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Akshobya      March 02, 2006

Beloved Akshobhya
David C. Lewis
March 2, 2006   7:20–7:34 am  MST
Wellspring Retreat
Paradise Valley, Montana

Understanding the Buddhic Path:
Imagination through the Mirror of Self

I Seal the Earth in Mirrorlike Wisdom

Transcending Ones Who Understand Your Own Buddha Nature,

           Akshobhya I am. Akshobhya you may be for me where you are. The mirrorlike wisdom that I bear and which you have invoked is that which reflects not only the very countenance of God but the radiant stream of cosmic understanding for all systems of worlds.

Imagination through the mirror of self is key to understanding the Buddhic path. For what you see and can perceive, you may become, all may become. And in your pure perception, you may accept the reality in the now of what you see in the mirror of your own God Presence. As Above, so below, it is God's intention that you receive and reflect back to him himself. And in the echoing and the continuous refraction of the essence of the I AM WHO I AM, there is the cosmic interchange of purity in the stream of perfection.

Look into the pool of the Mother to understand the azure radiance of her love for all. Look into the sky and note the winged beings, whose love does flow ceaselessly to mankind—yet most do not perceive it. For they imagine a world which they have made their reality, when in reality the world that vibrates around them in higher vibration and manifestation is the one that we know and which mankind one day may know through that eye [I]-magic. For is not seeing believing, beloved ones?

O vanity of mortal concepts of selfhood. Why O why, mankind, do you settle for an image of self less than what God has already bestowed unto you? May my mirrorlike wisdom be for you this day a new image of your self-identification with the All in all. May you hold for yourself the image of purity—not vanity, but the pure reality of knowing that all less than God is nothing.

I carve a new pathway for the Buddhas upon earth to walk among mankind. I release star-fire substance from the abode beyond the Tushita heavens, where the Divine One walks and speaks and is. Rise, O mankind! For this walkway that I have prepared is above you, and you must mount the spiral staircase of your own divinity to a new level in order to find this path that I have prepared.

Who will come and play hide-and-seek with me? I ask. Who will come and walk with me, hearing my heartbeat, hearing the heartbeat of God within your own breast? For I always reflect upon you as the Buddha, do you see? This is my meditation, that all are Buddha. Let this be yours also. And when you see another coming to your door, greet [that one] as the Buddha in the way. And then your house shall be full of Buddhas, do you see? And none can deny the true nature of all, for all have seen it—all perceive in the mirror the Buddha within.

           I seal the earth in mirrorlike wisdom. Gautama sits upon his golden lotus seat waiting for each one to perceive him, to know his radiance within, without, always.

OM Buddhas—all.

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