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Omraam      January 01, 2006

Beloved Omraam (Mikha�l Aivanhov)
David Christopher Lewis
January 1, 2006 11:11-11:26 am MST
Emigrant, Montana

            You have entered into a new field of activity in giving forth the science of the spoken word. We are pleased with your progress and the amount of light energy that you, as a group, are radiating forth across the earth and the galaxies.
            I AM Omraam and I anchor my light here in this Wellspring Retreat. For I have been observing the chelas of GuruMa for a number of decades and working with my own chelas to determine how we may, at some level, merge our forces for the greater good of the planet. Therefore, I am pleased that you have begun reciting scripture from the sacred words that my gurus inspired upon me when I did lecture to many in France and across the world. For, you see, the words that I spoke were truly inspired from higher planes, just as in your dictations the words of the ascended gurus are spoken through your messengers.
            Beloved ones, it is a new day. Have you not noticed the white that this messenger wears in honor of me this day? For I was wont to wear that color in commemoration of my understanding of the white light and of the purposes of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth. I was privileged to have begun, at the behest of my guru Peter Deunov, a community of light in France. And so, others have sprung up throughout Europe and here in the Americas, truly carrying on the tradition of my master in the use of the sacred science of the spoken word both as mantra and prayer and as we were most happy to deliver in sacred song.
            So we see the mantras that you give billowing forth as that sacred song, touching the etheric plane and bouncing off the clouds back unto earth to do its perfect work to raise souls unto their own God estate. May I suggest that many of you consider, just as you have studied the words of the ascended masters delivered through your messengers Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet and now through these messengers, that you also have a refresher course in the teachings delivered through me by studying my books and determining, yes, to have that course at Meru University wherein you can have, as it were, a crash course in receiving the nuances of the teachings that I brought forth delivered from the heart of the Great White Brotherhood?
            So it is a new page in the annals of the Great White Brotherhood. And we are inspiring many to move forward in giving forth teaching, instruction to the youth, instruction to mothers and aspiring mothers, on how the soul may be prepared to receive avatars and holy ones into their families and communities. Just as you have been working diligently with the sacred science delivered through Maria Montessori and others, so the communities that I did establish have certain keys that you may also study, beloved ones. And so, when there is that sacred sharing, what one has received may augment and complete what another has received. And so, the joy of that camaraderie and fellowship creates a greater unity of all the communities of the Brotherhood worldwide.
            So we honor the work of Sister Natacha and ask you to invite her to come to your community, just as we contact her to allow your messenger to present to her community those aspects of this teaching which complement and will be unto the devotees in Jaffray and elsewhere a new understanding of what we are about in the United States.
            As you prepare very soon for a pilgrimage that I personally will lead into Europe in the coming two to three years, I ask you to study and ascertain where these communities that were begun under our auspices are in Europe and consider visiting three or four of them in your travels on this pilgrimage. This, beloved ones, will create for all a greater opportunity to work side by side with those, even if through the internet and across the curvature of the earth, to fulfill the greater mission of the Great White Brotherhood upon earth.
            For, you see, one small community cannot fully complete all the plans of the Brotherhood. And therefore, it requires those who have an understanding of the culture of a specific region and people and nation to bring forth the teaching that is required to raise the soul consciousness of its people in that region. So you have seen in the east the great light issuing forth from certain temples where mantras are given almost endlessly, ceaselessly, by the devotees whom you witnessed and love so much, for they are truly one with you.
            This new spirit of fellowship is required for a golden age to come. And I did prophesy that one day there would be eighty centers of light in the United States. And I proclaim to this body of believers that it can manifest through your Hearts Centers and through those who will be inspired by my teachings. For the books are there and ready and available, just as those delivered through the true messengers of the Great White Brotherhood of America are also available.
            So we suggest that in your home libraries you have all of these [books] available, ready for your use and your teaching unto those who will come in coming months and years, beloved ones. For some may not be able to understand fully the full meat with the vernacular used by you in this current and the previous movement of the Great White Brotherhood, but they will understand through the simple teachings that I delivered the foundation that is needed so that higher understandings also may come through progressive revelation that we will deliver unto you.
            O light of the sun. O solar light on this Sun-day, I call you forth now to blaze through the crown of each one gathered here and those listening and those who will hear my words in all future epochs. O solar light, come forth now. Radiate and blaze forth the fullness of the corona of the sun presence around and through each one. Illumine their minds. Illumine their hearts. And raise them, O Lord, unto eternal glory in the divine oneness of the sun.
            I AM Omraam. I am with you more than you know! And if you invite me-as you have perceived, some of you, my presence during your morning devotions-I will amplify, with Lanello, Manjushri and Vajrasattva, the totality of the experience of your oneness with God.
            I seal you in the white light of the sun presence of the All in All that I AM and that you are this day.

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