call a walk-in, because in those [cases] your physical body is inhabited by another entity. And in most cases, these are astral beings who do take over the physical body of people. This is not [in line with] the teachings of the ascended masters and the concepts that are authorized by cosmic law to be available for those who are chelas of the ascended masters. Walk-in is not the right terminology [to use for what takes place with the messenger during a dictation, nor does it involve] the right vibration in consciousness. [The messenger] still [retains his or her] self-identity but resonate[s] with the master. Do you see the difference? Therefore beware of those who [bring forth] teachings [that] may have a great percentage of accuracy in certain instruction but who also have become conduits for error through the inveigling through their being of darkness through entities that actually come and inhabit them.
           Those of you who have read much on the Internet in this way, beware of what you have read. Ask your Real Self to sort out what is true and what is not true. And it is actually better if you stop reading a lot of this material because it will, through the process of your attention, enter your consciousness and can create a wedge to the point where you will be split. I have seen this occur in individuals, where people read all sorts of stuff about conspiracy theories on the Web, take it into their consciousness and instead of being in the Now and being full of light and radiance, they almost outpicture the very darkness that they are putting their attention upon by considering all these conspiracy theories, some of which are at astral levels true. In other words, the force desires to bring into manifestation in our worlds certain things, but they are seeing it on the astral plane, and not all of it is real in the physical. And if you meditate on this, if you read this material consistently, what you do is you tune into that vibration. And unless you are a strong soul who can then do the spiritual work to get rid of this stuff, it enters into your astral body and your mental body and you become a conduit for all kinds of forces that can take you off the path.
           Therefore in this movement, we are not so focused on what was done in the previous organization, which was to spend countless hours naming all the negatives and focusing on that, and the masters desire us to focus more on being the Buddha where we are. And in the simplicity of sitting in the lotus light of love-wisdom, the darkness simply comes, it's transmuted within your heart, it's turned into light and sent forth again to the universe to sentient beings for their blessing. 
           You do not need to spend countless hours studying all the conspiracy theories, et cetera. Even in the recent call that was developed, which I authorized to be sent to the Knights and Ladies for their use, there is a certain vibration that I, as a messenger, cannot really enter into any longer, and some of you do not resonate with this, and that is to name ad infinitum all the specifics of the ICCC, et cetera. I suggest that this type of prayer be done only in groups and for a short period of time in a concerted effort. And then you supplant it with what beloved Suryaji, Ramakrishna, has told us today—to enter into the devotional state, because this is the vibration that we want to maintain as Buddhas and bodhisattvas in the making.
           There is a time and a place for those who are warriors of the Spirit to enter into naming all this stuff, and even the messengers at times do this in their spiritual work. But you have to be careful and not be fanatical about it and not enter into this state of duality again, where you are seeing everything as separate, and evil and good, and blah, blah, blah. We need to be more in the Now and maintain that state of cosmic consciousness and awareness. That is our mission in this organization. That is what we are about. Let others who resonate with the old way, the old patterns concentrate and do their work at their level. This is not our primary work, [which] is what the masters want me to convey today. 
           So to me this is very liberating. It allows us to dwell on and become the Buddha without entering into all this mental chatter of all these people on the planet who are so fearful of what is coming on the Earth, and in that fear vibration, they stay in the old Piscean dispensation. They are not entering into the Aquarian fires of God-love, [which] dissolves all this fear and anxiety and concern.
           So this is the teaching of the masters this day. I appreciate each one of you who has participated. I think this is actually a landmark instruction for us, a direction for this activity and our place in it. It is a new day. Gautama is at the top, at the pinnacle of leading the armies of heaven, but look at how he does that. I seek to emulate and become what Gautama has become as the prime example—as the Lord of the World—of a solar being who ensouls a planet for her enlightenment. And I ask you to also consider joining Gautama in doing this very same thing and putting aside much of your reading of what is really the duality of nonsense.
           [Closing invocation:] In the name I AM THAT I AM, I call for the sealing of this teaching within our hearts, O Lord Gautama, O Suryaji, Ramakrishna, and Sarada Devi. We are grateful for your presence in our midst, the light you bring, the love that you have given us.

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