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Vajrasattva      March 05, 2006

Beloved Vajrasattva
David C. Lewis
March 5, 2006   (9 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

You Must Experience the Totality of Reality in the Now
Practice Does Make Perfect the Reality that You Seek Within

Blessed Ones,
            I have come, for you have prepared well. I am Vajrasattva. And, yes, we desire this form of meditation to be that which you, as true disciples of the living Lord, engage in daily.¹ For you see, it is very easy for us to come and to speak with you when you are attuned to your own Divine Presence in this way. For this is our natural estate. And when the mental cogitation ceases, then we may enter. Has this not been the teaching that has been conveyed of late by numerous ascended masters, beloved hearts? Therefore we honor our son, who has become a sun, for bringing to you this teaching this day so that you too may become the sun.
            It is no longer acceptable simply to study the Word, reading what others have ascertained as truth through their experience. For now you must experience the totality of reality in the Now. That is why we have through this movement of The Hearts Center sought to empower each of you as true sons and daughters of God to share yourself with the world. When you have become fully yourself, then it is easy to distribute the fullness of who you are to all.
            May the words that you speak be holy. May your thoughts impressed upon the world be perfect. And may your mind resonate with this newfound understanding of yourself truly as a crystal. You could say that the golden age that Maitreya desires is the crystal age. And you have heard of the crystal children as the wayshowers for mankind. Wouldn't it be to your advantage to first become crystals for us as wayshowers to the crystal children, who are even now aborning in this plane?
            This practice [of silent meditation] is truly an active one, though passive. And so you see the Tai Chi action whereby through your attention upon the One, the One does attend to you, and therefore you merge fully as the One.
           Amoghasiddhi has cleared the way this day for your minds to be receptacles of fire.² So now I say, practice. For practice does make perfect the reality that you seek within. Practice as this son of fire has done, and you too shall receive the initiation of the transfiguration whereby all is transformed, all is light within thee.
            The Five Dhyani Buddhas now seal this company worldwide in the radiance of their light. And I, Vajrasattva, also seal you in the five energies. May the quintessence of the glory of your true Buddha nature abide with you always.

1.  During the morning service before this HeartStream, devotees engaged in silent meditation, observing keenly the gentle cadences of the breath and attempting to completely still the mind enter into the sacred space of the Great Silence.
2.  Amoghasiddhi gave a fiery HeartStream immediately before this one.

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