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Neptune      December 22, 2005

Beloved Neptune & Hierarchs of the Elements
David C. Lewis
December 22, 2005  5:05-5:26 pm HST
Peace in the Heart of the Fire Ring
Honolulu, Hawaii

“Come to the Heart of the Mother”
The Four Hierarchs of the Elements Come to Assist in
Calling Home the Children of the Mother

            On the shores of Lemuria, we come—Oromasis and Diana, Neptune, Luara, Virgo, Pelleur, Aries and Thor—in a Tai Chi action of fire whereby the four cosmic forces interpenetrate the Earth and all its evolutions—both humanity, the Earth body itself, the Builders of Form, the angelic kingdom and kingdoms that ye know not of in this estate.
            I, Neptune, as a spokesperson this day for the four hierarchs of the elements stand with my trident in hand. You have come to these shores to proclaim your love of the Mother and her children who have lost their way. We of the elementals can assist you in securing for her, her children. We know something about establishing the groundwork, the platform of evolution for mankind, having directed the energies of God in the creation of the four worlds. Call to us, and we will set all in order for the full-gathered momentum of the mission of The Hearts Center and all lightbearers to work together for the victory of Earth and its return to its divine estate.
            Not since the days before Lemuria has the Earth been in that divine estate that we would see outpictured once more, wherein all life is revered, honored, protected and there is the natural communication between all evolutions in harmony and balance, where none proclaim dominion over another to the extent that that other evolution is degraded or abused but whereby the Tai Chi of perfection manifests through the counterbalances of wind and earth and fire and water—flowing, flowing, flowing through the nexus of the heart of the Mother.
            Mankind has a natural inclination to return to the heart of the sea, for it is true that you were born in the sea and will one day return to the great cosmic sea of God's heart. Therefore when you understand the movement of energies within you at all levels and all cycles, cycling through the four quadrants without abatement, without blockages, then you will know just how and why it is necessary for that Mother light to reside within you and how, when it does, there will be the natural progression of cycles whereby all sentient beings who seek resolution will be drawn to you, beloved hearts.
            Come to the heart of the Mother. Swim with the dolphins. Know the voice of the deep abiding presence of Mother love. Oromasis does ask each of you to continue your practice of pranayama, whereby the natal fires that should reside within you are expanded for your use in the spiritualization of your consciousness and the magnetization, by the power of the magnet of your heart, of all the qualities of your causal body into full-blown manifestation for your use to assist life.
            Fire for fire—you have what it takes, beloved ones, to come all the way home. You simply need to apply and practice what has already been given and what may naturally proceed in the way of an understanding of the secret rays, which are in and of themselves composed of fiery substance. Yes, the salamanders know of the use of the secret rays, for Oromasis has taught them, guardedly. And you may call to the salamanders to assist in the development of these portals within you, for the acceleration of the flow of their use.
            Virgo now steps forward to plead for your prayers for the Earth body itself. The platform upon which you move and have your being must [also] receive the fire from your hearts in order that evolution as the ascended masters desire may ensue, rather than that which mankind proclaims, thinking that he has a grip on evolution as the highest member of the chain and yet knows not of the multitude of higher evolutions that vibrate in frequencies beyond your ability to see. Therefore, pride must go before mankind can receive the immortal approbation as ascended beings.
            I suggest, Virgo suggests that you have a session to defeat the pride that has taken over the leaders of every government and nation to the extent that a barrier has been created for the sons and daughters of God to take their rightful places in the leadership of the land of the free, the home of the brave and in those nations where there is the dawning of freedom, not seen since the days of Atlantis.
            Pride was at the core of the fall of Atlantis, and rebellion at the core of the fall of Lemuria. If you go after these negatives, completely annihilating the nadir of the inception of them in the fallen consciousness of mankind, then Atlantis may rise, and Lemuria [too], as the Motherland of old come again unto mankind.
            Now Aries and Thor come with the sound of thunder in the air to proclaim the ascended masters' reality in this world of form.¹ Those upon Earth who do not understand our voice spoken through our messengers, not only in this activity but through the voices of many who speak for truth in all nations, have been bereft of the assistance of the ascended beings. Therefore call for the quickening and awakening within mankind of those nerve centers such that they can perceive higher thought waves and patterns of transcendent light within their own vessels. For the density of mankind, through their ingesting of earthy substances and all manner of illusory images into their consciousness, has created a pall over their brains and minds such that they may not accept the reality of God vibrating around them, through them, in them.
           Beloved ones, we of the hierarchs have determined, with a great determination, to move heaven and earth to provide you with the opportunity through this movement to call home thousands and eventually millions of souls who would do better if they simply knew the law of love. Therefore, tell them of the great love of the Mother. Tell them of the teachings of the ascended masters—that our Spirit, working in the domain of nature, does not discriminate between any man's religion or belief system but accepts those who fully accept the God within nature, the God that created nature, the God that still resides within the heart of all life, which is sacred.
            Decry not those who come to the shores of Lemuria in their only understanding of what it means to worship the sun and the Sun Presence of God, but give to them the great understanding of Omraam, of the law of God resident within nature and the sun, which does shine on the just and the unjust alike and does give to all opportunity to progress back to the very heart of the One.²
            We are All-Nature. We are Spirit moving within and around and through all life. As you become one with God in thought and word and deed and in your meditations, you will come to know our presence in your lives. For we have always been here and always will, so long as the Earth exists—and the seas and the air and the fire at the core that does give life and meaning to evolution upon Terra.
            We seal you in the love fires of our hearts. And I, Neptune, now take my trident, touching your threefold flame in this hour and sparking anew the love, wisdom and power that I wield within the oceans and rivers and seas. Yes, let your threefold flame grow, and know the reality of God within you. For when you do, you will see me standing upon the waters, calling home, with the Mother, her children. [Neptune chants sacred syllables for 40 seconds.]

1.  At this point of the heartstream, the sound of a jet passing by can be heard on the audio recording.
2.  Matthew 5: 45

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