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Padma Sambhava      December 22, 2005

Beloved Padma Sambhava
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2005  1:21-1:27 pm HST
Peace in the Heart of the Fire Ring
Honolulu, Hawaii


I Bring You to a New Level of the Tushita Heaven
Help Your Mother Fulfill Her Mission

           You have heard in my delivery the intensity of my desire for the fulfillment of each one's path. I am not known in heaven as the most jolly of masters, and yet the joy of the discovery ongoing of God consciousness is beyond the beyond the beyond. Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha.¹
           Beloved ones, I bring you now to a new level of the Tushita heaven,² for you have earned it. See now the shining ones who await your presence among them. See their golden garments, their chakras afire and all the powers of the universe that they wield because they have become fully God.
           I ask you this day, is this path of initiation worth the effort for you to join among these God beings of such magnificence? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] Then determine to leave no stone unturned until that day when you, too, shall have that filigree garment of immortal light draped upon your shoulders. For I will be there to escort you to the altar with your Mother and Lanello, to present you as another of her chelas who have made it because of the supreme sacrifice of this blessed one whom you love, whom you love so much. I have entrusted her with many, and she desires to deliver them to God.
           Help her, beloved ones. Help her fulfill that mission to which you vowed your life millennia ago. I awaken the memory of your descent to Earth with Mother and Lanello, standing at the side of their gurus, smiling at each one that wonderful smile and conveying through her eyes that love which shall not die. Help her—help her, my friends.

1. This mantra from the Buddhist Heart Sutra can be translated as “Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone completely beyond—Enlightenment, hail! or "Gone, gone, gone beyond, gone beyond the beyond, perfect awakening!

2. Buddhists believe that the future Buddha Maitreya resides in the Tushita heaven awaiting his final rebirth.

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