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Kuthumi      May 07, 2006

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
May 7, 2006
Emigrant, Montana

An Invitation to Learn the Science and Art of Meditation:
Come to Greater Levels of Cosmic Consciousness

            Blessed ones, I come with a blazing aura to impress upon your souls the understanding of the need for each one of you to truly become more understanding of each one. I am Kuthumi. And we of the ascended hosts applaud that you are about to embark upon a new day in understanding the science and the art of meditation. This has been a long time coming, and it is most appropriate that those of you, who desire to come into greater levels of cosmic consciousness, practice this sacred art on a regular basis.
            And therefore, we are convoking this coming weekend a most important preliminary discussion on this subject with those among you who have certain foundational background, not only in this but past lifetimes, in bringing to the table, the round table, of your discussion how through a deeper level of attunement we may move forward this plan of the Brotherhood for this activity of light.
            Meditation is both an objective and a subjective topic. For one cannot fully embrace all that is conveyed in the experience of another, even of an ascended master, for you are all on various levels of your path and your relationship to your God Presence. And your ability to bring to bear into your world and life the highest heights of your communion with God-based on the balancing of your karma, based on the skill which you have developed in monitoring your consciousness and awareness during meditation, based on the time you have put in, in practicing this sacred art-will determine how and when and where you may appropriate fully the energies from our octave to blend with yours in a greater depth of spirituality to reach the goals that you aspire to in this art.
            Therefore the more you study, the more you practice, the more you enter into the golden silence of the Buddha, you will come to the point where you have fully left your human consciousness and entered into the divine experience of oneness and bliss where all worlds are opened, where all conscious awareness of all other beings in all systems is yours to understand and know, where you may enter the mind of a cosmic Buddha, merge with that mind and understand at that level truths and information which no longer is dependent upon the paradigm from which you have emerged but is dependent upon your ability to perceive at new heights, beloved ones. Perception and experience are key. And as you refine your senses and sensitize yourself to higher energies and vibrations, then you will know truly what we have perceived at our level to bask in the great light of the Central Sun and more.
            Many among those in the West have not experienced the richness and the fullness of the techniques which we are prepared to deliver to you during this event which will allow you a shortcut in coming to a level of cosmic meditation that we would bring to you, beloved ones. Therefore, although this entire event will not be broadcast, it will be recorded so that those of you not able to come physically may receive this instruction from our hearts, may apply it in your lives and in your affairs such that your entire day becomes one of meditation upon your own God Self.
            We look forward to hearing the instruction that you will convey at your level and then augmenting what you have refined with a certain level of fire and awareness at our level, beloved hearts. Therefore if you live in proximity to Bozeman, Montana, we suggest that you set aside time to be in our presence, for as you know simply being in the darshan experience in the aura of the masters allows you to be raised in consciousness, to perceive at higher levels. Therefore would you not desire to be raised into levels that you had previously thought not possible even yesteryear, beloved ones? You have seen what can transpire even in a short time through daily application whereby we come announced or unannounced into your midst to give you blessings and promise, to give you hope, encouragement and the light from our hearts.
            Therefore, bring your mats, bring your hearts, bring an open awareness and a clear, crystal chalice of self through which we may pour our minds and the musings of our hearts through your consciousness, streaming it forth for the purpose of blessing all sentient life upon earth. I am grateful, beloved ones, for this discussion which you have just begun to enter into and which I now return you to.
            I thank you and bless all petals of your crown chakra in this hour as I illuminate your mind to rise to cosmic perception, cosmic understanding, cosmic illumination this day. Bless you and seal you in the mind of the One this hour.

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