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Lanello      February 10, 2006

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

February 10, 2006  1:45–1:55 pm  EST

Miami, Florida


Your Mission Is To Perceive the God Within Yourself and in All

My Beloved Friends,

I am here surrounding you with my love. I am grateful that you have come to this city of Miami to be here. My angels have prepared the way, and you have received the impulse of light and a desire for greater freedom not only for yourself but for all of life upon earth. You chose to come to save others. That is why you feel the light growing within you day by day so that you can serve to set life free. Each of you has a mission. Many of you have known it for years. And for some, you are just beginning to understand the importance of your life.

I come this day to give you a spin and a charge of light and radiance and love from the ascended octaves so that you can move forward on your path of becoming a walking ascended master upon earth. What will this mean for each one? A greater surrender to God. Setting aside the time each day to pray and to receive through meditation upon your own God Presence instruction from our realm of what you must do day by day to partake of the radiance from our realms such that you can feed others that spiritual light that they desire.

There are many books and publications that have given you keys, but ultimately the key is within you to perceive the God within and to perceive the God within others and to draw out from them that inner light that exists as a flame and a fire of perfection within. For, you see, God lives in all but not all know it. Therefore, it is your job and responsibility to remind them that they are a spark of the divine. It is your job to tell them here, there and everywhere that it is time for mankind to rise higher so that we may come forward and deliver from our realms greater instruction, greater light to save more among mankind and to bring in a golden age of enlightenment and freedom for the earth.

You have known, not only in this life but in many lifetimes the truth of the inner mysteries. Many of you have been saints in past lives where you have had a great communion with God.  And in this life you feel that contact and love that you have had in the past so that you can fulfill this, your final mission and, like Jesus, raise up in the ascension to become one with God for all time.

            I have come to Miami to lend my heart to each of you. You can call to me, Lanello, for my heart to impress itself upon you any time, any place, when those of your families and your communities need a boost of light. I will be there! I am there where you are. For as you know, I am everywhere in the consciousness of God! Will you be with me everywhere in God's consciousness, I ask? [Audience responds, “Yes!”] Then let us hold hands together as we honor each other. Look into the eyes of each one here and see the radiance, the love, the fire. These are your people, my people.

Many of us have known each other for lifetimes, and it is because of this love that we will be victorious, will we not? [“Yes.”] Then I say, sing and dance! Enjoy each other! Enjoy the presence of the Brothers in White, the Sisters in Pink and all the spirits that now grace this place because you have made the choice to be here. I seal you in the rainbow light which I bear for each one. Amen.

This dictation was simultaneously translated into Spanish, as the audience was primarily Hispanic. Thus the audio recording of this transcription also contains the voice of the translator in the background.

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