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Victory      December 18, 2005

Beloved Mighty Victory
David C. Lewis
December 18, 2005 2:22-2:30 pm local time
Observation Level of Taipei 101 Building1
Taipei, Taiwan

Victory's Rod of Illumination's Fire Planted at the Taipei 101 Building
A Promise of the Ascension to a Blessed Family of Taiwan

            My victorious ones, I am here with my chelas from the Far East whom I have sponsored not only in this life but in many. I radiate my fire of illumination's flame through these that I have chosen this day to bless personally. Their dedication to the flame of wisdom has earned each of these three standing before you the right to ascend at the close of this life, along with their children and children's children.
            The name Victor was given to this one for a reason which you may discern this day, for he carries not only the joy of victory in his heart but the fullness of the victorious sense in industry and in his service to his family and to many. Why, his great love, along with his beloved one, has brought you to their home. And this future son-in-law, truly not only my personal chela but of the Master Morya in whose home town he resides2, are exemplars for all those within this nation of what a true family should be.
            As you know, on Venus we have a love of families. And therefore, many have understood how important it is to present to their children an education and a desire to serve. This is the most important thing you can pass onto your children beloved ones-a good education and a desire to serve life. Therefore, understand how victory is conveyed heart to heart, mind to mind. And know through your families, your children, the presence of those from Venus who carry love-wisdom's fire always.
            I now anchor a rod of fire to augment the light released through the heart of Saint Germain earlier this year in this place. This is a rod seven feet wide, descending seven hundred feet below the surface of this earth and seven thousand feet above the earth. All who come here will feel this rod of fire at the soul level. And I ask my daughter now to read now the words, or to present them to the Messenger to read to you, of the seal and the vision of those true spiritual ones who created this edifice.
            [The messenger encourages a member of the group to describe and read aloud the inscription on the seal:]

"The seal on the tower is inscribed with layers of the highest blessing
characters: promotion, progress, abundance, well-being, modesty,
persistence and learning from the moods of nature. In the center of
the three-by-three matrix there is a seal, 'Eternal Treasure'. This seal
brings good wishes to viewers of the building and insures integrity of
the business."

            Beloved ones, I thank you for your presence here. You can see in the panorama from this point, the work of this nation's people, rising from less then seventy years ago, a land almost void of industry to now become within the top twenty of the world's major trading partners. This is a testament to the spirit of victory within this blessed people. Look around you and know what victory can accomplish when hearts dedicated strive and work together.
            Will you pledge to work together in harmony to build all Hearts Centers, for all time, beloved ones? [Yes.] I thank you and bid you adieu.

[Messenger's comment: And he (Mighty Victory) now desires to bless this family and each of you here with this gem, in the heart.]

1The world's tallest building as of the date of this dictation.
2Darjeeling, India

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