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Cyclopea      December 20, 2005

Beloved Cyclopea
David C. Lewis
December 20, 2005  10:49-10:59 am  local time
National Palace Museum
Taipei, Taiwan
Japan/Taiwan Pilgrimage

Know My Vision
You Will See Reality Moving to Victory through the Stream of My Heart

              I am come. I am come in this place dedicated to the arts. In your vision of the beauty of those creations dedicated by hearts who have perceived the unity [of] all life here, you have received elements of the All-Seeing Eye of God into your consciousness.
           I stream now through your vision, which must become God-vision. Blessed Mary has shown you the way to perfect vision, and Kuan Yin also. For in the holding of the perfect concept of the soul and the mind and [through] the lens of the eye, that soul is raised into the perfect balance of Alpha and Omega within the One.
           Harmony, expand. In the sounding of the water of life, in the crystal flow of the Mother, you may discern my voice, which speaks of the necessity for you to move onward to victory. Follow the stream back, back, back to my heart. And in your perfect vision of all life, know that ideal in which God placed you as a remembrance of life. Yes, enter the seed thoughts of the Divine and know the eye of perfection.
           Value sight, for some of you have not known pure vision but still see with the outer vision. Know my vision. And in its entirety, you will see reality moving to victory through the stream of my heart. I ensoul a cosmos. I replenish what has been bereft of the abundant consciousness within you.
           Jade light, flow from my retreat, now, over China. Emerald fire, flow into [all] hearts whose vision I raise into their own God-domain. Beauty, culture, the music of the spheres, this I know, and I would bestow it to those whose hearts upturned would receive that cosmic flow and grace this day.
           I bless you for coming to this land—the land of those who stand for freedom. I thank you, beloved ones, for your calls and your prayers for this holy people. As you travel back to your homes, I place now a seed of my being within your third eye for you to remember each face, each soul that has passed by your vision. And when you ascend, through the lens of your perfect vision you can send these the radiance of your own Godhood to raise them once more.
            O Mary, O Kuan Yin, spread forth your wings across this land, across China. Gather up your chicks, O Mothers of the world. Bring them to me, and I, Cyclopea, will lick their wounds and return them whole into God's hands.
           OM, Buddha. OM, Mother. OM, OM, Lord God within every heart, within every mind and within the eye of the One.

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