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Lanello      April 09, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

April 09, 2006   11:30–11:41 am  PST

Tuscon, Arizona



The Gift of Clear Seeing


            The gift I give you this day is clear seeing. You have heard that seeing is believing. And for one of Jesus' disciples, Thomas, it was required that he see the very imprints of the nails in his hands and feet and where the lance did enter his side before he believed the words of the other disciples that Jesus was alive again.¹

            This exercise and meditation that we gave you was one where our beloved Mother and I overshadowed you so that you [could] see clearly what is in the way of the way home for you. Those whose inner vision has been opened not only see the blessed higher beings, the elementals frolicking as my friend Ken has described to you, but they also see the conglomerations of darkness around individuals in certain quarters and dense pockets in the cities and these at times can be frightful, even to the best of our servants.

            You have the keys to dispel darkness. And when you see the anomalies within yourself and others, you must not dwell upon them, gaze long at them but simply go within to discover through attunement with your own divine Presence how you must let go of these energies, thoughtforms, even the creatures that at times abide within the folds of your garment.

            This is not a subject that we often dwell on because it even now stirs up within you a certain action whereby you may feel uncomfortable speaking of the forces of entities and darkness in the world. And yet, for you to move forward to fulfill all to make your ascension, you must at some point in time and space, come to grips with these energies, beloved hearts. This is not a one-time process for most but one in which you must let go [of] certain quotients of energies on a daily basis.

            Through meditation whereby you still the mind, your Holy Christ/Buddha Self will naturally convey to you concepts, notions and those things that you must work on within yourself to move upward. When you see these, then you must take action swiftly to deal with them, beloved hearts. For if you see clearly what is acting in your world but do nothing about it, then what is the purpose of your seeing in the first place?

            Those who have ears to hear must listen, for some who do not see may hear. Those whose feeling body is sensitive to vibration but do not hear nor see, must also, through the intimations that they receive, act upon what they feel. All do not experience this inner revelation the same. Some are more visual. Some rely more on the auditory receptors and some through the sense of touch experience the light of other octaves, beloved hearts. Thus, in whatever way you are sensitized or in some cases desensitized to what is acting in your world, it is how you apply what you receive that will determine the timing of your victory, beloved ones.

            I now draw a sword of fire from my heart in this hour, and I touch each of you upon your hearts and in your inner beings to displace now that which is unreal within you by your assent and nod in this hour. This is my gift if you would receive it—and having received it, never again to allow this element of your dweller which you have seen or will see when you practice this alchemy to again inveigle itself within you and your world. The light of God is true. It never fails to act when called upon. But belief in its power and action must be yours, beloved ones. Do you believe that you may be whole once more? [The audience responds, “Yes!”] Through your assent and your acceptance, may it be so day by day. It will be so, when you let go, let God and live. I thank you.

¹John 20: 24-29

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