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Omraam      April 09, 2006

Beloved Omraam
David Christopher Lewis
April 9, 2006 12:15-12:30 pm PST
Tucson, Arizona 1

            I am so grateful that you have come here and dedicated this weekend to a subject which, as you know, is so dear to my heart-that of understanding the principles of the Sun Presence.1 I have witnessed the light released, your hearts expanding, and it gives me great hope to know that there are those in the earth who are beginning to understand more fully what I realized early in my youth, that the earth must undergo a transformation and that it will only come when certain hearts are on fire by the solar light of God.
            I AM Omraam. And many of you have just recently begun to read the teachings that I was privileged to present in communities in Europe and elsewhere, whereby the true teachings of the Universal White Brotherhood conveyed heart to heart to me, not only from my personal master in that life but directly from various other cosmic and ascended beings, enabled me, as I have said, to bring forth to the world the simplicity of the teachings that even children may understand.
            The grace of God is available to all in very simple terms. Yet, many overlook the beauty of the divine experience through simply understanding how, in taking in the rays of the sun, one may enter into a devotional state of acceptance of God's love and light and begin to have that Sun Presence manifest a new consciousness, a new world, a new vision.
            Your own Lanello and I are very close. And we were as brothers, one in America and one in Europe during our lifetimes. And you may ascertain the depth of the teachings that we each brought to our respective communities of light if you care to study, to weigh them and to enter into this process of discovery.
            We have been in communion of late as to how to augment our individual work while in embodiment, by bringing our respective chelas the understanding of each other's teachings. For there will be a certain action of completion and of harmonization when those who are light workers in various areas of the globe come in contact with those who are also doing spiritual work in other areas.
            You see, you benefit by receiving a different aspect and approach of the teachings of the brotherhood that are conveyed in other cultures, beloved hearts. For sometimes the nuances of these teachings as expressed through another, valid path but in another language can truly augment, as I have said, your understanding and bring it into a more complete and rounded experience.
            Thus, you have seen some who work directly with me in Canada whose approach is different from your own, and yet very beautiful. And they would also do well to understand how you have accelerated the use of mantra and prayer and the violet flame. And so, there can be a cosmic interchange in the figure-eight flow whereby, through sharing and the dynamism of the acceptance of each other, you grow and you thereby know more and more of the truth. So, I would read to you today an exerpt from a lecture that I gave a number of years ago, for it is pertinent to my message this day.
            We read in the book of Genesis that God said, "Let us make man in our image after our likeness." And a little further on it says, "So, God created man in his own image; in the image of God created he him."
            Why did Moses use the word image twice and leave out the work likeness in the second passage? This was a way of indicating that God's intention was to create man according to his likeness, but that he did not do so. He created him only in his image.
            But what do these two words mean in relation to God?            Are we supposed to think that God is a nose, eyes, the mouth, the stomach and a pair of legs? Or does the word image mean something quite different? And what does the word likeness mean? Take a seed. Does it look like a tree? It does not. And yet, it is in the image of its parent tree. It contains this image within it. And when you plant it, it begins to grow and to be like the tree.
            Image and likeness are two different things. The likeness is the perfect development of the image. If you plant an acorn, it will begin to grow into an oak tree.            In other words, the acorn eventually becomes like its father the oak, whereas it began by being in its image.
            But we should not conclude from this that if God created us in his image that means that he has eyes and ears and hair like ours. Such details are totally unimportant.            What is important is that in each one of us there is a being who thinks, feels and acts. And it is this being that is in the image of God. For God also thinks, feels and acts, yes. But since man does not possess the omnipotence, omniscience or infinite love of God, he does not think, feel or act exactly as God does. So, he is only in his image, not in his likeness. Besides, the fact that man committed a fault back there in paradise makes it obvious that he was not in God's likeness. When he has grown up and become fully mature he will truly be like him. At that moment, man is just a tiny seed.
            What does this mean for you, each one? It may mean that when you discern that you are made in the image of God, that you will finally come to grips with the fact that you are God. As Lanello has taught you, things equal to the same thing are equal to each other. One times one equals one.
            Therefore, I leave you this day to consider how, through the action of devotion, through the image of God outplayed in the sun, you may also become that sun through self-identification, through allowing the image to reside within you, within your consciousness and to truly begin to radiate light as a sun each day.
            As you receive communion this day, understand how the substance that you take in at some point came directly from the sun and how through your ingesting of this substance, you too may enter into the cosmic flow of becoming more of God each day.
            Lanello and I will serve through our two friends here, Ken and Christopher. As you pass by and look into their eyes of compassion, our eyes will stream forth through them our love for you, each one. Come forward now, and receive our gift, truly rays of healing love.

1This dictation was released during a weekend seminar titled, "Building a Solar Civilization in the Age of Aquarius" held in Tucson, Arizona April 7-9, 2006. One of Omraam's key teachings and practices within the communities that he formed is that of meditation upon the rising sun and its rays of solar light, discerning all aspects of its import and meaning to us as sons and daughters of the one God.

2This quote is taken from a book of Omraam Mikha�l A�vanhovs's oral transmissions given in French, transcribed and then translated into English, published by Prosveta Press. Please see

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