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Kuthumi      December 16, 2005

Beloved Kuthumi
David C. Lewis
December 16, 2005 4:00-4:11 pm local time
Kamakura, Japan

There is no Purpose for Life without God and the Light Blazing within the Heart
True Meditation is an Inner Activity that is Often More Active than Outer Work

            With Jesus, I say, "I am the light of the world." When you make this statement, my friends, knowing fully that you embody the light, we can pour forth through your consciousness the fullness of the solar corona of fire that each of you is meant to embody. Be the sun to thousands, for many need the warmth and the rays from your hearts. The coldness of a people wherein the light does not burn upon their hearts' altars is a travesty born of an unwillingness to surrender but also of that expectancy that the human can outlast or replace the divine within. This is never the case, for God is God. And in that Presence is no darkness at all. Elemental life attests to the Presence of the heart of the Blessed One who comes to ensoul a land.
            And so Gautama does come this day, to reactivate an ancient memory of a people-of how at one point when they determined to embody the mind of Buddha, the miracles that did ensue and the creativity that was brought forth far exceeded this current civilization that you see about you. Yet when the flame is lost, then there is simply a shell of the former attainment, and souls forget and in their forgetfulness lose greater ground toward one day fulfilling their reason for being. So, I quicken each of you as a reminder to this people during this day, a thorn in the side as it would be, that without God, without the inner light blazing within the heart, there is no purpose for life.
             All learning, all advances in technology are meaningless unless directed toward the holy purpose of attuning to the divine spark that directs the course of all civilizations, peoples, planets and systems of worlds. O, if mankind would only know their own true nature, the Buddha within, then they could perceive and receive my words this day. But, lo, their misconceptions have translated into inactivity though their outer bodies are very active.
            Yes, the silence of those who meditate upon the One, is actually an inner activity that is very fruitful for those who understand whereupon the Buddha does work his work. So, when you see the Silent One sitting in the lotus in meditation, although many think that he is not active, yet he is the most active of all.
            So, I ask you to learn this art and to become active participants in the work of the Lord of the World, beloved hearts. Would you know his mind always? Would you know his heart and the fire that burns within? Then call to him. Sing to him. But most importantly, know his presence and the corona of his fire and love for every sentient being upon this planet.
            It was only after I ascended, that I truly knew the depth of the heart of Gautama. I pray that you will know and understand this heart long before your final breath upon this earth. Therefore, the Lord of the World comes now and would speak to you of his love.1

Gautama Buddha dictated immediately after this Heartstream by Kuthumi.

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