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Peace      December 22, 2005

Beloved Peace and Aloha
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2005  6:52-7:08 pm HST
Peace in the Heart of the Fire Ring
Honolulu, Hawaii

Peace and Aloha Come to Clear the Astral Seas
“We Amplify All that You Have Done by the Radiance of Our Hearts”

            In the peace of God, we descend to envelop you in the radiance of all peace. We are Peace and Aloha. When you come to the shores of Hawaii, we bless you, we give unto you the aura of our love and aloha.
            So you, chelas of the ascended masters, have graced this soil with your presence and your prayers, and we are grateful. For we have taken this opportunity to amplify all that you have done by the radiance of our hearts. And whether they know it or not, every soul who has walked upon these islands in this period of time has received the grace of your invocations. And those who serve with us now applaud the work of the messenger and those who have attended to this work. [applause]
            So, great inroads have been made to carve out of the astral plane certain layers and films that have caked the very depths of the astral plane for thousands of years. Our angels have gone to the very depths and removed the scum, as you would call ita layer vastthrough the action of your spiritual work, aided by the elemental hierarchs. This will cause for the Earth itself a great upswelling such that many more may rise out of the astral plane into the mental and eventually into octaves of light, where they will receive the grace of ascended master teachings to compel them higher.
            So it is as if many heads are now peeping through the waters saying, “What is happening upon Earth?” And the dolphins and the turtles and the whales and many creatures in the sea take note of the newfound vibrancy that has come to the level wherein they dwell. And those caught in the astral plane receive a certain impetus, and if they choose, they, too, may be freed.
            The work of Uriel and Aurora, tremendous, has caused also this activity of light in the astral seas. For when fire does descend into water, there is a bubbling action and a steaming action such that those vortices of darkness are consumed by the fire which boils and spins and causes the purging action of the light.
            So you may continue on the morrow in your visualization when you walk these shores and enter the water for a certain R and R, seeing the work of the undines and all ascended beings who have come in answer to your calls continuing that work to scrub the astral plane clean. For this is a work of a certain band of angels who have mastery in descending into the astral plane, wearing cosmic wetsuits of aqua-teal blue radiance that protect them from these layers and levels of consciousness. And so they go, almost with acetylene torches, to consume this darkness beneath you.
            Peace we bring not only to your emotional bodies but to those of all lifewaves. The peace that we have established as a focus in our retreat is felt even beyond this Earth. And many come to Earth because of the peace of the waters and the Mother flow.
            So now I, Aloha, calm the waters of life that flow within you. Receive now the Mother's touch. Receive the embrace of the Divine One. All pain, all suffering that you have experienced in this life and in others may now be dissolved in my heart this hour. Give unto me, my friends, all your troubles and I will bubble them away into nothingness through my love for you this hour.
            Would that all mankind could come here—the little children in the streets of Bangladesh and those lost in the grip of the darkness that besets their nations. I bring them now in their souls to the Islands to receive for this one night a respite from their worries. I enfold them in aloha, and Peace caresses them also. We care for all life. We give to all life love. And the spirit of giving and of service and ministration that you have seen in those who have served you your meals and worked tirelessly to clean your rooms and to freshen up the atmosphere are all here because they feel the light of aloha, which we bear.
            So we hope that you will take back with you to the mainland, to your homes a little bit of this heaven paradise which you have seen and felt. Bring to those who know not the spirit of peace your kindness and love and the humility of your hearts in serving their needs.
           So we ask that the chant be played now, and the song which is heard at inner levels by all those who come here, in preparation for the coming of the mighty one, Victory, to seal this, your service with us these days.
            [Chanting in Hawaiian is played.]

[Messenger: Please return to your seat. The forcefield is established. Do not break the forcefield.]

           [ Song “Aloha Oe” is played.]

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