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Lord Ling      December 19, 2005

Beloved Lord Ling
David C. Lewis
December 19, 2005  4:19-4:32 pm
Taipei, Taiwan
Japan/Taiwan Pilgrimage

The Levity of Your Soul Is Now a Necessity
I Extend My Hand and the Rod of Power to Free the People of China

            Have you understood that the levity of your soul is now a necessity ere you transcend this plane? I am the God of Happiness, known as Ling. It has quite a ring to it, doesn't it? And I have been known to wear a few—on my lobes, even in my nose. Why, even this generation seems to have a fetish of this sort. It is from an ancient time when it was the norm of the day to "ring" yourself out.
            Ha, ha! [twitters of laughter from audience] Did you get that one? [One person from audience responds, “Yes.”] Well, where is the laughter, the guffaw? [laughter]
           You're up this mountain, and I know something of climbing them. For did I not ascend and descend and ascend again and descend? How many times did I have to go up Horeb and come down again? Oh my gosh. [laughter] Will the people learn? Through their tablets, through their laws, they did not understand that God is just—that justice is God. And so when all reliance upon human laws is put aside to ascertain the one law of love, then all will climb the mountain, too, to view, as you do, the beauty, the glory, the shining.
            If I could do one thing as Ling, it would be to sing a smile to all life. Some of you do not smile enough but are too serious in your meditations. Well, I suggest that you look in the mirror and paint a smile on your own face, even if it takes a little more color—mascara, lipstick or whatever—to bring forth that colorful mien that will mean something to those who will not understand unless through an action of fun you tell them of this teaching.
            I also ask that you add my name to the “I Am the Sun!” decree. For I, with Omraam and others, love to sing with you when you do. Have you heard of the singing chela who walked up the Himalayan paths singing as he went, escorting many to the higher temples in the Himalayas, making their burden light through the fun and the joy, even while their feet and ankles and knees and toes froze? Well, this may have been or may not have been one of my appearances. I will let you discern. But this one walked, nevertheless, in the spirit of happiness that made all things light to those who were at times quite affright in the night. Ha, ha! [laughter] Guffaw.
            Take the hand of the one next to you, and promise me this, that you will share something of yourself, something of the joy of this experience on this trip, that you will learn from that one something of his or her heart—what makes it spark, what makes it dance and fly. And then share the same with that one. For in our bonds of friendship, love is manifest; and in this spirit of community, all will know what it is to be free.
           Yes, freedom is also my forte. For did I not set them free, by God's grace, as Moses? [Response from one in audience, “Yes.”] And I did say to the tyrant in that day, “Let my people go!” Well, do not let go of these hands quite yet, but let go of all that assails your God-identity. Let go, once and for all, of unreality, and know that with Ling, together we will wing our way all the way to the top of the mountain of the Lord. And in the fiery bush that burns there, we will understand all.
            I am the friend of the righteous, and I extend my hand and the rod of power to free the people of China. Let this people go, O ye tyrants and kings in the Earth. Let this people go, for they are of the issue of an ancient heritage of wisdom. Let this people go so that Earth may be a star-fire of love-wisdom and freedom for this galaxy and system.
           See me upon the mountain stretching forth my hand and staff, with Aaron holding my arms, for the defense of this holy people until every one is free again.
           With Kuan Yin and Maitreya, say with me, together: Let this people go! Let this people go! Let this people go! [Audience joins Lord Ling in giving the second and third repetitions of the fiat.]
           It is so, because you believe. It is so, because we, together, will make it so, by God's grace.
           I seal you in my love. Tear down the golden calves of the Western materialistic way that will never say die until you become a saviour, shattering the lie so that others may rise again.
           I am Ling, Lord and God of Happiness. And I thank you, my friends, for this time together. Bless you, seal you. And a ho, ho, ho, off we go to the next temple.¹ For we are one.

1.  The pilgrims visited numerous temples in Japan and Taiwan during this pilgrimage.

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