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Sanat Kumara      May 01, 2006

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
May 1, 2006
Walnut Creek, California

            I, Sanat Kumara, now raise the earth in the light of love from Venus. My son has said, "Love is the key."1 If you will listen to him-he who speaks for me-and make his love known through this movement of The Hearts Center, then earth may be saved again and again and again. For you see, though I came to save the earth-and many of you with me-it requires the laying down of your life again and again for earth to be saved again, beloved ones.
            Though we have shed many tears for our own in the earth (for whom we pine to return to Venus), blessed Gautama has vowed to us to return you all safely. In his heart
I trust. May you also trust him unto your personal victory that will one day be our victory. And through the love call that we now sing to your souls, may you always retain the memory of this love from Venus and me, singing within your heart always.
            Be sealed now in holy love forever.

1Gautama Buddha first spoke the words "Love is the key."

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