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Paul the Venetian      May 01, 2006

Beloved Paul the Venetian
David Christopher Lewis
May 1, 2006 12:00-12:20 pm PDT
Walnut Creek, California

            Are your hearts sensitized to the new vibration on earth this day? Are your minds aligned with the mind of God, not only searching to understand but allowing the thoughts of God to abide within you?            If you are to be a chalice of sacred fire, then that chalice must be fired in the kiln of God's love. This requires the letting go at higher levels each day, beloved ones. Surrender is an art that few have fully surmised. And yet the saints have been required to surrender greater measures of the self in order to be those who vibrate and equate with the Divine One.
            Though the path is serious business, I bring you the love-joy of May Day, whereby as you bask in the love fires of the Mother you may enjoy a newfound brilliance of her light within you. I AM Paul the Venitian, artisan of the spirit. And I paint with my brush this day, upon the petals of your heart chakra, symbols which you may discern of that which you have attained to in understanding the true nature of love.
            Those who have studied the arts of beauty and its expression in many forms understand the laws of symmetry and balance and proportion. For in the representation of the gifts of God given freely to mankind in nature, which you may study at a deeper level with newfound understanding of the proportions and ratios that exist within the cosmic symmetry of the all, you may begin anew to understand, truly, the nature of divine intent outplayed within the universe and within you. For, you see, you are truly a universe. And when you understand that the responsibility lies within you to be the All in All, for all, then you will no longer place outside of yourself the responsibility to be the one.
            This, every ascended master and saint have understood. For unless and until you come to that point where you realize fully the allness of God within, then the eternal flame may not fully burn within you unto your own immortality. But when you accept the manifestation of the universality of the light within, then and only then may you merge fully with the God-ness, the such-ness of true and pure being.
            All are artists in some manner. Some take their art as a preoccupation and some allow it to be fully outpictured through every avenue of the senses which (some of you have heard last evening), when merged as one, flower into the unity of holy purpose.
            Can you hear what I have conveyed through the brushstrokes that I have made this day within you? Can you feel at inner levels the hum of the all that now glows brighter for my coming? Can you smell the Edenic sense, back to the earliest beginnings of God's writing of His law within you, whereby through that oneness you understood the senses of God sensing within you?
            If you would develop the inner faculties, the quintessence of the higher senses of the secret rays, then you must discern [them] at every point upon the spiral of life where you would move and have your being within that crystal diadem stream of light. For the fractal equation and the movement of light and rhythm and sound and vibration [of God] attenuated, congealed, expanding and come again back to the point of the source has its holy purpose within you.
            Shine now as those who have become the rose of Mary this day. For when you understand and know her flowering within, then when you utter the prayer [of the "Hail Mary"] there is, in the very emitting of the vibration of that devotion from within you, the instantaneous response mirrored back unto yourself and your heart for the expansiveness of God's love within.
            We applaud in heaven the release in earth of the motion picture depicting truths hidden from the outer awareness of mankind for centuries in that story line that has been titled The DaVinci Code. We urge all to see this film upon its release, to study the inner mysteries conveyed outwardly and to ascertain how it is that the feminine principle of God, having been suppressed for so long within the culture of Earth, may now fully bloom within every soul, within every culture.
            For this is the light of Aquarius. This is that dawning of a new age. For only the Mother and her great love of her children may catch the rays from higher worlds, receiving them within her womb to give birth to a new spirit, to a new solar evolution within the earth and within you, each one.
            Be a child of the Mother. Love her. And give freely the rose of your heart to her each day in remembrance of all that, in her great brooding for that oneness with the Father, she has bestowed through the cosmic egg of her receptivity of the seed of light that now must burst forth within you for your victory in love this day.
            The Goddess of Beauty, my own twin flame Ruth [Hawkins], continues her portraiture of many who, having been receptive to the coming of our angels, are preparing to be received by you, ministered to by you in coming days and months and years through this activity of light.
            When you meet a friend of light upon the path, call to us to help you to fully open your hearts to receive these whom we send to receive through you the love of the Mother for all her children, beloved hearts. This we ask of you. This is our request on this May Day. For when they come you must be ready. Will you receive them in readiness and holiness, I ask? [Audience responds, Yes.]
            Thank you. God bless you. God bless you. God bless you all.            

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