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Hercules      April 29, 2006

Beloved Hercules
David C. Lewis
April 29, 2006  9:11-9:19 am PDT
New Living Expo
San Francisco, California

You Are Our Hands and Feet—You Are the Elohim in Action
Do Not Hesitate to Speak the Truth

           Hail, O children of the Sun! Thank you for coming to my state, which I claim this day for and on behalf of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood.
           When a number of sons and daughters of God come to defend the light and to anchor the light, then we appear in your midst. There has been, as you have seen last night, the opposition to our coming and to the placing of the rods within the Earth in this hour for the initiation of your work and your service this weekend.
           You have an opportunity in this very hour to contact many souls of light, both through the outward manifestation of the media and the appearances of some among you before the eyes of mankind and also at inner levels through soul work that you are partaking of in your inner work and service to life through the momentums that you carry in your causal bodies, activated through the science of the spoken word, mantra, song and devotion.
            Beloved ones, we have truly, as you have been giving your golden Buddha rosary and your decree to me, walked up and down the coastline of not only California but the entire United States, Mexico and Canada anchoring rods of fire within the very Earth itself, stabilizing through our cosmic consciousness the very fissures and cracks within the Earth for the saving of souls. This is our work; this is our joy—truly the joy of Hercules and Amazonia to defend those among mankind who stand for and on behalf of the work of the Great White Brotherhood and those who, though they know it not on the outer, still contain within their hearts ties to us, ties to other ascended beings.  
            Beloved ones, your work this weekend is truly one where you may not only anchor fire, you may not only be electrodes for us but you may carve out a new pathway for many souls through the understanding that you will bring forth in your public forum, in your contacting souls, speaking with them wherever you go, at this event this weekend, communing heart to heart with their souls—and even [with] those with whom you do not speak, asking your Holy Christ/Buddha Self to speak to them at inner levels—to give them the new understanding of the ascended masters, of what are the truths that will lift them out of the dregs of their human consciousness and into the light of the divine, where we, the ascended hosts, blaze forth new momentums of fire daily.
            Beloved ones, as you have recently heard through your messenger Rebecca, it is true that you must release momentums of the past, even those instructions which you have held so dear to your hearts and so sacred. For you see, as you rise to new levels of understanding, you see from a higher level of the mountain the valleys below, and you must release your grip upon certain rocks at lower levels to reach the higher levels. Do you see?
           Therefore it is clear that those among mankind who desire to bask in the light of Aquarius must let go of the fears and doubts that [they] have [allowed to become] embroiled [within them] during their Piscean journey and come to new levels of understanding of the truths that we bring, even in this hour, of the power of the secret rays and of the action of the light through many among mankind who are perceiving at higher levels what is coming upon the Earth.
            It is time, beloved ones, for you to stretch forth your wings to encompass more among mankind who can receive the message of truth, enlightenment and love-wisdom in this hour. It is time for the mission of the Great White Brotherhood to be known among more of mankind. Therefore do not hesitate to speak the truth, to speak your mind, which is one with our mind. For truly when those among mankind hear the intimations of our hearts through the simplicity of your message—woven through words that can in and of themselves be causative of cosmic change within the very inner levels of their being—they will receive them with joy [and] expectancy and, through the love of your hearts shining through your eyes, truly be changed almost in an instant, beloved ones.
            Therefore, I am grateful again that you have come. And Amazonia and I, as you have heard, will walk where you walk, will sing where you sing, will shake a hand here or there where you embrace a brother of light, a sister of fire. Therefore you are our hands and feet this day. You are the Elohim in action where you move and live and have your being, always within that crystal-diamond jewel of our eye. For if you could see us, beloved ones, truly—as the Elohim co-exist with God—we, as diadems of fire, are truly the jewels that radiate fire from higher octaves unto all systems of worlds, known and unknown by you.
           I now raise my hand and bless each one gathered here and those listening as anchor points of light where you abide. Receive now the fire of the Elohim of the first ray for the anchoring of the will to be the One for God. We thank you and send you on your way in joyous harmony to the victory of the light this day.

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