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Lanello      December 02, 2005

Beloved Lanello

David C. Lewis

December 2, 2005  7:55-8:08 pm CST  

Chicago, Illinois



Nothing Can Take You from Your Personal Victory If You Only Love Enough

Prepare to receive Your Spiritual Christmas Gifts by Writing a Letter to Lanello with Your Request

My Beloved Friends,

            When you sing my song, did you know that I weep a tear here and there? For I remember the descent of my soul not only as Mark Prophet, but, now ascended, I remember when each time I did descend into the veils of mater, a little bit of heaven was lost within me as I partook again of the veils of flesh in your world.

            Yet I came for a purpose, and that is to win you again back to the heart of God. So, this night I welcome you to my heart and to the heart of America and to the master Saint Germain, who has determined once again to make this great city a city of light, a beacon of hope for America.

            The commerce that flows through the nexus of this heart is evidence of the great manifestation of the genius of the people of America—their industriousness, their generosity, their labor of love. And though, at times, many decry the materialism that has beset this people wherein many have left off of loving the Lord and of determining to make it all the way on the path, yet there still burns within this people a fire and a flame that has carried this nation forward for nigh two hundred-fifty years.

            Let us all determine that this land and the sacrifices that many have made will not be for naught because each of us as a potential Christ and a Buddha—for many of you have attained to that consciousness already in this life—can tip the scales whereby many, many more may come into an understanding of the path of personal Christhood and Buddhahood that we, as ascended masters, have displayed for you.
            Therefore, let this night be one of sharing, of love, of fun, of acceptance of each one's gift. I have heard within your voices the resonance of the inner spirit of your hearts. I know each of you personally. I care for your souls. Did you know how much we care for your soul, beloved ones? This caring is what we are about in heaven. So, we take seriously our purpose, which is to aid each of you in overcoming those final blocks, passing your tests and once and for all determining that you will make the final ascent up the mountain.

And one day when you do, we will be there to receive you, to acclaim your victory, which is truly the victory of all. Therefore, when one of you does set forth as a climber, taking the standard and determining to be a wayshower for others, you may one day see me just ahead with that banner Excelsior! charging forward through thick and thin, past glacial ice and dense fog and snowstorm with a light around my crown to help lead you past that darkness that does always come just before your victory.

So, my friends, I welcome you. I commission you, each one, to become truly the wise ones who have taken the path consciously, knowing that this is your final embodiment and that you will make it all the way. I, Lanello, infuse your hearts with my heart and my determination and love. Take your hands to your heart now as I place mine over yours, and know that nothing on earth or in heaven can take you from your personal victory so long as you love enough. Will you love enough, beloved ones, to make it? [Yes!]

Then I, Lanello, will take your hand, will shake your hand; and with a twinkle in my eye and a smile upon my face I will say, you are a jolly good fellow, too, just like me! And I welcome you again into my arms with a bear hug—not too tight, but with a glance and a wink just like Santa Claus. For I have a bag of tricks, also, and will give each of you a gift this weekend. So, think about what you will write to me this night of what you would like to receive, whether you've been naughty or nice, [audience laughs] and I expect mostly that you've been good. And in my retreat on the Rhine, I will invite you by the fireplace and distribute by the great tree that gift unto each one of you that you have asked for with a pure heart.

I thank you, my friends, and I return you to your fellowship, your singing and all the fun that we will have together. I would invite now our friends from Detroit to be the first and then the children and then others of you who would like to share your stories and all that you have brought this evening. Thank you.




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