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Buddha of the Crystal Ray      March 10, 2006

Beloved Buddha of the Crystal Ray
David Christopher Lewis
March 10, 2006            16 minutes
Wellspring Institute
Emigrant, Montana

I am the Buddha of the Crystal Ray and I make my presence known upon earth here.
            When you meditate upon crystal I may place a specific light quotient of my presence within the center of that crystal ray and diffuse my presence throughout all. Beloved ones, have you thought of each drop of water as a crystal? You take for granted the water of life which you imbibe and which, as you know, makes up the greater portion of even your physical bodies and of the earth itself. And yet, each drop of water is truly a miracle, a representation of the mother formed around the particle of the father. And I choose this day to energize my presence through every drop of water within your being.
            See now my presence glowing within your body temple. I give you this key this day. For, you see, by correspondence and by acceptance of my presence I may become you and you may become me. And by correspondence you may become the all in all that I have become in the drop of the ocean of God. Therefore, you see, you may be at all places at all times, even as God may be within every drop of the vast ocean of his being, experiencing cosmic love manifest within that individualized particle of his own selfhood within all.
            Your consciousness is only limited by what you can conceive and what you can perceive of God within. And, therefore, if you would follow those who have gone before you, becoming and merging with the stream of cosmic consciousness of a Saint Germain or a Morya or of a Lanello, then accept the presence of the One within every drop of all your bodies. For, you see, some have forgotten that you have seven, and you may use all.
            Most of mankind dwell in consciousness only within their physical, emotional and mental bodies, not having perceived the totality of the God flame nor of their higher self. The spiritual work that you do day by day may be accelerated and augmented by your work in and as your higher self, your causal body, your Buddha nature.
            And therefore, as you perceive this Buddha nature effusing through the chalice of self, then truly you, as a miracle, can work the works which some have called miracles but which are truly simply the correspondence of the All within you through your acceptance, do you see? Therefore, healing is not so mysterious when you know who you are. Therefore, becoming is not so mysterious when you have allowed the All to be where you are.
            I increase now the light within every son and daughter who has accepted even one drop of the allness of God within. And I move and have my being within you this day, merging with all the drops that move through your being through the flowing of the blood and the lymph stream. And I now cleanse and purify all within you and through the stream of all your bodies, beloved ones.
            This is a key to healing which you may use for yourself and for others. For if the stream within is pure, then there is no opportunity for dis-ease to flow through your being. Yes, purity is the key to healing.
            Therefore, remember to drink the crystal stream from within the earth. And as you do, you may perceive of my light entering your being.
[ooohhh chanted by the buddha for thirteen seconds on an E-flat pitch above middle C.]
            I enter the stream through all drops of water upon earth.
[ooohhh again chanted by the buddha for twenty seconds at same E-flat pitch as before.]
            I flow through all substance of the Mother that she has placed within this earth and graced this earth with that great light.
[ooohhh again chanted by the buddha for eleven seconds at the same E-flat pitch.]
            I wash the earth in crystal-fire light. Perceive perfection within and it shall be so.

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