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Amoghasiddhi      March 05, 2006

Beloved Amoghasiddhi
David C. Lewis
March 5, 2006  (10 minutes)
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Take up the Lightning of the Vajra!
Dance With Me! Know Me, and You Will Be Free!

Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! I come with a lightning and a thunder for the dissolution of darkness upon Earth. I am Amoghasiddhi. And I place my presence where all students and devotees of the Buddha sit in meditation upon the inner light that I AM.
            Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! I clear the mental plane. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! I clear the astral plane. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! I clear the physical plane. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! I clear the etheric plane, not only of this Earth, but of your own lifestreams.
            Can you take the lightning of the Buddha within you? For if you would have that diamond-shining mind blazing within you, then you must have the clearing action of the dorje whereby your mind no longer vibrates at the level of the human, but of the divine.
            Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Mankind has become stultified in their mental meanderings. And the Buddhas descend now to clear their minds to be receptacles of fire. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! For you see, the mind of man was always intended to be one with the mind of God. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! 
When you see pollution in the air, it is simply a manifestation of that which exists within which has been so tainted that it now clouds the atmosphere of your abode. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! 
What you can accomplish is only limited by your mind. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Therefore, I clear your mind so that you can do more. Imagine the reality of the All within you each moment and accept nothing less than perfection where you are. [Vajra! given as a fiat twelve times.]
            We do not trifle with human opinion and human nonsense that exists within the auras of those who do not understand the Buddhic Way. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Therefore, we choose to raise our own in sacred fire because they have invoked it, beloved ones. Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra! Vajra!
Call forth your victory through the invocation of the Vajra!, as we say together eleven times: [Vajra! chanted eleven times.]  Lightning within your mind is the key to the dissolution of all concepts of limitation. Therefore when you feel or sense within you an unknowing, a lack of direction or a manifestation of your own human mind acting within you, take up the lightning of the Vajra! and say with the Five Dhyani Buddhas, together: [Vajra! chanted twenty-three times.]           
Do you feel now, beloved ones, a new mind within you? We perceive that those who would be Buddha may do so by understanding truly the mind of God. Let that mind be in you, which was in Christ Jesus,¹ in Buddha Gautama and in all who have displayed the aureole of fire because they have wielded the sacred Word and become it, as you are, I perceive. [Vajra! chanted ten times.]
Yes, this is our chant. This is our dance. Dance with me. Know me and you will be free.

1.  Philippians 2:5

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