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Goddess of Purity      December 23, 2005

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David C. Lewis
December 23, 2005  9:45-9:56 am  HST
Honolulu, Hawaii

Ingest the Fire of Purity

            Purity has come to Earth through this voice, which is truly an echo of mine, beloved hearts.¹ And I would convey to you, through the light of purity, all that you are meant to be.
           Choirs of angels surround the Earth to proclaim the coming of the Messiah again. And as they gather, through the invocation of the faithful and even through the resounding of the Christmas carols during this season, there is brought to Earth the lightness and the radiance of the Divine One, whose heart beats even within thine own breast.
            So, purity is the means whereby you enter into complete wholeness. And in the stillness of meditation upon the white light, you can see a halo of fire around you, enveloping you. And through that thoughtform that you hold, I may step through the veil to give unto you increments of God-purity. These are pranic sendings that when fully received and ingested by you are not only transformative of your souls and spirits but may be even of your body temple. Thus the saints who have entered into that holy communion daily with the Lord, when having passed from this plane have bodies which do not decay—truly the incorruptible ones,² who have put on that incorruption by accepting the incorruptible light of purity.³
            Beloved hearts, the transfiguration initiation for you is that initiation whereby the light of purity is accelerated to the point where the very molecules of your being no longer vibrate in this dimension of the Earth but are raised into the fifth dimension and beyond. And you are perfected in all things and in all places and in all space.
            Thus, continue your practice of pranic breathing and ingest purity. Ingest the fire of purity, which is a cool fire that I desire to expand within your vessel, clearing your arteries, enfiring your meridians, cleansing every channel through which light may flow—even bringing forth a spiritual substance, that when the firing of the synaptic impulses occur within your brain, through the oil of this substance, the flashing light may illumine your mind and being, assisting you to no longer have those senior moments but [to] truly becom[e] for the Lord illumined ones, allowing that mind of Christ to be thine always.
            Purity is life itself. Purity is the wind in your sails, blowing you all the way to the shores of nirvana, where you may walk up the mountain to receive from the Divine Mother the approbation in the Pure Land4 of cosmic purity.
            Therefore, come with me. Rise now in our flying catamaran, for we have caught the winds of the Holy Spirit to perceive God-purity at higher levels than you have known before. And with my angels, I take you to my abode in the heaven world, truly a crystal city, where all is white and glimmering and you may know that holiness and calmness that is your birthright when you enter again the womb of the Mother to be born again, immortal.
            Peace has come. I add purity to your garment so that nothing may stain the spiritual garments that you have received and have woven these days together.
            Now we return to the shores of Hawaii, singing the song of purity to all souls who come to these shores to know that love of the Mother. May you be for them saviours and saviouresses by the purity of your hearts, my beloved ones.

1.  Before the heartstream music sung by Hayley Westenra was played as a meditation. 
2.  See
3.  I Corinthians 15: 1-58
4.  Pure Land Buddhism is based on the Pure Land sutras, first brought to China as early as 148 AD, when the Parthian monk Ān Shìgāo began translating sutras into Chinese at the White Horse Temple in the imperial capital of Luòyáng, during the Hàn dynasty. The Kushan monk Lokakśema, who arrived in Luòyáng two decades after An Shìgao, is often attributed with the earliest translations of the core sutras of Pure Land Buddhism. These sutras describe Amitābha and his Pure Land of Bliss, called Sukhāvatī. Although Amitabha was mentioned or featured in a number of Buddhist sutras, the Larger Sutra of Immeasurable Life is often considered the most important and definitive. In this sutra, the Buddha describes to his assistant, Ānanda, how Amitabha, as an advanced monk named Dharmakara, made a great series of vows to save all beings, and through his great merit, created a realm called the Land of Bliss (Sukhavati).[1] This paradise would later come to be known as the Pure Land in Chinese translation.
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