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Spirit of Selflessness      December 20, 2005

Beloved Spirit of Selflessness
David Christopher Lewis
December 20, 2005 7:18 - 7:27 am local time
Taipei, Taiwan

            Beloved ones, you have heard in this voice* the very spirit of the Divine Mother calling her children home. So, I have come on her behest to call many home. I AM the Spirit of Selflessness come from out the great silence, for you have called to our hosts for aide. Selflessness is kindness accelerated beyond the mortality of the human condition, whereby the soul does know only that oneness embracing the divine light, that effulgence that does wash upon the shores of being.
            Release now into the ocean of God those elements of self that never should have been. For I send now waves of selflessness unto your being. When you stand upon the sands surveying the oceans, seeing the great Mother as she plays with elemental life in her guise as the great waters of the earth, so you may commune with her and give unto her all that has been robbed from her domain, when in an out-of-alignment state you sought gain, you sought to coagulate around the identity of the ego self, as a snail does weave its shell substance, not the divine but the baser elements of the human condition.
            So, I radiate the shell that you have created around the core of your identity in God. And if you will, the entire shell may be consumed so that all that is left is selflessness, dear hearts. Why, you thought that by being apart from the divine ocean you could win something personal, something of an identity secretive, gaining, ever gaining those particles of what you thought was reality, when in reality you descended further into the mayaic field and then could no longer see your way clear back to the source.
            I AM that source for you this day if you will have me, wherein by illumining the true aspects of who you are, you will no longer desire to be apart from the One, but reside fully within the impersonal identity of that One, which is a reflection of you and you a reflection of it. You ask, "If I surrender to selflessness, then what will be left of me?" And I say, what will be left is God, of you, in you, as you. Therefore, fear not to step into the ocean and receive my waves of a selfless identity that knows all.
            As our daughter who sang this testament to the mother light has shared, I ask you now if you will come back to me, come back to me, O soul, O beloved, O light essence of God within.

* Before the dictation a musical meditation was played of Hayley Westenra singing a beautiful native chant. See her album "Pure."

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